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  1. I have an Evolution Silverline and I do seem to have a recurring "issue" with it. I'm only using Tamiya acrylics. After each use, I clean it by: Get as much paint out of the cup as possible - I use plastic pipettes. Pour some IPA into cup; swill it around and empty. Replace with clean IPA and blow back using yellow cap. Use airbrush to blow this into cleaning jar. Pour in a little more IPA and repeat. Replace with clean IPA. BLow this through onto a cardboard sheet to ensure that all paint is gone, i.e. clean IPA coming through. Wipe cup clean. After all this, if I stop now, when I next go to use it, the needle is stuck, won't draw back from trigger use. Withdraw needle from back (with difficulty sometimes), to find minute traces of paint still on it. Clean with IPA soaked cloth. Why are those traces there - everything's been cleaned? If it is still misbehaving, I remove nozzle, nozzle holder and protector, dump into a container of IPA, then clean them, using the nozzle tool from the H&S spares kit. Overall, it's a good airbrush, but can be hassly.
  2. MR2Don

    D-Day 75 years on

    Found it! The two Kens are at either end, with George between; I don't know the status of George. Taken at the Tiger tank at Vimoutiers June 2017.
  3. MR2Don

    D-Day 75 years on

    If you've recorded the little 1/2 hour programme that was on BBC2 6:30 Saturday evening, and go in about 20 minutes, they were taking shots of the vets at Bayeux. At that point, you will see two vets sitting together with a blond haired lady to their right. These are two Ken's who we were highly privileged to have with us on a Leger Normany battlefield tour in 2017. I was so pleased to see them still around and still attending. They both had very interesting tales to tell, if reluctantly. The one nearer the camera was on Hill 112 - little more needs to be said. We visited it and he suddenly went very quiet. His wife (blond lady) told us he still has nightmares. I should have a photo of them, I'll see if I can find it and post it.
  4. Excellent shots. Nice to see "Sally B/Memphis Belle". Was lucky to see her one year on Memorial Day at Maddingley before they were no longer invited. Uhhmm, I suppose the Chinook Team guys don't let their wives use that Disco for the school runs!
  5. Thanks, Inquisitor. I've gone with Foxbot decals, two sets which give me Ukrainian plus numbers for Blue 58 (helpful as it appears to be the most photogenic Ukrainian SU-27). I've also got digital camo masks, but for a two seater, so I'll need to see how much modification may be needed for a single. None used yet (not at that stage) but I will be happy to report on my experience - good or bad. Have had one near catastrophy with this kit. I split out the pivot yoke piece of the front cart to check its fit in the well/fuselage as I didn't want to fit it at the early stage suggested. However...I've lost the (censored) thing, seriously can't find it anywhere. I think, hopefully, I can scratch one from styrene strip/tube, time will tell.
  6. Congratulations; how many, it's hard to count them! Being from UK, I wonder if you will name one Archie. Our cat, Jag, looked very much like yours and she produced five, two black and white, two ginger and white and a grey tabby - where do the colours come from.
  7. All you need to finish it is Tony Curtiss and Jack Lemmon with a double bass full of bullet holes and maybe Maryln Monroe with a ukelele and you've got the entire business. That really is a brilliant interpretation of the kit.
  8. Like it! "His human" - another way of saying "the staff"
  9. On Alpines, here's one of the REAL Alpine, found on the web a while ago. Very, very rare now. First seen by me charging through a Scottish forest in around 1972 (not this one, though; works rally car, probably driven by Darniche or Therier); glorious sound, incredible cornering technique, entered a hairpin virtually backwards!
  10. I thought they were an optional extra, like MCAS on a 737 Max.
  11. Something has just woken up a few brain cells. For as long as we've been here (30+ years) there have always been cats, not only ours, but also various ones belonging to neighbours. We are now at a point where Jag has departed and all the others have moved away, so we are completely cat free and I now have five Dunnocks flying around our garden - never had that before. Neither of ours were birders, either, Wilf was too lazy and Jag would catch the odd mouse, but not birds.
  12. "Lady and the Tramp" - "WE are Siamese, if you please"
  13. No photo, sadly, as I was in the car heading the other way, but one of the new Alpine A110s. Must be pretty rare in the country at this time, but not so rare as the original one, although I happen to know where one of those is!
  14. I was thinking that myself, some sort of "experiment" with the two to see what happens. I will "make it so" as they say.
  15. Just stumbled across this thread. Seems to fit, so here's a couple: Our cat Jag on one of her favourite "beds" in typical pose with her paw stretched out. Taken about 5 years ago, at which time, she must have been about 15, as she moved in with us from a house behind us and presented us with 5 kittens on Easter Sunday 2000! We adopted her, had her neutered and she became our extremely well loved cat until earlier this year when age caught up with her. And an acrylic painting that my wife made of her, from the photo.
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