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  1. Konrad, I must buy shares in the masking producing Company you use ... £'s Seriously, great prep work!!
  2. Great post....though, I think Grenadiers and Coldstream may argue over who is actualy senior (Cromwell Model Army thing)
  3. Box Art, wont bother you with the Sprues
  4. Well, looks like i'm the only one (so far) doing Armour First...the blurb........... "The BTR-60PB armored personnel carrier is a further development of the previous BTR-60PA. This APC was produced in large numbers. Its production commenced in 1966 and ceased in 1976. For a long period of time the BTR-60PB was used to transport Soviet motorized infantry troops. It has also been exported to a number of countries. Despite its age, the BTR-60PB is still in service with at least 30 operators worldwide" Photo's to follow...........
  5. Okee Dokee............the Cam................ Using this......... and now for the process Putty over the first coat of Olivgrun (RAL 6003) Then a coat of Rot Braun (RAL 8012) More putty... Then a coat of Dunkelgelb (RAL 7028) Time to umask .... Not perfect, but after Filters\weathering shouldnt look to bad Thanks for looking
  6. Thought I would have a 'cabby' at this whilst I have a break from mein Elefant..... ((P 204 (f) with CDM Turret) My wife took one look and said "It looks Like Lt. Gruber's little 'Tenk' (for those who are not familier with Lt. Gruber, Search for "Allo, Allo)" ) BTW, I'm aware, i think, that the armoured car in Allo Allo was roughly based on a 222? Any who........here is where we are now............ Great little kit, though, there are some fit issues (minor)... Now, to add some paint....This will be a tri-colour reverse scheme. Hope it works out well... Olive Grun to start........ More updates to follow .....
  7. Okee Dokee.....been awhile one must admit (Sorry) Build so far......... TBH, has been a pain, and a learning curve..Shall not bore you with the details, you can see from the photo's where my errors lay..... Tracks are ready to assemble (Friuls) - Have had a Burnish bath! Obligatory Wheel tree Zim was a pain,but, in ATAKS favour, is an old kit... One of the nice things I found in the kit, was, a two-leaf rear hatch asembly (apparantly only found on 4 Elefants) Gotta go for it, though, should it be open or closed??? Any who, with metal and plastic, needed to Prime (used RAL 8012) ... So, Have decided on a 3-Cam solution. I'm going to try the Cam in reverse, using masking So first.... RAL 6003 Now...Open hatches needs crew...This is whats on my mind, but, not set in stone yet More updates to come
  8. Looking nice Stix, I may increase chipping on mine as it does add some interest Have a couple of Skybows in the attic (Truck and Jeep me thinks) may get them down as your Skybow looks great quality
  9. Looking good, bit of filtering and weathering will tone that down
  10. Been there SO many times mate....Keep at it!
  11. Okee Dokee, Not had much build time, but, here we are......... Suspension done. They are free moving (and look like a scene from Alien (well, to me they do lol)) Sprockets attached, and are free moving, which will aid painting/weathering Rear part of the hull was a 'Bitch', lining up was a real pain. Anyway, after much swearing, kicking the wife (who kicks back!), petting the dog, sanding & Super Glue, we got there! Will need some filling, but Mr Surfacer 500 will solve all my woes Front of the Hull partially done as well Lower Hull back plate Zim started. ATAK, as mentioned earlier in thread. Pain to apply, eventualy required Epoxy & Super Glue. Still to decide on what vehicle to mark this one up as (which will determine Cam Pattern)
  12. Seen that pic Bob (Page 154), however, there is a pic in 'Gunpower 23' of an Italian campaign Elefant without? Anyway, its all in the Modellers eye, build it how we want
  13. Nice so far @Hubba I'm also doing the Elefant, usin ATAK Zim. Notice you have no zim on front lower plate (the plate below the lifting\towing eyes). Same with ATAK, no Zim for that plate Tried looking for Elefants with Zim there but cant find any (found a photo without Zim there from Italy '44) You think it was common not to apply Zim to that plate?
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