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  1. Well said! I totally agree, as I did for my Jaguar desert storm. Useless faffing around with specific nuances of pink.
  2. hi man, congrats for your work. Since I've been restoring my old one by Matchbox (made around in early 80s) and eager to paint it like yours, could you tell me which grey did you use? regards from italy
  3. i took advantage of their spare parts service and I found it useful but somehow ridiculous. Considering i'm italian and living around 140km from the factory, it took more than 3 weeks to receive one envelope with decals (3 weeks of journey, is it clear?) for the usual 8€. A normal letter takes 2days on average..... They don't explain why if you try to ask for. I had also to pay for some transparent parts of a F117 actually arrived with the rest of the kit (20 years ago) but totally broken or badly moulded. I put apart the kit until 2 years ago when I bought the parts.
  4. Fantastic, thanks. But you said it would have been better to prime in white, wouldn't you? Last question: how is painted the lower parte, the belly? Same as above?
  5. it's marvellous. I have to restore an old 1/72 by matchbox and I'd like to adopt your paint scheme. So, basically, the base is a metallic grey lightened a bit so, basically, the base is a metallic gray, lightened a bit. Correct? I have been restoring a 1-72 matchbox and I want to reply your scheme. The yellow has been somehow darkened? Wich way? Fantastic job anyway
  6. Indeed! All true. In the middle 80's I bought one and I still have it in perfect conditions so that I decided to restore it. Thanks to your post I've noticed that the brakes were drilled. I didn't know. So I'm going to make holes... At the moment I have just one pic but I don't know how to put it in. I don't have an URL... I also have a F14 by Monogram, fortunately never completed at the time (1990) but just recently using proper tools such as airbrush and stuff
  7. excuse me but is this the colour of the interiors?
  8. As far as I've understood ( I'm italian) I totally agree with you. My critique Is about the piece which should fix the wrong rear part of fouselage. It's noticeable only with a microscope.
  9. Nothing Witness. I say thanks but they are not worthy to me
  10. I wouldnt buy them even if I were rolling in It.
  11. thank you Witness. So, they make 25$ and 15$ for shipment.... With 33€ I buy a Tomcat 1:48 with decals for 2...... In my shoes, what would you do???
  12. hi friends, Giuseppe from Italy. I'm finishing an old Monogram 48 F14 Tomcat with a very poor decals set. I've opted out for a three colours scheme, low viz. I'm not able to find on the market some decent decals sheet. Can you suggest some maker? than k you
  13. it's the thing I cannot stand in modelling! I challenge everybody to notice the ridicuolus error in the original ZM profile compared to the supposed right one. I repeat: it's ridicuolus. And in order to reach that perfection, a modeller should spend, sometimes, like another whole model kit. For heaven's sake, everybody is free to buy whatever, but in my opinion the makers have reached absurd levels that I'll never indulge. Come on! Sorry for my English, I'm from Italy and I love interacting with british friends.
  14. I was a humbrol clear varnish victim too. Few minutes after spraying over a wonderful blu Bugatti, it looked wonderful. Some days after I noticed a kind of web over the paint, like cracks in the transparent layer. Like a giraffe's effect. Godawful! And goddamned humbrol!
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