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  1. I really like that, love the "Complet" sign. You wouldn't want to drive one of those round St. Denis now!
  2. Whilst testing my legs by cycling laps of Chelmer Village: Lap 3 - 1972 Rover 2000TC in brown, sounded and looked very nice. Lap 4 - 'G' reg red Quattro coupe. Sounded like it should, quite high on the rev band, but did smell a bit "hot oily".
  3. Based on personal experience, and until UK changes the rules, if you keep the total order value under £135, then no VAT! I'm tempted every time I see a bike kit!!
  4. Tiger: Gorgeous car in gorgeous nick. Had a Series 3 Alpine once, but this is different!!!
  5. I remember building one or two from AMT kits somewhere around 50 odd years ago! I had a lot of AMT kits then.
  6. I'll have the Alfa, please!
  7. On a driveway just up the road, "D" reg ('87) Merc coupe (does the age make it a 300SL), looking very tidy in black.
  8. Of course, as we all know, there's a lot of linking between that and a deLorean!
  9. Aha. I had a boss years back who had one of these. If ever a car didn't fit with the character of the owner, this is it! I very much doubt he'll read this, but he was a software section manager and his other (main) interest in life was ice skating, often to be seen pirouetting around the local ice rink, pretty good at it. His was "W" reg, don't know which variant that would be. First time we saw him get into in in the car park, we all did a double take! That one looks neat and tidy!
  10. I'll have to stop this soon or I'll go nuts. Latest checks: Windscreen rake is nearer correct on the Tamiya, the Heller is too steep. Front edge of doors. T is correct in curving them up to the screen level, H has a sharp right angle. I'm able to check all this as there is one for sale near me. I could always go up there with a tape measure and say "I'm sorry I haven't got £70k, but can I crawl all over it and measure things". Don't think I will, somehow. I think it would be better if I just built them and enjoyed the experience. It's not as if anybody that is likely t
  11. My bright idea is to build three Alpine A110s; one as '71 Monte (Tamiya), one as '73 Tour de Corse (Heller), one as '74 road trim (Tamiya). Made a start by tidying up the Heller body, removing flash, sharp edges etc. - Tamiya body hardly needs it. Looking at them, they seemed to be different, so I put a first coat of primer on the Heller and a Tamiya, so the moulding colour didn't interfere with examining the shape and form and look what I got! Tamiya above, bodies lined up to back of the door. Heller is narrower across the top half of the body, because there is a
  12. Very true, but the main reason is the extremely limited availability of the standard rear tyres - 225/50-15.
  13. Oops, it's not! It's an Elite, Type 75 or 83. Twigged it by Googling the Europa and then realised it's nothing like one. Much searching of Lotus models found the right one! So, my over the shoulder at low speed eyesight isn't as good as I thought!
  14. A Lotus Europa in yellow, in a considerable state of undress/distress, if you get my meaning. Sitting up to the side of a property near Takeley. It's been there a while, I first spotted it about 6 months ago and couldn't identify it but had traffic behind me so couldn't investigate, but today I was able to slow down and a look over my shoulder confirmed. It doesn't look like it's being restored, just sitting there with several bits missing.
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