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  1. Looking to replace the PE grills that come with the Meng Panther D and can't find any,has anyone built the Meng kit and used other etched grills? Thanks in advance.
  2. Not using anything at the moment,but not paying AK and MIG prices.I was going to order a litre of Bob Ross odorless thinners but everywhere is out of stock.
  3. Thanks for that saves me a trip to wilko's
  4. Bartoline Is this stuff any good for: washes Oils pigments Just looking for a cheap alternative. Thanks
  5. Watch Herbert Erpaderp on Youtube he does 1/72 and 1/56 scale kits.
  6. Karlj72

    British Sherman

    Damn yes never thought of the engine deck being different,might be harder than I thought. Thanks chaps much appreciated.
  7. Karlj72

    British Sherman

    Do you think this kit is suitable as the kit comes with many parts such as 2 types of transmission covers and 2 types of road wheels?
  8. Karlj72

    British Sherman

    See I have the RFM Firefly and it took me a while trying to find a decal alternative as I think everyone else will do the Joe Ekins vehicle,so I love the look of Spitfire and I also have a couple of sets of British tank crew figures and wanted to do a diorama of both vehicles park along side each other. I shall keep on looking. Thanks
  9. Karlj72

    British Sherman

    The problem with the Dragon kits are they have the wrong type road wheels or tracks,the road wheels should be the welded type. The only kit that comes close is Tasca 35016 but that has a different transmission cover and the kit is well out of production and hard to find. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Karlj72

    British Sherman

    Not an expert on the Sherman and need some help,I have a set of Star decals that I ordered for my Firefly and it also comes with decals for a British Sherman too. This set What kit can I purchase for the British Sherman? Thanks
  11. Why is the right side periscope in that position? Nobody sat there.
  12. That's the problem with reviewers now days they know next to nothing,they just show you the instructions and sprue shots and load it up on Youtube. There are not enough Terry Ashley's about.
  13. Put them in the bin but can't think of replacement for 1/72 maybe resin.
  14. Hobbyboss for £26.99 and includes aluminum barrel/resin muzzle brake cover and photo etch screens.
  15. Wow that's expensive £16.27 for a 1/72 kit,I got Meng's Jagdpanther for £22 from Hobbyeasy.
  16. Just hope it teachers them a lesson,if they would of used Cartograf decals then there would be no problem.corner cutting to save cost.
  17. I don't know if your all aware of the misprinting of the decal sheet that comes with the Border models Panzer IV kit, I noticed there is not enough turret numbers to do 60% of the vehicles from the decal sheet.I sent Border a message on their Facebook page letting them know about this and they sent me a reply back. This is what they said: "Hi, the production team informed that they will not reprinting, as most of the kits has been distributed worldwide, we apologize for that. It is advised that you will use other marking. We will improve on this." What do you guys think.
  18. Karlj72

    Box art

    That's like looking forward to a date with Jessica Alba and ending up with Jessica Biel,I can live with that lol.
  19. Love it,very very well made and painted. I was looking at their 1/35 Ferdinand and Elefant kits today are they any good?
  20. Tell you what after viewing again you have achieved an amazing mud effect. What did you use?
  21. Karlj72

    Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G

    Thanks Jack I plan on doing both kits for Kursk so the Filzbalgfilter should not be a problem.
  22. Royal model has a nice Panther crew but there not cheap,they come as a crew of 3 and wear the late panzer uniform Oak leaf and commander looks like he's in a splinter camo jacket. Also check out Alpine miniatures they have some lovely figures. Or these:
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