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  1. Very useful hint about the ride height setting, logged away for when I eventually get to mine. My thanks to you and Codger
  2. Chapeau! as the French say. "1600" and "SC" in particular look spot on!
  3. Hmm, just looked at the decal sheet for mine and I see what you mean! Hard enough, but getting the "1600" and "SC" lined up on the chrome feels like a nightmare. Bon chance, mon ami!
  4. Cool yes, but also illegal, parked over a double yellow and on the pavement!
  5. Sorry, Folks, but with respect to the Karmann Ghia, I've been round there and was a) surprised by how many houses! and b) they've all got garages, so no sign of it. Just have to keep an eye open for it being out and about again.
  6. Saw that Karmann Ghia again yesterday. Better look this time, does look very nice. Just coming out of that cul-de-sac with young gent driving, partner in the passenger seat and daughter in the back. Off for a nice warm jolly, no doubt. Must go round there and see if I can get a photo.
  7. Matt black eyebrows on the headlight covers? Real A110 look, started with the competition ones, presumably cut down reflection.
  8. That's what happens when you take high res photos, suddenly things that your eye was willing to ignore shout out very loudly "COOEE, HERE I AM!!". I'm almost frightened to photo any of my builds!
  9. getting there! It may well be just your camera, but that yellow looks just a tad too lemony? Chrome's come out very nicely.
  10. I agree with keefr22, any photos I've seen of the real things show them in pristine condition; when I get to mine, that's how it will be done.
  11. Aha, thanks for that advice, logged away for my upcoming builds.
  12. More techie questions. Sorry, maybe I should have worked for a Porsche agent instead of a major defence contractor! There is what looks suspiciously like a small radiator positioned on the rear wing. You have it in place with a length of vinyl tube coming from it. The instructions don't appear to have anything attached to it. Looking at photos, I haven't seen any that show the rad, but one or two have a pair of braided hoses heading in that direction and vanishing down towards the front of the bay.. The engine oil cooler is up front, so methinks it might be for a gearbox oil cooler. Underside photos do seem to indicate two smallish bore braided hoses round about the final drive area and there are a couple of stubs on the gearbox moulding that could be for such. Anybody know? It looks like it could be major fun (i.e. damn near impossible) to model those hoses in place.
  13. Don't you just love a bit of inventive scratch building! Those wheels aren't bits of wine cork, are they?
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