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  1. i would like to know it too, maybe you can teach us a bit.-
  2. Excellent looking Phantom, your weathering work archieved the used look of a german Phantom very great.
  3. Hello Igor Would like to hear from you, any update about the Atlantic? would be waste time not to finish this great model
  4. Dont worry, she looks excellent in her scheme, well done mate.
  5. Ohhh my what an excellent build. Thats masterpiece and looks fantastic.
  6. Excellent work, well done mate.
  7. A nice start so far, i will follow your build report with big interest, coz i have two Kinetic 104 in my stash too.
  8. anyway, its wrong name if you connect it with the Starfighter, if you build a Eurofighter then you can use Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 71
  9. if you stand infront of this Tiger, you get much impression, even its just a 1/1 model, and you cannot believe thats just a model, coz it looks really really real.
  10. I dont understand why you call it Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 71 Richthofen, coz this name exist just 3 or 4 years, when this wing used the Starfighter it calls Jagdgeschwader 71,, Richthofen,,
  11. Outstanding work, pity Dayglow dont produce this kit anymore
  12. Hello Patrick Welcome here, my most favourite car from the 80th was made in Antwerp......the Opel Manta. Greets from Germany
  13. Surely they will also release a german IDS version, so need more patience
  14. Outstanding work, love your painting and weathering job, looks simply fantastic to me
  15. I have nothing to complain Happy about - Breguet Atlantic - VW T1 Dr. Oetker - SR-71 Blackbird
  16. I can see the pictures, nice build so far
  17. ok here comes the help to unpack your stuff, i hope you have enough beer at home
  18. I like it, she looks a bit semilar to the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, right?
  19. Happy to see your dad gonna build the Hartmann's one, will follow your thread with big interest
  20. Great work again Matthias. The best 162 i ever seen, really a stunner
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