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  1. BlobMan


    Don't apologise, I found that very informative and interesting. If you have any more insights feel free to share, as long as you feel comfortable.
  2. BlobMan

    "Famous" ancestors

    I'm not sure if scottish but that side of my family is all from north england, so maybe. Close enough right?
  3. BlobMan

    "Famous" ancestors

    My great grandfather, Edward, fought in the 2nd world war as a Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. The details about his career in the Army are annoyingly vague, I'd love to have a proper look into it someday. I know he landed at normandy on d-day plus 1, I think before that he served in the north african campaign where he worked on the tanks. He came up with a way of making the guns more accurate on the tanks, I'm not sure how that works but one of my uncles has the blueprints I believe. Here is a photo of him sitting on a knocked out Panther, he's the one in the middle wearing a hat. Dunno if that counts as significant or famous but whatever.
  4. BlobMan


    Hmm, I always interpreted that phrase as everyone is on the spectrum but most people are at the not autistic end of the spectrum.
  5. BlobMan

    French Foot Artillery

    Well that's something I didn't know, maybe I shouldn't criticize something I don't understand, oops. Sorry Also, what is that profile pic?? It looks a bit, how do you say... inappropriate.
  6. BlobMan


    This feels like something that could get me in a lot of trouble, but just know I don't intend to offend anyone. Sorry If I have. I'm not autistic myself, I was just wondering if any of you are. I wonder if scale modeling is one of things that stereotypical autistic people do, like draw pictures of trains. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I was some degree of autistic. Discuss.
  7. BlobMan

    French Foot Artillery

    You might want to sand the seam lines on the cannons and horses. Other than that, looks lovely.
  8. Why thank you. Yea it did, yours looks pretty close to what it looks like in the real thing, the real one has mesh between the turret floor and ring. I was going to do one but I couldn't figure out how to get it to fit into the hull and still be an accurate size. Wow your radio looks miles better than mine. I'm also now internally kicking myself for not painting that handle on the gun.
  9. BlobMan

    1/72 panzer iv ausf h

    Far out brussel sprout. That has to be the best Pz 4 i've ever seen, the base really makes the kit stand out!
  10. BlobMan

    Tamiya 1/350 king george v

    That's an awful lot of exposed brass! Not sure if accurate but definitely a cool look.
  11. I'm always eager to improve my models. Do you have any tips on how I could make them better?
  12. This is the first tank I've completed, and I'm pretty happy with it. ^toe reveal (I like this picture) I had a go at the turret interior. The best reference I could be bothered to find was Nick's Inside the Hatch on the Crusader mk III, from this I learned that there is a number 19 wireless in the back of the turret which I attempted to scratch build. The rest of the contents is guesswork and what I thought looked nice. There is also a second man next to the gun as the gunner, but you can't really see him. Thanks for reading.
  13. I'm by no means an expert of ww1 tanks or tanks in general, but the grime/rust on the back of the hull looks a bit out of scale to me. The streaks of grime also look a bit fake, maybe try and apply them more randomly. Those guns also need a bit more detail. But over all, great build.