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  1. I feel your pain and I've run into the same situation with the axles and the wheels. I basically just drilled them out more and finally got them to fit. As much as I love the miniart T-55 line, I think for this scale they over engineered a lot of the vehicle too much. It doesn't have to be clunky, but make it more simplified. I thought that Tamiya did a great job on the suspension on theres that they did about 17 years ago. Not too over worked, but just enough nice detail
  2. Looks great! Only issue I see and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but those leaf springs on the rear suspension are upside down. Hopefully you can reverse them if they are not glued in place.
  3. Looks great!! Will you be drilling out the headlamps or just keeping them the way they are?
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