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  1. Here's my build log of the Bandai 144 scale AT-AT that I will build with a red light in the cockpit. https://geekjournal.ch/bandai-at-at-with-led-lighting/
  2. Hi Rob - thanks a lot for your answer. I will google for reed switches - thanks for the tip. The problem I have is that indeed there is a lot of space on the inside but almost no area usable area where a hole can be cut from the inside out / or from the outside in - in order to place a small switch without messing up the appearance of the model.
  3. Hi everyone - I am in the process of building the 144 Scale AT-AT model from Bandai. I have placed a LED inside the walkers head and have wired it all the way into the main body. I was originally planning to use a small physical switch to turn the lights on and off but am having a hard time finding a spot where I can actually place the switch. Now I have seen that some model builders are using magnetic switches that turn LEDs on and off when a magnet is placed in its vicinity. I would like to do this but googling the topic has so far been unsuccessful. Is anybody out there that could help me w
  4. Hi John - Hmm - I checked the instructions again as well as the image at the front of the instructions and it seems like my setup is correct. The stand will only fit into the base one way and the connectors on top of the stand also only fit into the main hull one way. You can't turn the enterprise around the other way on the stand.
  5. Hi everyone - I finished my USS Enterprise build this weekend. This has been my first model after 30 years and even though I think it turned out ok, I wish I could go back to change these things: - Get rid of the silver shine on the larger decals. Stock Revell decal softener had no visible effect. Any tips ? - The nacelles seem to droop to the rear slightly too much. I found no way to easily correct this. Link to a video and more images: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-13-endgame/
  6. USS Enterprise light leakage test: Detailed blog entry here: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-12-light-leakage/
  7. I'm almost done with my Enterprise Build - here's an update: https://geekjournal.ch/uss-enterprise-model-build-part-10-assembly/
  8. Yes I am fortunate to say that I've been cancer free for one year now : ) But I'll have regular checks every 6 months for at least another 3 years.
  9. Thanks Jake - I am just a 49 year old beginner and it's good to see that I'm at least off for a good start : )
  10. is this the one with the integrated lights and sounds ?
  11. Here are some pictures of the Viper MK II model I built two years ago while going through chemo therapy. Was a great way to take my mind off things : ) More pictures here: https://geekjournal.ch/battlestar-galactica-viper-mk-ii/
  12. Hi everyone - Here's a small build log of the BSG Cylon Centurion I built this last December. In hindsight I should have added moving LED lights....... https://geekjournal.ch/cylon-centurion-model-build-part-1/
  13. Wow - looks great. If my model comes out looking like yours I'll be happy ! : )
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