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  1. Awsome choice I have it on my to do list as well there are some great after market flap, cockpit and airbrake kits. I was able to negotiate a deal with another modeller on this site for the afterburner decal set " Jammin Jihad" I like the three tone gray or desert scheme. I am starting a TA-4J Adversaries Bandits in a five color scheme that will challange  my masking skills. Ill be following your profile happy modeling if your looking for anything I have a stash of some F-117 upgrades and an Academy F-117 1:48 kit. I can photograph for you. I also have an unbuilt Kitty Hawk F-35A and an Italeri EA-18G growler collecting dust I dont plan to build.

  2. When you get to the camouflage scheme may I suggest you use a mask or masking putty. I think those colors are will loose their individuality with too soft of an edge. I had this problem on an A-1 Skyraider at 1:48 and found masking improved the final finish tremendously. 


    I mean really and I have argued this point if you reduce any sprayed on scheme from 1:1 to 1:48 the scale would be representative of an almost unfeathered edge. Many good models have been ruined by out of scale airbrushing.

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  3. Wow thats ambitious detailing making moving parts, soldering tubing is an aquired skill it will be very interesting to see how the parts function alot of dry fitting and testing for sure. I guess you could continue on trying to get all the flaps ect to move that would be impressive. Looking to the RC planes for how they rig control surfaces might give you an insight into making yours work at smaller scale.

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  4. Got alot done this weekend on the fire scout. Filling and sanding adding all the little pieces. This kit is like glass super fragile I can't list all the parts that broke while painting and sanding.





    The aft section looking at photos was missing alot of rivet details so I broke out the rivet decals.




    So because this is a small model after I did the Vallejo light ghost gray primer I noticed that the model without pre shading was extremely boring. So I preshaded NATO black and mist coated Dark Ghosts gray then cut in on the larger surface with light ghost gray. I used Vallejo light gray wash to pick up the panel lines then some gray pigment powder. I sprayed with vallejo satin varnish then applied the decals which are very good quality.




    Next is the Remove before flight covers and rotor tie downs. Oh also a final coat of satin varnish and running lights.

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  5. Tonight stared getting into this kit looking at detailed photos there are many corrections that will need to be made along the way. 



    This kind of moulding mistake is almost unforgivable I mean common for the price this is not acceptable. So ill have to cut it and fill it and shape it.


    Cut off the bottom and ill sand it down we will see if that works.



    Sanded, reglued and puttied.



    Lined up ill let it dry overnight and sand it out tomorrow.


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  6. After allot of posts I had another member comment that it was too bad my photos were not larger. I tried in the post to enlarge the photo but I dont think thats the issue as i didnt see any options. I would appreciate some help with this techy issue.


    Photo details says 3246 x 2488 avg 2.13 MB

  7. Thats looking good be careful on your weathering dont go overboard stick with what the photos are showing you. If you have a spare wing from another model paint it the same way and use it to trial your weathering and decals. Both can make or break a good build. If your paint is too flat and your decals are silvering try a coat of Vallejo satin clear over your weathering then apply decals. Every decal set acts differently so do trials it will save you from the " want to fly this thing into the wall" moment. 

  8. Finally finished and ready to post to final inspection in a few days. Just making some pallets for the engine cowling and assemmbling intake covers, engine covers, ladder and bench. I also did an upgrade to the maintenance cart from photos.







    Laying everything out for the first time thinking about a proper diorama base.









    In conclusion the Great Wall Hobby kit was a pleasure no surprises this kit would look good painted in any scheme. Adding the Eduard detail sets went very smooth and well worth the cost. Surface detail on this model is the best I have ever seen every rivet and seam is detailed. The paint job although very time consuming was a nice challenge as I havent seen anyone else do this digital scheme by hand in 1:48 before on a Mig 29. Next I am onto an even more challenging build with an even more complex paint scheme.

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  9. I tripped across this kit looking for carrier deck parts and thought it would be a unique build.



    Did some reading up on the drone and found out an interest combat proven history in recent conflicts.








    This Brengun kit in 1/48th on first look has nice surface detail it will take some careful cutting to get the parts off the carrier sprune. 














    Plans are very straight forward should be a good build I havent done a kit like this in a non traditional format.







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