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  1. Cheers Doug Got some work done, mainly the cockpit, I've got an MB Mk 12 on order from Parabellum, but that can go in at any point in theory got the rear fuselage together, as well as the nose, nozzles, intakes and fin. Just delaying the lerx and front fuselage join job I intend to stratch build some FOD guards for it, any tips off people? Was thinking about high density foam or sponge, cut to shape and covered in foil? Worth a try I suppose, can always get resin ones if it looks pants Got these from flightpath also: Lots of PE with the CPU-123's First foray into PE and all that eh? Only one way to find out... Cheers Tim
  2. Ahoy there, Thought I'd enter my next build in this GB if it's ok, got a Pavla seat on order, and some flightpath goodies I will make some progress shortly Cheers Tim
  3. Thanks guys My bench is only tidy because I try and tidy it before each build, otherwise I'd go insane! Thomas, the canopy was from the Italeri kit I think, luckily I had the canopy in the spares box when I came to do this, the rest of the clear sprue was tinted very dark black however, so I'm kinda glad that it was missing Cheers Tim
  4. This is my lastest build, a quick one to do before I start my next project. This is probably the worst kit I've built for a very long time. The fit was awful, but what surprised me the most was that the raised surface detail was very dodgy, it looked as if the engravings made in the mould were done on a friday afternoon! The edges overshot each other so squares had lines being too long and looking very bad. I sanded them off naturally The canopy is off an italeri kit, as the airfix one was missing, hence it being open as it will not fit closed, not even close! I'm fairly happy with the final result, it's nowhere near great but it will look fine in my cabinet, and it looks like a Nighthawk to me Got my bench cleared for my next project too Cheers Tim
  5. Thanks for the comments guys, they're much appreciated Cheers Tim
  6. Just got this finished this morning, it's the Airfix (Trumpeter) 1/35 Chally 2, built OOB. This was a lingering project that I decided to get over and done with, it's my first tank, and hopefully not my last I found the kit quite damn fiddly at times, namely the hoops on the rear deck, which I lost a few of.... oh well! The fit of the rear turret was interesting, and needless to say, filler was brought into action. I did the box KFOR scheme, using tamiya olive green and nato black. One problem I did find with the decals from Airfix, the ones meant for the number plates were about 3 times bigger than they should have been. So I raided the spares and came up with something, points to whoever can work out what they're off I tried a Promodeller wash on the bottom to see what it'd turn out like, and just didn't get along with them on a matt surface, instead I scraped off some brown chalk and did the wash with that, leaving a dusty look I was happy with. I think it's due to the fine pigment size in the Promodeller washes, and using scraped chalk it had a larger pigment size, meaning it was easier to remove from the matt finish. I finally gave the lower hull a dusting of tamiya buff. Any comments and critiques are more than welcome Cheers Tim
  7. Thats an absolute beauty mate How'd you do the paint chipping? It looks brill Cheers
  8. Wow, that's different! great idea, and it looks really real as well Good work
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, the cabinet isn't in direct sunlight, however there can be temperature fluctuations, mainly in the winter, it is either being too hot or too cold I guess i'll keep the thermostat the same then. Cheers Tim
  10. I recently got my cabinet out to dust it all out and noticed some cracking in the paint and decals Anyone know what's happened? They were both sprayed with Tamiya acrylics, kleared, then subjected to micro sol and set with the decals, klear again, weathering wash and an xtracrylix flat coat. These were both finished about 2 years ago Cheers Tim
  11. Just one question, where'd you get the backdrop from? Did you get it printed yourself? It looks really good to show off and present your model Cheers
  12. Lovely finish, how did you do the paint chipping? Cheers
  13. Cheers Mike, my girlfriend said it looked cute and wanted me to build it The kit looks like a bit of a tailsitter without the stand though, and not much space to put noseweight, the other Bulldog I have may be in flight too
  14. I've recently got back into modelling after a bit of a break, and have completed a few of my "in progress" builds, First up is the 1/72 SA Bulldog from Airfix, not a bad kit, but the 40 year old decals were out of register and very translucent (to be expected I suppose ) I hashed up the masking slightly, I have big hamfists not designed for small 1/72 aircraft I suppose! So the touch ups are quite evident, and the camera makes it look worse- any old excuse eh? Next up is the 1/72 Revell Merlin HC3, this has a few added extras, not applied very skillfully but hey, And finally my most recent finished model, is the Academy 1/48 F4U-1D Corsair, I did it OOB in Pappy Boyingtons scheme, this was the first time I tried spraying freehand and I think it worked ok, I tried paint chipping with a silver pencil as well, although if I did it again I'd do it after the final flat coat, as it has dulled down a lot and doesn't catch the eye as well. It's been weathered with a Promodellers wash, and pastels. Thanks for looking, Cheers Tim
  15. That has to be the best diorama I've ever witnessed! Wow, just wow. Well done buddy
  16. Nice! Been tempted to get one myself, even more so now
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