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  1. Karlj72

    Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G

    Thanks Jack I plan on doing both kits for Kursk so the Filzbalgfilter should not be a problem.
  2. Karlj72

    Takoms Panther

    Royal model has a nice Panther crew but there not cheap,they come as a crew of 3 and wear the late panzer uniform Oak leaf and commander looks like he's in a splinter camo jacket. Also check out Alpine miniatures they have some lovely figures. Or these:
  3. Karlj72

    Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G

    Having ordered the new Border models Panzer IV G I then found the Dragon kit at a good price and thought I will do a side by side comparison on both kits. Will be looking forward to building both kits and figuring out what kit will be the best. The only thing that I might be scratching my head at is the use of what gun barrels to install as both kits come with L/43 and L/48.
  4. Karlj72

    Jagdpanther G2 with full interior

    Knowing today's prices about £70. Like to see how it goes against the Takom G2.
  5. Karlj72

    Box art

    Just thinking about how some of the box art has inspired me to buy that certain kit,What box art inspired you to choose a certain kit? Here's one of my favourites. From Ron Volstad
  6. Karlj72

    1/48 Tamiya Jagdtiger

    Top quality.
  7. Just found this when I was looking around. Ryefield 1/35 Jagdpanther G2 with full interior & workable track links.
  8. Just watching a documentary on 131 and it had just taken out 2 Churchill's before being abandoned,did the crew not have time to destroy their Tiger? Glad they never though. Oh great paint job on you Tiger and especially been painted by hand. Bravo.
  9. Karlj72

    Panzer II A/B/C

    Thank you all for your comments. It takes me some time to get back into painting as I hate painting I just like building a lot more. Obviously 1/35 is where I excel as I can do a lot more detail in that scale.plus the fact I am missing so much weathering products like oils/thinners/pigments and filters and also airbrush.
  10. Karlj72

    Panzer II A/B/C

    Thanks Jeroen I used some Vallejo brown wash as a pin wash and Tamiya weathering master for dust,the muffler was done using Vallejo panzer aces rust. I gave away a lot of my stuff a while back and I only have about 20% of my paints and weathering products left. Going to take time building my paint arsenal again.
  11. Karlj72

    ACADEMY Tiger II King Tiger 1/35

    Very well done and nicely painted.
  12. Here is my first model that I have built in almost 3 years. It's just a Tamiya 1/48 Panzer II,I painted it by hand using Vallejo model color applied in very thin coats and built up the layers using brushes. I using as a test model to get back into the swing of things. Sorry about picture quality as only have an old 20 megapixel digi cam.
  13. Karlj72

    What kit should I buy?

    I want to buy a new kit and I'm stuck between 2 models. Dragon Tiki or the new Border Panzer IV G. I love Tigers more but then the new Panzer IV looks amazing.This will be my first 1/35 kit in 3 years as it will just be a build for now until I can buy a new airbrush and compressor.
  14. Karlj72

    New Airfix 1/35 armour?

    Seen some shops taking pre-orders now,I'll stick to the more expensive and accurate kits thanks.
  15. Looking forward to your progress. Your like me I like to research and look through 100's of photos trying to find the vehicle that you want to build. Good luck.