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  1. I'm currently building 2x Airfix Spitfire Mk1a marked up as 65 Sqn aircraft. They are my first two models in about 25 years and need a few more decals, some touching up in places and then some final weathering and they'll be done. I've also started my 15 yo son on an Airfix Mk1a (his first model) as well whilst I have started a Messerschmidt bf109e-3 (aircaft markings tbc) and a Skunkworks MQ-9 in 39 Sqn markings, all in 1/72. I've bought an Airfix BE2c in 39 Sqn markings to be my first WW1 aricraft (I'm dreading it!) and a Lancaster B.III has just been primed ready for starting next week. all while still working 12 hour shifts and entertaining the family!
  2. Aren’t they all these days?!? And in the future, if it isn’t, even better as there isn’t any pink bits inside so becomes a little easier to take when one spanks in. Dont get me wrong, there will always be a need for manned assets and I grew up loving a Phantom and a spit. But I also embrace a new technology too. And I think they are beautiful aircraft as well. But I’m biased!!
  3. Love this build. Were the decals part of this kit or an aftermarket set?
  4. both will transition to Protector RG.1 as the MQ-9 Reaper is phased out. to say 31 will be the first Sqn might be a slightly misleading statement. XIII will start the transition with 39 utilising Reaper until its put out of service and then they will move over to Protector. reduced??? RPAS are the future for CAS and I can tell you, XIII and 39 certainly don't consider themselves 'reduced' to the ISR/Strike role flying the MQ-9.
  5. I've got both these kits along with a Canberra PR9, a Meteor NF13 and a Martin Marauder to get through in my quest to build every airframe 39 Sqn has flown. I hope mine come out even half as good as those! not sure my skills will be up to rigging sadly!
  6. So, reapers arrived. And thanks to a forum member, so did a beautiful Meteor that will become a 39 Sqn NF.13 circa 1956 over the Suez. Canberra is going to be 2006 XH135 scheme unless I can find either 2003 TELIC aircraft decals and MQ-9 Reapers will be ZZ207 and ZZ208, two aircraft close to my heart. The Marauder will be HD635 ‘R’ from 1944/45 from the Xtradecal pack
  7. Thank you. Still slaving away! Just the smaller detail decals and a bit of weathering to go. My level of perfection required greatly exceeds my abilities!! But I’ve really enjoyed these two Spits and they don’t look too bad. Last pic before I put them in a completed showcase.
  8. Decal day this is a LOT harder than I remember!!!
  9. Then a base of dark earth, mask applied for the pattern and a nice clean dark green couple of coats. The pics don’t show how well the pre shading is.
  10. So, a few pics of where I’m at. Built one at a time as its been a while since I’ve made a kit. Forgot to photo the painted cockpit! But I built it up no problem and preshaded for the first time ever
  11. Andy has always been baby faced. But he was one of the best pilots I worked with in the US and knew he’d do well on fast jets.
  12. I’m good friends with ‘Andy’ and I know how it ends!!
  13. following this build. it's looking great so far. I've just bought an Italeri GR.1 Granby in 1/72 with the aim of doing a XIII Sqn aircraft. Did you find any JP233 in 1/72?
  14. thank you both. The warming of the etched parts will help, can't believe I didn't think of that! So, does anyone have an Xtradecal X72145 Sea Grey 24", 30" and 36" letter sheet that I can grab the Ds and Es in 24" please?? will pay in beer tokens
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