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  1. Pascal,


    It is amazing of course :worthy:


    If I may hazard a small comment, that join line would bother the hell out of me, I know that I would not be able to make filler work and not loose the plate detail in that area.  It's more fussy, but perhaps breaking the sections around the plate edges may make this joint clean-up easier.  Just a thought, in no way a criticism of this incredible project







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  2. 1 hour ago, Jochen Barett said:

    look at the(eir?) length(s): It seems they were longer in real life so that one could open the hatch all the way up to the vertical position

    You are right of course, my being lazy. Please bear in mind this model is over 2 feet long and contains 100’s of parts, all of which are only approximate. What I am aiming to achieve is to capture the essence of the vessel, not necessarily reproduce each component exactly. This process involves compromises 

  3. Jochen, the guide bars are just visible but too thin to print separately. I know the side screens are canvas but truly at this scale I would just make a mess if I tried to make them from papier-mâché   I did consider it but with my clumsy hands it would just be too frustrating. As ever things are limited by printability and my own increasing lack of dexterity 





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  4. 43 minutes ago, Dancona said:

    Another lovely museum quality object progressing faster than most of us can build kits

    Thanks David, to me this one seems to be taking ages :wink: proving once more that time is relative...


    Stuck waiting for the main etching sheet (problems with their equipment) so tidying up some 3D models.  See my remodelling of the galley hatch below (it's about 1 inch square).  Those valves at the back are fire hydrants I think, some 0.7mm wire needed for the pipework to complete it once printed.  Ditto the galley chimney and the canvas cover frame.  More and more I'm liking the combination of printed parts and brass for strength, good combination


    galley hatch


    and the real thing for comparison.  As ever compromises are needed to ensure it prints







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  5. 10 hours ago, Iceman 29 said:

    We become addicted to your threads like a good bottle

    Thanks Pascal, all comments are really appreciated


    The next thread I have planned is a departure for me, something quite different.  No spoiler alert quite yet, but it will certainly start before Christmas. 


    Time to get another drink in...:beer:





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  6. 15 hours ago, Dmitriy1967 said:

    It seems to me that a large horizontal plate with large nuts should be removable.

    OK, that makes sense, however, the outboard ends of the vertical plates that the horizontal plate bolts to will need support or they would flap around (engineering term, may not translate...).  So, it may be that the rivets secure a stiffener that anchors these edges and create the rigid box necessary for bolt alignment 


    I'm guessing of course  :hmmm:

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  7. 14 hours ago, stevehnz said:

    I've read a lot of WW2 naval literature where R-boats are mentioned, with only a vague mental picture of them

    Thanks Steve, I sincerely appreciate all the likes,.  This thread has been a slow burn by comparison to other builds due to the time the research took. 


    Your quoted comment is on the money, these are largely forgotten vessels with almost no model representation so hopefully this thread is going some way to rectifying this gap and act as a resource for others.  I think they are actually really interesting and clearly show their heritage from a builder of luxury motor yachts, as did the very early s-boats.  Indeed they are really very similar in many respects.


    Stick with it, the thread should speed up towards Christmas when the etching sheet arrives, lots of fun little equipment projects coming.





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  8. Super short update on the cast metal components from Shapeways (which I realise are an indulgence but what the hell! I don't buy as many shoes as my wife, by a sea mile...)


    My first 4 bladed props and that 2cm flak




    And here is the fist flak assembled, the cradle is cut from the back of the gun and they are attached with 0.5mm brass wire.  The base will be turned and then enhanced with some etched parts and wire/tube etc. but I 'm happy with this result





    One aspect of the casting process is the holes seem to come up slightly smaller than drawn so the props needed reaming out slightly, a little challenging to hold but I managed it


    Here they are installed with the three rudders




    There is nothing that adds character to a model like a custom bronze propeller 👍


    Etching sheet coming nearly next week, rapid progress should follow its arrival





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  9. 1 hour ago, robgizlu said:

    PE etch sheet as usual inspires equal amounts of awe and sheer jealousy

    I urge you to try it Rob.  It's super frustrating and time consuming but nothing quite equals the results you can obtain.  I still get things wrong every time, but enough passes muster to keep me going.  Resin is sooo tempting, especially with the results I'm getting with this water-washable clear stuff, but some things just have to be made of metal at this scale. It's kind of a natural law 


    love the Who





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  10. 10 hours ago, Courageous said:

    your PE drawing looks detailed and busy..

    Thanks Stuart, finger's crossed it works. 🤞  BTW I have a perfect record of remembering a component I've missed off the sheet AFTER the manufacturing has begun.  It happened again this time :doh: why is that?  Still I'm looking forward :banghead:to attempting to make the Dan buoy racks from wire......


    1 hour ago, seadog said:

    Wow! I'm having huge problems with getting the Bridge right on my MTB

    The offer still stands, which specific wheelhouse version are you building? I have the drawings from Lambert's books, it would only take me a short session to draw it for you


    Cast props and guns arriving Friday from Shapeways :elephant:





  11. Spent the past few days spare time with a final push on the main etching sheet, which I've finally got off to 4D.  Every time I do one of these, I always takes hours more than I plan, constant tweaking and decisions over what to etch vs print vs just make.  Plus its always a challenge how fine to make the shapes in this thickness of brass and still get away with it.  really, each final component is like designing a kit from scratch, just takes a lot of time.....


    Anyway, for those interested, here is the finished artwork, a full A4 size this time because of the use of etched plate for the deckhouse (I'll repeat the colour rule to help explain what is shown, black no etch, red half from front, cyan half from back, white full thickness etch)




    Contained on this sheet are

    • The wheelhouse sides and open bridge inner sides and internal braces
    • Stern roller frame (rollers from brass tube and wire)
    • Sweep winch (also lots of tube and wire to add)
    • Mast tabernacle (we'll see how that goes, I can always print one if it doesn't work, but I'd like it to be brass)
    • Stanchion bases, I have a cunning plan for the stanchions this time, more later....
    • Anchor winch
    • 2cm Flak detailing.  Those open frames are for the shell case nets, really not clear if this will work as I have it in my head, they are super fragile and I still have to source some netting that will look OK...
    • Wheelhouse roof ladder
    • Sweep winch cable guide frame
    • Spare cable drums (2)
    • Shear kite components (wire needed to complete)
    • Rear sweep buoy wings and tail, (3d printed body in rack shown below)
    • Dragon wing, frame and tail (again, the body is 3d printed)
    • Azimuth table

    About 300 pieces in total


    sweep buoy


    I am seriously looking forward to plating the wheelhouse, it will be very cool I think :cool:


    Been considering the curtains.  Those big windows in the wheelhouse were curtained off at night, study the pictures and you can just make them out.  My plan is to attempt these with tissue paper (and glue) on some tiny corrugated iron left over from my diorama, time will tell if I can make 1:48th scale curtains look realistic, I'm not convinced but will have a go....





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  12. 13 hours ago, Andreas.R said:

    This Räumboot will be a stunning model!

    Thanks Andreas, I'm really trying to do justice to it. 


    They were interesting vessels that don't have the model coverage they deserve in my opinion.  Everyone focuses on the s-boats, I guess glamour wins always.  Still, I'm enjoying it and looking forward the side by side picture with my s-boat at the end.  They're identical (more of less) sizes will allow me to make the cases identical and they will form a nice matched pair addition to my coastal forces navy





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  13. Where does the time go?  Just about a whole day on the wheelhouse etching.  This is a first for me, etching the entire wheelhouse external surfaces, and given the price of an etch sheet, it has to be perfect first time.  This entailed a lot of measuring to adjust the drawing to the as-built timber inner box.  Normally I would adjust it when fitting but this time, there is a lot of relief etched rivet detail (the reason I'm etching it in the first place) and those lines have to be right as they can't be modified.


    So @Iceman 29, I'll see your rivet detail and raise you...:wink:


    Here is a section of the artwork.  Remember, red is half from the front and cyan half from the back.  The support braces slot into the inner framing of the open bridge (top sections)




    This picture might help explain the artwork.  The openings low down in the sides are for the engine room flap vents covers, to ensure they position perfectly.  It will all become clear when I put it together




    To ensure this artwork is a perfect fit, I cut it out and stuck it in place, only a couple of minor adjustments needed






    To break things up, I made up one half of the engine casing handrails, commercial items with additional braces hard soldered in place.  Only one half as I ran out of 0.7 mm hard brass wire...


    Note the wheel created rivet detail on the rear section of the roof, I hope that survives my clumsy painting




    Also, the depth charge racks are all made up with the wire sections added and primed




    Starting to get more cluttered now.  Pleased with the depth charges, amazing detail on the print which even includes the lifting eyes on each end.  They still need the retention cord adding, this goes on after they are painted.


    More etching artwork tomorrow, my aim is to get it complete before next week, I'm starting to need the components





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  14. 3 hours ago, Jochen Barett said:

    I'd consider the holes and the slot as some kind of venting. There are locks (keyholes) and additional latches at the upper ends of the doors, no door knobs / handles.

    It seems "awkward" to handle cabinet doors with your finger in a hole aboard a ship. My guess is these doors were meant to be kept shut most of the time.

    On the other hand protruding knobs would be aiming at your kees all the time ...

    Sounds right 👍

  15. Short update on 3D models and printing.


    After 4 attempts, I manged to draw the wheelhouse shield to a standard I am happy with.  This shield curves in all 3 dimensions, as it sits on the deck camber and the upper rim follows the camber.  The rivets have to follow the forward curve.  Where is @Iceman 29 when you need him...


    This is absolutely the limit of by 3D skills, it's far from perfect but no one will notice




    The rear has vertical bracing plates with flanged edges.  I could not have done this a well in copper


    shield rear


    It also has 2 hose-reel storage bins but these will be printed separately, and of course, the forward crew flat access hatch, which I've also printed as a separate model


    Anyway, after all the stress of drawing it, the print worked first time, loving this clear resin.. That shield is super thin, only 0.4 mm thick, quite fragile to handle




    Anyone panicking about the wheelhouse finish, this is going to be plated in etched brass to show the rivet detail, along with the open bridge wings.  The main etch artwork is next, it had to wait until I had sorted out the 2cm flak model so that I could work out what items I need to etch to super-detail these items.  The main barrel and cradle are to be cast in brass and will sit on a turned brass base.


    This is my gun artwork, it's in two pieces so that it can elevate, though they are joined for casting to save money.  The gunners cradle, the sight, the shell case net framing etc will all be etched as they are too fragile to cast.  More on the build up of these guns later.  It is a little simplified to work at this scale, hopefully it will pass Shapeways printing review checks as these and the props have now been ordered, A total of ~£70 inc postage for the 4 items.  It's certainly as good as the commercial ones you can order direct from Shapeways, and with the extra etched detail, maybe even a little better


    2cm flak


    Lastly, I drew up the rubber dinghy in its vertical storage cradle (they were stowed vertically against the port railings on the main deck aft of the deckhouse).  This printed really well, I'll be sorting out the extra pieces (rope etc) later this coming week


    rubber dinghy


    Moving through the problems and build decisions now.. Most of the hard decisions now made







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  16. 8 minutes ago, Modelholic said:

    Is the posted pic of the wheelhouse interior a different class?

    Hi Tom,


    Yes, I noticed that gap.  The picture is of R39 which is an earlier sub-class of the R25 class I'm building.  A companionway down to the forward crew flat makes sense there and perhaps they included it on the R150 subclass, I don't know. 


    Quite honestly, I just made the bench round for simplicity, incorporating a companionway at this stage would not be simple to execute without making some degree of mess and its really not visible once complete


    Take a house point for attention to detail though ⭐





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  17. 2 minutes ago, Dmitriy1967 said:

    Is it for opening doors with your fingers?

    Ha, I honestly have no clue,


    I suspected it was for opening as the image has no handles and I have seen holes used in place of handles elsewhere


    However, one thing I do know for certain is that it is too small to reproduce at this scale, even if you could see them through the windows once the model is complete :rofl:


    BTW, there is no such thing as a stupid question...





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