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  1. Well I don't know Dad, how you could possibly be so selfish as to go on holiday when you've got thousands of poor saps like me hanging onto every word and piccie I just don't know!
  2. I've been following this build avidly. Just got my Lusty, the 'Gift Pack' one and, having watched this topic and others on the net I was very worried about warping etc. Cut the main hull parts out and stuck them together with masking tape. The sides were VERY warped but when I had the taping finished, it all seemed to pull together very well, very surprised! No big gap or warpage evident under the ski jump or at the back. Thank god for small mercies eh? Keep it going that man, your doing a wonderful job>
  3. Thanks Edgar! I thought it would have to be around there somewhere! Verifies what he said then. As to colour, he said 'it was about the same as that', pointing to a very old, dark spanner. So, looks like very dark NM for me then.
  4. Many years ago, when I were a lad, I worked beside a guy who flew Spits. I remember asking him about the crowbar and he said they always called it 'the dinghy slasher' because, according to him, the dinghy's sometimes started inflating and would end up shoving the stick forward so they used 'the dinghy slasher to burst it. No idea if this was a 'tale' or if it was reality, especially as I don't know where the dinghy was stored.
  5. Thanks for the replies lads! I've actually just stuck all the cockpit parts together and, trying them inside the fuselage and imagining the 'coal hole' black I can now see the point of not bothering with aftermarket. Once the lids are on, in the closed position, it's only the tops of the seats that will be seen. Just going to go with it--thanks again lads.
  6. As topic, anyone used the Aires and /or The Pavla set? Thinking of getting one of them but--is the fit ok? Is there a lot of sanding/cutting to fit them in? Are they worth it? Any advice would be much appreciated lads.
  7. Here you go oily, Note the date on the inspection card in pic. 3! They also produced a metal tube for slipping into the paint pot to increase the amount of paint you could use, still got that somewhere too. After a bit of practising, the first job I did with it was Otaki's 1/200 Yamato! Hull, decks and superstructure, what a set of lovely headaches I had after that!! That big boat is still available sometimes from other manufacturers but Otaki was the original, I've still got the instructions somewhere, amssive thing!!
  8. Yup, it was way back in the, (very), old days, 1982 I believe. I think it was one of the very first single action, 'proper', airbrushes. I'll take a couple of pics tomorrow for you.
  9. Ok, I'll answer my own question, whilst appearing a pillock. When I got my new Badger, I found that the propellant can connector had to be screwed on to a connector on the hose. This thread was very small and fine, probably 1/8" BSP. I never once thought to check the thread on the new propellant cans, just had this small thread in my mind. I did try my Studio 1 but the thread just would not engage. Different thread thought I disgustedly, why change what was a standard thread? Threw the Studio 1 back in it's box and forgot about it till yesterday, hence my question. Now, dug it out today to have a play around and see how I could maybe rig something up---spotted the connector thread was burred over, filed that clear and then---BRAINWAVE!!--tried it on a propellant can and---IT FITS!! Whooo-hooo! Now, the pillock bit comes from the fact that I spent 30 plus years in engineering, time served etc. And I never once thought to check for thread damage----Jings!! Apologies to all for the time wasting. PS. Tried the old airbrush--works perfectly, what can I say eh?
  10. Hello all. Got a problem, as title. It's the old, Humbrol single action airbrush with a slide on top. I used to use it way, (way), back using propellant cans. Now, I'd like to use this again for general, quick work instead of my badger single action. Trouble is that the propellant can connector has a much bigger thread than that on modern cans. Looks like a BSP thread. Does anyone know of an adaptor I could get or some other method of conversion to allow me to use the thing? It was a great 'brush in the old days for quick and dirty, small jobs and I really would like to use it again. Many thanks in advance for any help lads. Edit--Just remembered it's the Studio 1
  11. Cheers Mark, just what I was looking for mate That's why I love this forum, help comes when you need it, great stuff. Thanks again mate.
  12. Would any of you lot be able to enlighten me as to when those wheel bulges on Spitfire upper wings were actually used from? I've just purchased 7 1/48 Spit. kits from various manufacturers, (one of them being Tamiya's rather nice Mk I which HAS wheel bulges. On a Mk I?), a total of 4 of these kits have them. As far as I know, wheel bulges came post war but I ain't no expert by any means. I would be grateful if someone could tell me the correct configurations before I take sander to plastic. Many thanks in advance lads
  13. Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Much appreciated. Adam, I'll follow your advice and see how it comes out. Thanks again.
  14. Ah, right. Thanks Jonathan. That explains it. Wonder why they don't mention this on the box? Odd.
  15. Just got Airfix's spitfire as title. Now, it's one of the older style boxings, the Kit Ref. No. on the end of the box is A05113. When I picked up the box it seemed rather full for a 1/48 Spit., and this was obviously, as I found out on opening, because as well as the kit parts all together in one plastic bag, there was another bag with three sprues in it. A casual glance at the instructions seemed to show no callouts for the parts in the extra bag. They comprise of 2 wing tops with no bulges and 2 holes for cannon apparently, 3 sets of wing tips, clipped, standard and pointy extended ones. Also 4 blade prop, cannon barrels, flaps, undercarriage legs, pointy spinner, 4 upper wing panels, 2 with large central bulges and 2 with offset smaller bulges. A no of other parts including underside cowling and 2 exhausts. Anyone know if they should be there or are from some other Spit version perhaps? The bag has a small paper label with numbers as below ----- MIC07 P88772 C631 42 312 Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry I haven't answered sooner---been flat out with the flu Lovely Ju 88 by the way!
  17. Just a quick question about the aerial wires as title, namely how many are there and what are the attachment points to the fuselage. In Revell's instructions, they show one horizontal wire from the vertical tail to the radio mast---fine---but, they also show a vertical wire going to some point on the fuselage. (Top?) I also have AIMS decal set no D0001 which shows another wire, originating from the horizontal wire, just in front of the fin, at an angle forwards, to some point on the fuselage, (Top?) -- (again) Sooo, I'm a bit confused---one vertical wire going where, or a vertical wire plus an angled one going--wait for it----where!! Any help would be most appreciated.
  18. Thanks for that Stephen. Just one question---any warpage on the main parts, especially the wings? As they are so narrow and long I suspect they are prime candidates for a bit of up and down. Thanks again mate.
  19. I've got all of these sets bar the wing tanks. Utterly superb mouldings! I do have one question tho' regarding the fuselage formation lights--these are moulded, as can be seen, on a single moulding block--my question---where should I cut them off? At the moulding block or just behind the moulded lens? If the moulding block, one would be left with a protruding stub--if behind the lens---much easier to clean up, perhaps drill a little dimple to simulate the bulb on the inside face. It would seem more sensible, if not obvious to most people but hey, bear with me here, I'm getting on a bit you know!!
  20. They make sets for both. And, yes, it does matter if only 'cos Hasegawa put the escape hatch in the wrong place
  21. Whoah! That's the largest number of posts I've ever had on a topic I started! Do I get a prize or summit? I think the major thing about all those posts is not what subject people would like to see but the, (apparent), growth of belief that Airfix are now back with a bang and are quite capable of producing them. Something I heartily agree with. It's terrific that we can sit and discuss Airfix's future possibles, when it's not that long ago we were discussing their demise! Back to topic---although my heart says Beaufighter, my head says Spitfire. The old one is now what, 40 odd years old? Time for a noo one. (without Trumpies bullet holes all over the place). Keep em coming
  22. I've been playing about with my Airfix Mossie, mainly working on the cockpit, (all those little round attachment pads!!), and, as one does, was musing about what Airfix could produce for there next 1/24 biggie. After much musing, punching out little circles of card,---losing same to the carpet---punching out more little circles of etc, etc. I've come to the conclusion that the perfect answer would be a--wait for it--- a Beaufighter!! After all, they are of similar size and both have twin engines plus, given the Beau's engines are less detailed the greatest amount of detail would be the fuselage interior, something that is sadly missing from Revells venerable old 1/32 issue. Any thoughts?
  23. Right Andy---I'm ready I'll bring the Soy sauce That undercarriage set looks rather nice---wot colour would that be Andy?
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