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  1. Now, years ago, I had a friend who lived in Kirkcaldy and was owner an old Rover P4, you know the one with the single spotlight in the middle. It also had a sliding roof panel and he owned a pilot's pair of goggles. you can imagine the rest! but, it's a shame that Smart car hasn't got one as that would seal the deal on that one. BTW, OU was the code of a New Zealand squadron - does he know??? Just found this ML407 flew a total of 176 operational combat sorties amassing an impressive total 319 combat hours. ML407 was delivered to 485 New Zealand Squadron on the 29th April 1944 by Jackie Moggridge, one of the top lady pilots of the Air Transport Auxilllary (ATA), where it became the ‘mount’ of Flying Officer Johnnie Houlton DFC who was accredited, whilst flying ML407, with the first enemy aircraft shot down over the Normandy beachhead on 6th June D-Day. Interesting!!!
  2. I have a vague recollection of seeing something like that and a bit of Googling indicates that the Renault17 Coupe could be supplied with louvres.
  3. Bingo, got it this time. Third time I've seen this Dyane, although it seems to be a bit less rusty than last time - have we got two of them in town the same colour?
  4. Snap! I also saw a Gen 3 whilst driving, brown it was and seemed highly polished. Like you, John, I've always had an eye for that car, but I've never owned one.
  5. Classic Car Show at Little Easton again yesterday. first of all, A dolly sprint. Then an Alpine A310 - pretty rare, I think. An X1-9 A pair of sunbeam Talbot, a sort of Before and After photo One of around 5 Lotus Esprits. Thought this was the most interesting one, in race trim. And it's engine, sorry about the reflections. It made the hell of a noise when he started it up. Two imps and a mini. The blue smoke clearing from the middle one is it fading away!! don't know whether he blew it up by trying too hard getting there!! And a better view of them I took my MR2 there Because I thought - It's bound to be the only one there, but there was this!!! Not a glimmer of rust on it anywhere, which is quite rare for a Mk1. And there was this, bearing its London-Brighton number on the back. This tells you what it is. and an engine shot and its interior. And he drove it into the place. Two of a 1950 Moggie. You can just make out the mud splattered along the near side bonnet, explains why later ones had wraparound bumpers!! Remember I posted recentl about an Orange Porsche, well, I think this is it. And a VX220 - not a common sight. A pretty enjoyable day out. Might go again next month.
  6. Going round Chelmsford bypass, an A40, leaning slightly to it's right, but chugging along quite nicely.
  7. That's the same spot the AC was in - has it got a sign saying "Park your unique car here, please"
  8. OK ,very little to go one, so maybe somebody can help. Heading South on M11 as we were heading up to Duxford (ever been there, ), so there was a big concrete barrier shielding the bottom half, but something American, I'm pretty sure; the most noticeable feature was the upper rear quarter, was a triangular shape going from wide at the top down to virtually zero at the bottom. Car was blue - anybody got a clue I can follow up.
  9. Volvo 360GLT - Yes, used to have one, went well but very heavy steering, which is why it went west eventually, wife just couldn't build up her muscles enough. Used to tow our trailer tent with it, no issues.
  10. I got propelled into one of those years ago, while cycling to work. Accident caused by a local High School girl who wasn't looking at the lights at a crossing, then saw them and stepped backwards, straight into me, propelled me off my bike at about 15mph, straight into the side of a BX!
  11. Couldn't swear to it, but something orange with a tall spoiler on the back and in orange went past me as I was walking home, making a lovely Porsche type noise. 911GT3 (RS?) maybe.
  12. Oh, very much yes!! Outstanding workmanship, how long did you wait before breathing again!!
  13. My dad bought one years ago - an SL90! Ridiculously fast and had the most vicious servo assisted disks I've ever experienced. It just wasn't my dad's sort of car, if you see what I mean. I last remember seeing it rusting away peacefully in their back garden in Crail!!
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