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  1. This kit has separable doors. I will release the 1/72 HP42W by next week. Then, I will release 1/48 scale kit.
  2. I have released 1/48 YS-11EB as well. Compared with 1/72 parts, it is 1.5 times larger!!
  3. I've just released the EB 1/72 kit. And I will release 1/48 kit as well soon!!
  4. This is my original fabricated kit. Attached link images are fabricating assemblies. And now I'm fabricating. This interior is empty except for cockpit because I have no data of this EB type.
  5. I will release 1/72 JASDF YS-11EB 3D fabricated kit soon. This kit is empty interior except for cockpit unfortunately because I have no data of inside. But landing gear is separable. This is a conversion kit of the YS-11A. Engine nacelle shape, props, fuselage windowm, antenna and mold arrangement is different. And there are radomes on top and under the fuselage.
  6. My Do-X X1 and X1a kit quality got better than last year's. Especially, fuselage surface condition. And in these 3D fabricated kits, I included side fuselage sticker to cover outer surface but side fuselage only. Moreover, I added sandpaper set to remove texture. X1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/113708991824 X1a https://www.ebay.com/itm/113708990321 About vanishing surface texture
  7. Please refer airliner version's kit contents and my terrible built example!! It has full interior and exterior sticker. As for parts fitting, better than mach2 parts of course. My kit main problem is surface texture. To vanish texture efficiently, I can suggest following methods. 1. filling Tamiya grey putty and sanding before painting 2. Spraying surfacer and sanding several times it is effective to vanish small texture but not for large texture 3. Coating by resin coating, which is mixture of XTC-3D and alcohol 4. Sticking on surface by sticker or Hasegawa application film
  8. I have released a planned airliner version since yesterday. The link is my example to check parts and exterior sticker fitting. I'm a rapid rough modeller so detail is terrible. And I cannot afford to take long time to erect my test model. I need to design new model next to next. airliner ver. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113696455546 prototype ver. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113697009177
  9. Clear platy parts are included in my kit and will be fixed by attached clear tape. Clear plate is cut by 2D cutting plotter and has already masked.
  10. Grey ABS Princess is also possible!! In my site, there are instruction PDF of my products. http://one-man-model.main.jp/index.html
  11. Current prototype ver. quality is better than last December's. Now I'm testing planned airliner version.
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