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  1. What would be considered the correct colour for the King Tiger of the initial production? I see dunkelgelb in many cases, unfortunately the guy at my local hobby store supplied me with a khaki brown (vallejo 71.024) and I have already painted a few coats with it the turret. My question is : *do I keep it and continue the rest of it the same way, and will that be considered at least somehow accurate? *use a proper dunkelgelb, on top of khaki brown or remove it? Thank you in advance
  2. No haven't applied zimmerit on the tank, if I remember correctly it was enamel. Thank you very much for your tips, I will try it out
  3. Well it's the dragon tiger 1 late model w/out zimmerit. If I remember correctly, I used revel paints Thank you
  4. Hello, as the title suggests, I have in my possession a Tiger 1 built almost a decade ago, unfortunately it was packed and stored in the basement for many years and some dust came through, I am wondering if a renovation is possible and what to look out for, I am thinking about repainting it and fixing some flaws I did back then Thank you in advance Dimitris "Dadias"
  5. Dadias


    Hello guys and lasses, Greetings from Greece, found this forum from an existing member, and dare I say I am impressed! After a long brake from scale modeling from my teen years, I decided to once again take up the brush and scalpel. I recently bought a Tiger 2 prototype to hone my skills, I will surely be asking questions! Pleasure to find you Dimitris "Dadias"
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