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  1. You're right, any suggestions for paint colours?
  2. Move to Derbyshire Merlin, you will soon forget about being warm.
  3. Hi, I fancy doing this in an urban camo but I'm struggling to find a decent paint guide. Apologies if it's been covered but I've had a search and not turned up something reasonably easy to find. I wonder if I can use the existing guide but replace the sand, brown and dark brown with grey, dark grey and yellow, would that work? Appropriate shades of course
  4. She'll pay hardly anything, she'll go bankrupt, probably through an IVA, costs very little in comparison. In 4 years she'll be back to normal and those whose holidays she ruined will get nothing.
  5. It's about time they stopped serving booze on flights and in airports, especially in England. People are unable to control themselves with regard to drink and unlike in a pub where you can walk out if you're unhappy with others in there, you can't on a plane. Simple use of a breathalyser would cut down on those getting onto a plane in no fit state.
  6. @ST3Black, you can pick up the Johnson's version in Sainsbury's if you have one near. I got two bottles for about £6. Only place local to me I found it having trawled Tesco, Asda, wilkos, coop.
  7. Cheers pal, I'll give it a go.
  8. Hi, I have the Revell 1/48 typhoon tigermeet kit, unfortunately the canopy came damaged. Revell have no more spares. I've tried making one with some clear styrene but my skills say no thanks. Anyone know if there are custom canopies out there?
  9. I can't get a replacement canopy for my Revell eurofighter, I bought a 2nd model, masked then filled the canopy with milliput, now have two moulds to vacuform clear plastic over. Now I need to find some plastic, some very old posts reckon plastic packaging from supermarket packaging. Any suggestion?
  10. Hi Spokytooth, currently building one myself, question on the paint scheme. Did you go light to dark on the fins? It'll be my first ab "camo" as my other three were very clean lined paint schemes. From what I've read, suggestions were to start with lighter colours.
  11. Good skills there. I've just started the Hasegawa F22 1/48. And I'm not sure I have the heart to continue right now. The aim120's, 6 of em, each fin needs gluing but the attachment point isn't there really, not enough to seat it well to the body. So disappointing that I'm considering closed bays. Decals, over 100 no step decals, and the instructions don't seem to show them. Quite poor I think
  12. Yeah, you'd suspect and I hope that's a mistake. £30+ for a 144 is a lot even if its the stage set from the tour. Will have to wait and see.
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