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  1. All were built "air smoothed". Stu
  2. Nice 7mm model, which make ? Space Ranger, which model do you have ? You mention Airfix in the title and AFAIK they only did a British Railways version. Dapol did numerous re-pops of the kit with a range of decals including SR though the accuracy of some are a bit dubious. Depending on how far you want to go there is aftermarket stuff out there such as buffers, etched nameplates etc. Replacement decals:- https://modelmaster.uk/24-4mm-steam-locos https://fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers If it is malachite green you need have an idea that a Tamiya acrylic might be close but can check if needed. All the "air smoothed" pacifics whichever class they were were nicknamed Spamcans. The first Merchant Navies were built during WW2 hence the nickname. This was my take on the kit and there's a short thread somewhere on here with the pics photobucketed out Stu - who has fond (!) memories of 34102 Lapford in '67
  3. Stu

    Tamiya A6M-3 Hamp 1:72

    That's come out well, the Tamiya 72nd Zero's are good kits and your's is very nice. Kit decals ? Slightly off subject any thoughts on the Hasegawa Rufe ? Stu
  4. Hi, Thank you those who've taken the time to comment or hit like. Got a Dragon Tiger 1 to do, lots more bits but would imagine it's a good kit. One mildly curious thing. I've ended up with pots of both Gunze and Tamiya "dark yellow" and surprised how different they are. Any thoughts anyone? Cheers Stu
  5. Picked this up at OnTracks from a Dutch dealer who had stock of their kits. As a marque they seemed quite popular judging by the number left at the end of the day. Not sure whether these kits rate as mainstream, short run or something in between. It was complete with a small etch and turned barrel, the latter a first for me. Built pretty much OOB apart from replacing the solid moulded grabs with fine wire. Construction was quite straightforward apart from the tracks. The instructions show continuous single piece tracks, like Dragon DS ones but there were a couple of link and length sprues in the box. The tracks are therefore something of a bodge as the longest lengths appeared to be for a different kit, they were somewhat short for any logical fit. Anyhow done my best with my limited experience. As it's a what-if the finish is my interpretation of a late war scheme. Finished with Tamiya acrylics and AK washes. I did add a suitably focused commander to give a bit of scale. Enjoyed building it in spite of the tracks. A couple of phone camera pics, not sure it's coped well with the bright sunshine. Cheers Stu
  6. I like that a lot, you've done a good job there. Stu
  7. Hi, Bookending my 35th Panther build I've completed a couple of Revell 72nd AFV's. First up a T-90S (if that's the right version) of the Indian Army. The desert camo was extrapolated from a couple of web pics. Surprised at first by the number of parts but it made for an interesting build. The only part I really struggled with is the boil-in-hot-water tracks. One went on tolerably well but the other ended up as a sort of DIY link-and-length but thanks to the skirts isn't too obvious. Airbrushed with Tamiya mixes and given a home concocted wash and dry brushing. The base is my attempt at a bit of Indian desert to give it a bit of context. I'd happily build another of these, the Algerian one looks interesting. Second up is a Jagdpanther built basically OOB though I finished it in plain Dunkelgelb as I wanted to try the AK Interactive stuff I picked up at OnTracks - a wash and a streaking grime. My first encounter with link-and-length tracks. That was interesting with a couple of errors that had to be rectified so the nice deep skirts have their uses. Compared to theT-90 it's a fairly simple kit so I was mildly annoyed to find they didn't include the four towing eyes which I had to badly bodge as their absence, once realised, grated. The main paint was Gunze with the AK stuff used over it. The one thing with 72nd, something I've told many times, is less is more so the weathering has been keep down. This was kept to one pass with the airbrush then walk away. Pleased with the result As always any comments, advice, pointers, etc appreciated. Cheers Stu
  8. Hi, Finally managing to update this. I'm calling it finished and all things considered I'm pretty happy with the result though there are plenty of errors of commission and omission. There are a number of excellent Panther builds on here at the moment that rather put mine into perspective but I've certainly learned a few things. I re-did the number to something smaller and better spaced and almost got away with it if you don't look too closely. Left off the skirts as I had trouble getting them to fit correctly. This is most likely a build error somewhere along the line. It's a pity as it rather shows up the "rubber band" tracks. Anyhow thanks to Dave for the kit and to all on here for their advice/support etc. If nothing else it's a bit of confirmation I'm a deal happier with 72nd and I've put a couple of them on here for advice and comment as well. Cheers Stu
  9. Very nice, good to see a bit of variation from High Speed Silver. Stu
  10. Stu

    Stug IIIG

    Excellent work Stu
  11. Hi, Thanks Guys for all the interest. Sarge, as for unit I'll have to confess to a big dollop of "modellers licence" as my knowledge of Panzer units is precisely zero... will be back with it when we've done helping with house move. Not sure whats more mentally challenging, building a kit or putting up curtain rails stu
  12. Hi, Thank you all for the comments. As for the finish it's a mix of both. The green and brown camouflage colours and spots were hand painted, and it shows close up, nothing like Plastix's hand painting. The colours then look appear strong, harsh and looked plain wrong. After a coat of gloss acrylic varnish to seal the finish I toned them all down firstly with a thin coat of Tamiya buff and then a wash of thinned Humbrol Dk Earth applied with a brush. Still some more to do. Hope this explains things. Cheers Stu
  13. Hi, With Dave metaphorically giving advice and encouragement from the sidelines we have come to this. And apologies for the pics. My ancient digital camera has finally packed it all in and these are from my cheapo smartphone. As you can see things have moved on a bit. A certain amount of weathering done and I've still got to tackle the track and spare links which I'm not looking forward to to be honest. Things will come to a bit of a halt now as Number 1 daughter and family move home the end of the week and we, myself and the boss, have been invited to assist........! So thanks for the comments and encouragement and as always any comments, good or bad as I won't offended as it's a bit of a learning curve, appreciated. Now off to charge some battery packs :-) Cheers Stu