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  1. Hi everyone My first jet in yonks, and in a scale I rarely reach up to - but my ageing hands and eyes are somewhat thankful. I must admit that I did not know this plane existed before buying the kit, which I did based entirely on the aesthetic of the artwork on the box. If Wikipedia is anywhere near correct, this light attack jet was developed by Brazil and Italy, and is currently operational in both those countries. I think it looks neat... for a jet, anyway. I also have the two seat version, which I hope to do a better job with.
  2. It’s not really my intention to finish a couple of Vipers each year, but the previous Mark VII’s were all I managed last year, and to kick off this year, here are the Mark II’s. The finished product is not quite as nice as I had envisaged in my minds eye (due to my lack of skill), but they are neat looking spacecraft. I have no idea how a spaceship might weather, so the dirt and grime are just my imaginings. And here with their younger siblings... And just for scale size reference (1/72) with an older carrier based aircraft. These things really are pilots
  3. My choices for New Years resolution were to lose 5kg or finish a model. Here are two Vipers from Galactica’s airwing, a nice two-for-one kit from Moebius and all of 15cm in length. Plenty of blemishes on my part, but kinda happy to have something finished after a long hiatus from the hobby.
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