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  1. I do love pre\early war AFV's Looking forward to this!
  2. Konrad, I must buy shares in the masking producing Company you use ... £'s Seriously, great prep work!!
  3. Great post....though, I think Grenadiers and Coldstream may argue over who is actualy senior (Cromwell Model Army thing)
  4. Looking nice Stix, I may increase chipping on mine as it does add some interest Have a couple of Skybows in the attic (Truck and Jeep me thinks) may get them down as your Skybow looks great quality
  5. Been there SO many times mate....Keep at it!
  6. Seen that pic Bob (Page 154), however, there is a pic in 'Gunpower 23' of an Italian campaign Elefant without? Anyway, its all in the Modellers eye, build it how we want
  7. Nice so far @Hubba I'm also doing the Elefant, usin ATAK Zim. Notice you have no zim on front lower plate (the plate below the lifting\towing eyes). Same with ATAK, no Zim for that plate Tried looking for Elefants with Zim there but cant find any (found a photo without Zim there from Italy '44) You think it was common not to apply Zim to that plate?
  8. @ipaul321 Hi Paul, watch this, love this guy:
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