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  1. borz666

    1/72 F-4K

    What with the Fujimi being so pricey ( and my recent switch back to the gentleman's scale). Another gap for Airfix to fill... A 1/72nd Brit Phantom with bits for both FG1 and 2 in the same box please!!!!!
  2. From what I've researched, I will be buying the Bronco Kit. You seem to get a bit more for your money and they are a much better company in regards to quality and accuracy.
  3. Sorry, but all this talk of a 1/48th Vulcan... what about a new modern tooling of 1/72nd Vulcan please!
  4. Bought one from your good selves already!!! This ship has grown on me, at first I hated it. I mean really hated it! Watched the movie a few more times and looking at the new movie I have now fallen in love with her.
  5. If that was 1/32nd it would be stunning. The fact that it is 1/72nd is just staggering. One of the best F-16's i've ever seen, the best 72nd EVAR!!!
  6. If the 48th Tonka is a an upscale of the 1/72nd kit would I be wrong in assuming it will be awesome???
  7. Let me be the first to say welcome, and can' t wait to see how this one turns out!
  8. Well nothing a bit of masking wont solve then! I'm sold. I'll take 2!
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