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  1. Fairly new here (obviously as my post count suggests) and just started my very first model since I was about 13 (over 35 years ago) an Avro Vulcan (the Airfix 1.72 Vulcan to the Sky Set bought as a Christmas Present by the wife) - now, that is proving to be quite the project and with all the filling, sanding and scribing involved I feel like i've made very little progress... So in search of instant gratification...or at the very least a model I can build, paint and finish quickly...I purchased the smaller and ostensibly easier Airfix 1.72 Vampire T.11 - an aircraft dear to my heart as there was an abandoned one parked on the grass outside the ATC hut where I lived as a kid...and we used to clamber all over it before "Parkey" chased us off! Box Smaller and obviously at first glance likely to cause less trouble! Better fit and finish, recessed panel lines, nice decals...its obviously a far better quality model! First steps...prepare and paint the cockpit and fuselage nacelle Cockpit1 Airbrush it a nice even Black Cockpit2 Then finish off by painting a little detail, drybrushing with silver and adding a little aftermarket "help" Cockpit3 Cockpit4 Quite pleased so far - next step to do some of the large part assembly, get it fitted, filled and sanded...who knows I might get this completed in short order...which will be very satisfying!
  2. A little bit of work - didn't put too much effort into the cockpit as it'll barely be seen through the Vulcans "porthole" style cockpit! That said...waht looked very neat to my (extremely poor) eyes looks a whole different thing when zoomed in on a photo! Time to tackle the Engine Intakes next!
  3. Looking great...got this model on my "to do" list...will follow progress with interest!
  4. I've acquired a set of the Freightdog Resin Tailpipes for the 201 engines...though I confess the idea of sawing off the existing ones and replacing is still a little daunting at this stage!
  5. Well, whilst i know these forums are a showcase of skill, knowledge, dedication and talent - there's no point joining if I'm not going to participate! Just for context - I haven't made a model for over 35 years...I used to bash 'em out in a day and not bother painting them! Wife bought me a kit for Christmas...and I can't help but feel the man in the model shop saw her coming when he sold her the (in) famous Airfix Vulcan in 1/72 scale...i've already read a few horror stories about the model...and even my limited experience is enough to know...its poorly made, poorly fitting and poorly finished... I've had to do alot of trimming and filing of waste plastic around the edge of the parts...and i've only just started! Anyway...its taken me a while to acquire all the "kit" I need to make it (whats wrong with a tube of cement and dads Stanley knife) and there's so much i've never seen before - let alone used...most important being an airbrush/compressor combo...that will no doubt take some mastering... So made a start on it today after the Royal Mail delivered the last of my "must haves" I've removed and trimmed/sanded the first few parts...and given them a coat of paint prior to assembly... Box WIP1
  6. Hehe...glad its not just me returning after a 30+ year gap...welcome to the Forum and enjoy your modelling!
  7. I'm just coming back after a 30+ year lay-off myself...and working on a Vulcan Model Happy Modelling... You must be doing something right if its on display at the Museum
  8. New member from the East Midlands...haven't made a model for what I reckon to be 36 years!!! When I used to make a kit in a day and not bother painting it!!! Have been promising I'd make a model for ages...and was bought the Airfix 1/72 Scale Vulcan as a Christmas Present... What a can of worms that looks to be... Not only have I had to acquire all the Glues, Fillers, Paints, Tools, Airbrush etc etc a modeller needs from Scratch to start it... BUT, it also turns out it looks like possibly the WORST model for a raw beginner LOL...plenty of filing filling and scribing before its ready to go... Looking forward to the challenge though I might have to run an "easier" project alongside it to reduce the frustration factor LOL! Looking forward to returning to the hobby and seeing my skills improve! https://photos.app.goo.gl/New6DnM3z8Kzq6mA7
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