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  1. I would also like to make it out of metal if possible just to give it that extra feel to it but if necessary it can be plastic!
  2. So i want to upscale a king tiger (ive just bought a tamiya king tiger 1:35 model) most likely to either 1:16 or 1:10 scale and make it rc. I couldn't believe the price for 1:16 rc or non rc model so i decided i would make my own. I am fine with the programming and putting in the motors in etc. I could do with any advice or tips you would know on how to upscale it and then how to make the actual model. I dont really want to 3d print it if i can help it. I would like to injection mold it but i would have thought you would have to by a large quantities for manufactures to do so. Once again if yo
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