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  1. If not too late, here a walkaround http://www.renaissance-models.com/Avions/Photoscopes/smb2.htm And here, a big correction: http://www.renaissance-models.com/Avions/rf48046.htm Good modeling
  2. Nice project, happy to see another stirling build
  3. Nicely painted, so beautiful Fversion
  4. I like your work, it will be a nice 109
  5. Thank's for your help, it's not a problem to wait, I'm not at this step again. On page 30 of 4+ publication, we can see the fixation on fuselage side, seemed to be screwed in. Think we have the same system on the folded wing, but where? at 2/3 of the wing spar? regards
  6. Hello all, For my wyvern, I want to show it with wings folded. Anyone got a pic or technical view of the emplacements and fixations (karman and wing) of the tool for long folded time. For a better view, you can see see what I mean on this seafire, tool in red: I've a screenshot of a pic about a wyvern showing this tool, but it's quality is bad. Any information about this tool will be helpful Thank's a lot
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