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  1. Just purchased the Silverline 2 in 1, hopefully it will give me the same service my badger gave me for 10+ years.
  2. yes, to be honest i am getting better results with the chinese knock off and like the idea of the gravity feed so might just get a new airbrush.
  3. Hi Jamie, nothing was wrong with the 150 for about 10 years then all of the sudden when doing fine work it started to spray intermittently as if the needle was drying, i never had the trouble before and use the same paints. i read somewhere that this could be the needle bearing so i replaced that, bought a new fine needle and head but still the same issue! Any ideas?
  4. Thank you all for comments, i think i am going to go for the H&S, its an extra £30 but if i bought the Iwata i think i would probably end up getting another needle for finer work. Having said that i dont know what either are like compared to my Badger 150 with a fine needle, i used to be able to get some really fine lines for camo work.
  5. I agree 100%, first impressions are pretty good, i picked it up and got instant results which is more than i can say for my badger.
  6. Thankyou for your suggestions, i guess its a toss up between the iwata a H&S, these two are often compared to each other the H&S has the edge for me at the moment with its adaptability.
  7. Just bought a new compressor that came with a couple of airbrushes, one of the airbrushes is a knock off of a custom Micron. thought i would give the airbrush ago as getting frustrated with faulty badger 150. I cannot believe the results, i can get a finer smoother line than my badger with a fine needle. i think i would definately be sold on a custom micron if i had the money! Question is now, i need a new airbrush as i guess the cheap chinese knock of will only last another 10mins! anyone got any suggestions, been using a badger 150 for a long time now. quite like the idea of a gravity feed now. usually do camo free hand so want something that gives fine control. probably only looking to spend £120. By the way the as186S compressor is not that bad either that came with the airbrush.
  8. Thanks, did think of the retarder. Might give that a go.
  9. Hi Jamie, thanks for the reply. No, I use the same paints I use Tamiya and their thinner and always been able to get fine lines without messing with 5he trigger like I’m having to do now which is a real pain as you just don’t get a constant fine line. I have blown paint through on higher pressure I usually paint at about 18 psi rarely lower than 12 and never above 20. Colder in the shed now though bought the paints indoors at room temperature thought that maybe the issue.
  10. Hello all, New to the site, however been viewing for a long time. Always found the site to be very informative and inspiring. I usually find an answer to any issue I have had when it comes to modelling. Not this time though! I have a badger 150 with a diaphragm compressor, never had trouble with producing pencil thick lines with the fine needle until now. I was doing some detail camo work and noticed that the paint was stopping with constant finger pressure and pull back, never had this issue before in-order to get a fine line I have to keep varying the trigger back and forwards. I read somewhere that this might be a needle bearing issue so I purchased the kit from barwell and replaced the bearing still getting the same problems purchased a new fine needle and head still the same, I have tried the medium and heavy nozzle and needle and still the same issues when using the airbrush as a single action airbrush using the adjuster screw. I am not sure now whether it could be the compressor however I don’t really feel any pulsating from the compressor. I know this maybe a long shot posting this as I guess most modellers are using better Airbrushes now. Don’t really want to purchase a new compressor or airbrush if I don’t need to. Any ideas? second question if I was to purchase another airbrush could I expect to get the same results out of a Iwata new or something of a similar price?
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