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  1. Fairly new here (obviously as my post count suggests) and just started my very first model since I was about 13 (over 35 years ago) an Avro Vulcan (the Airfix 1.72 Vulcan to the Sky Set bought as a Christmas Present by the wife) - now, that is proving to be quite the project and with all the filling, sanding and scribing involved I feel like i've made very little progress... So in search of instant gratification...or at the very least a model I can build, paint and finish quickly...I purchased the smaller and ostensibly easier Airfix 1.72 Vampire T.11 - an aircraft dear to my heart as the
  2. A little bit of work - didn't put too much effort into the cockpit as it'll barely be seen through the Vulcans "porthole" style cockpit! That said...waht looked very neat to my (extremely poor) eyes looks a whole different thing when zoomed in on a photo! Time to tackle the Engine Intakes next!
  3. Looking great...got this model on my "to do" list...will follow progress with interest!
  4. I've acquired a set of the Freightdog Resin Tailpipes for the 201 engines...though I confess the idea of sawing off the existing ones and replacing is still a little daunting at this stage!
  5. Well, whilst i know these forums are a showcase of skill, knowledge, dedication and talent - there's no point joining if I'm not going to participate! Just for context - I haven't made a model for over 35 years...I used to bash 'em out in a day and not bother painting them! Wife bought me a kit for Christmas...and I can't help but feel the man in the model shop saw her coming when he sold her the (in) famous Airfix Vulcan in 1/72 scale...i've already read a few horror stories about the model...and even my limited experience is enough to know...its poorly made, poorly fitting and poor
  6. Hehe...glad its not just me returning after a 30+ year gap...welcome to the Forum and enjoy your modelling!
  7. I'm just coming back after a 30+ year lay-off myself...and working on a Vulcan Model Happy Modelling... You must be doing something right if its on display at the Museum
  8. New member from the East Midlands...haven't made a model for what I reckon to be 36 years!!! When I used to make a kit in a day and not bother painting it!!! Have been promising I'd make a model for ages...and was bought the Airfix 1/72 Scale Vulcan as a Christmas Present... What a can of worms that looks to be... Not only have I had to acquire all the Glues, Fillers, Paints, Tools, Airbrush etc etc a modeller needs from Scratch to start it... BUT, it also turns out it looks like possibly the WORST model for a raw beginner LOL...plenty of filing filling and scribing before
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