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  1. Fantastic finish. Love it. Just about to start the same finish. I normally work with Tamiya. What colours and make or mix did you use for the main camo and underside. This is what I think so far for my Tamiya solution: Underside Kit colour J, Revvell, 49, RLM 65, XF23:1 + XF2:1 Camo kit colour T, Revell 16 85% + Revell 05 15%, Tamiya ? Camo kit colour R, Revell 40, RLM 70, Tamiya XF27 Camo kit colour B, Revell 39, RLM 71, Tamiya XF62:1 + XF49:1 Any thoughts people, especially on the 'Sand Matt' Revell 16
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