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  1. Cheers, never thought of that, especially as we're smack in the middle of England.
  2. Hi all, this is a long shot but hope someone might know. A Merlin has been passing over our house, seemingly on trips, tootling through Derbyshire, it looks white or light grey but has a largish section of red fore and aft on the underside, kind of where the landing gear is. I'd say the front 25% and rear 25% of the main body. Seems to go up the side too but can never get a good enough look. Probably passed half a dozen times going back and forth in the last couple of weeks. Will try and get a better look, but just wondering if anyone might know what the paint scheme is given the large amount of red on it.
  3. Good read this. I got back into the hobby about 4 years ago, a 30 yr break. I've tried 5+ different types of paint through my airbrush and all I do is go back to Tamiya. I experienced similar issues to Doggy with Vallejo. I'm more than happy to accept the greatest limitation on paint is me. Slow painting, poor technique etc, I reckon so long as you're happy, you're happy. I'm not winning any awards so I've kind of thought "Use Tamiya youth and stop fretting". The first thing most of my family say when I show them a model is "is that a spitfire?". Even when it's an F15 or something! It just makes me happy to be tinkering around. Happy modelling folks.
  4. I just hammered mine with a detail sander, going down the grades. You lose the grid lines. You'll also lose something else if you do it on the kitchen worktop like I did without realising the green dust would go everywhere and I didnt stop hearing about that for days.
  5. Cheers mate. I see it's a raised seam then. I thought it was a method of getting rid of seams, all magic and wizardry. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Dnl42, Without wanting to derail the thread, if I could ask, and I'm still learning, why and what do you use on those black access panels, and what's the white piping on the main part joint at the top. I've not seen this done and do struggle with these joints often. Thanks in advance.
  7. I use small coins. Several 5p pieces glued together. Easy way to know how much it costs to weigh the nose down!
  8. I am but a basic amateur and use an Ultra, the push in paint cups are indeed a pita, especially if you have oaf like tendencies, as I do. The black paint spatter pattern across 6 feet of my garage floor is testament to what happens when uncoordinated meets paint cup full of XF69.......
  9. Cheers all Tooling up = finished spraying for the day. Typically I'll rinse out as much paint as I can with thinners, or IPA, airbursh cleaner, depends what I'm using. Then put some cellulose thinners in, this is with everything in place, and I'll do a bit of a back wash. I stripped it down last night and changed the nozzle and needle seal, there was a fair amount of paint residue on the screw head side of the needle seal housing and in the area. Probably cos I pulled back for a long time. A follow up. Sonic cleaners. Do any of you use them and if so, what with? Just water?
  10. Hi, a daft question. After spraying and when ready for tooling up, I'll clean my AB, thinners etc, but when I strip it down, to take the needle out, do you draw it backwards and out? Or push forward and pull through? (Tip off obviously) If backwards are you risking pulling paint gruft back into the mechanisms behind the needle seal?
  11. Apologies if in wrong section, not sure of right one. I'm just knocking together Tamiya's M1 Abrams 1/35. Both tow cables snapped as I cut then carefully from the spruce, and the barrel of the smaller 7.62mm pew pew device is bent, when I remove from the sprue it's so thin I can't repair or risk a total breakage. Now I've made my own tow cables, the chances of bending those plastic ones as instructed are slim imo, but I'm not making a gun!! I rang The Hobby Company explained the brittlness of removing cables.... £7 per sprue, £5 postage.... Err I can get myself a new kit for that mate. Thanks and bye!! Anyone in UK had this before? Have I just phoned on the wrong day?
  12. Not sure if someone's said this. Toothpaste on a cotton bud. Wax on, wax off Daniel-son. Shiney shiney. Then a bit of a wash with water.
  13. A couple of people have now mentioned blutac causing them problems, if you are using the blue stuff, switch to white tac. I'm a real novice but saw this tip early in my model restart career and it is great, doesnt lift and doesnt leave a mark. Just dont leave it on forever.
  14. This is how it turned out in the end. I don't follow strict guidelines, building more what I feel like and painting how I want. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIazpKVhyyE/?igshid=1o8kxgora89kg
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