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  1. Rogue705

    E75 [Paper Panzer] - 1st Time Builder

    By the way, if your considering crew these may be available somewhere...
  2. Rogue705

    E75 [Paper Panzer] - 1st Time Builder

    Great Build KonigsStreegan. I wouldnt worry about the side skirts being damaged, if anything makes it look more realistic
  3. Hi TuanNA, Thanks for sharing. Great way to show and I love your painting technique
  4. Rogue705

    Best way to do pictures?

    Testing Google Photos... Thanks Gorby, helped me out
  5. Rogue705

    Server Reboot

    Sorry, to busy at work...but thanks
  6. Rogue705

    PzKpfw V Panther (Meng Toon)

    Been away from modelling for awhile, so apologies for the question.... What on God's green earth is a 'Toon' tank???
  7. Rogue705

    T-70M Miniart

    I do enjoy the smaller early war years tanks Looking good so far PanZair
  8. Rogue705

    Hello from Austria!

    Hi Nick, welcome
  9. Rogue705

    Hello from Leyland. Lancashire

    Hi Paul, Welcome Just down the road from you, Nr Skelmersdale Darrin
  10. Rogue705

    Greetings from Scotland

    Yo, Bob, Welcome
  11. Rogue705

    FV 432 - Telford Payback

    Chally???? Now I'm feeling old, usualy our armour support was Chieftain
  12. Rogue705

    Type 5 "Chi-Ri"

    Not much of an update, apologies Paint, nor Liquid Mask, arrived yesterday (Hopefully tomorrow) Contented myself continuing with the tracks (finished one side) and base coated the turret (no masking needed for turret) as well as drilling out antenna pots and adding carbon fibre antenna... (For those who need to know, Base is from Citidel, Chaos Black )
  13. Rogue705

    FV 432 - Telford Payback

    That must have come in after I left. Back then it was still the good old 'Shovel Patrol'
  14. Rogue705

    FV 432 - Telford Payback

    5 Years in Paderborn (in what was then known then as West Germany) Lots of Road moves, lots of Rail moves In fact, those were the good old days when you could dig a trench in some poor Germans garden
  15. Rogue705

    FV 432 - Telford Payback

    Ahhh, we were the 80's. Road moves we had a flag (Blue I think) on lead vehicle of the column, Green (I think) on rear vehicle Just Amber flashing lights for the REME if they were dealing with a broken down 432