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  1. After all the tape was off I am very happy with the finish. looking at the photos there is light weathing of course. and Ill have to make a mask for the tail numbers. I have a few more parts to finish the camo on and some cutting in to paint the nose, stabalizer tips other small parts.
  2. Tonight final coat of paint and the big reveal, so far I am happy with the results. After two weeks of masking it will take a few hours to unmask. There are bound to be a few touch ups.
  3. That is an insane amount of detail wow show stopper.
  4. I tripped across this kit looking for carrier deck parts and thought it would be a unique build. Did some reading up on the drone and found out an interest combat proven history in recent conflicts. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_Grumman_MQ-8_Fire_Scout This Brengun kit in 1/48th on first look has nice surface detail it will take some careful cutting to get the parts off the carrier sprune. Plans are very straight forward should be a good build I havent done a kit like this in a non traditional format.
  5. That looks good just the right amount of detail its hard to say when to stop. You can go poor buying photo etch sets and upgrade kits I did an F-35B I think you'll be interested in had a great time frustrating thing is a mask set came out the next year. Keep up the hard work you gain skills for the next challenge.
  6. Your build is right up my alley we build the same way. I like your attention to the kits short falls and going to the extra lengths to scratch build parts and add on PE. I think Js works does a F-22 camo mask you should check out. Look forward to seeing the finished Jet.
  7. Just finished the first layer of masking next I'll spray the mid gray shade do even more masking then the lightest shade. If your interested in doing this scheme it's a commitment I have come this far so I have to see how it ends lol. I love a challenge the more difficult the better.
  8. Tonight was night number four working on the first layer for the digital scheme. I have to say what was I thinking this by far the most challenging scheme I have ever tackled. I am pulling out every trick to duplicate the scheme. I have blown up a copy of the Ukrainian pixel pattern to 1/48th and hand cut the patterns along with adding little squares everywhere. Darkest shade applied for masking off. 16 hours in aarrgg!
  9. I am reaching out to the ship modelers to see if anyone out there has some detailed drawings or photos of the Nimitz kit they have built that shows the beams and rail structure around the aft deck specific to the area to the left of the starboard aft evevator. I am making a deck section in 1:48th so dimentions or any links to good resouces would be appreciated. Also sharing some photos of you kits details and some measurement would help if your willing to work with me. Cheers Dave
  10. Hey John are you going to add any after market detail?
  11. HH-60H “Rescue Hawk” is a derivative that specialises in combat search and rescue (CSAR) and naval special warfare (NSW). It operates side by side with the SH-60F from aircraft carriers, and incorporates a nose-mounted FLIR turret. I have seen several Sea hawks almost always in standard grey while researching the aircraft i stumbled upon this unique one time one aircraft blue and gray camouflage scheme. Kit and supplies used Italeri 1/48 HH-60 Seahawk Eduards- HH-60 Exterior detail set 48658 Eduards- HH-60 Interior detail set 48496 Authentic decals-HH-60 Ocean hawk, Rescue hawk #48-21 Wolfpack-HH-60 folding tail set #48125 Blackdog HH-60 Cabin detail set A48010 Skunkmodels HH-60H upgrade set Archer-resin rivet heads .043-.098 Paint and supplis Vallejo-73.645 Primer black Vallejo-71.276 USAF Light Gray FS36495-underside/belly Vallejo-73.276 USN Light Ghost Gray FS36375 Vallejo-71.332 Underside blue Faded FS35450-camouflage Vallejo-76.515 Light Gray wash Vallejo-76.518 Black wash Vallejo-77.724 Metal color-silver Vallejo-77.725 Metal color-gold XF-85 Rubber Black AK Interactive Utra Matt varnish I originally was going to use the Skunkworks kit however quickly discovered it was sold out everywhere it would have eliminated most of the expansion packs I needed to convert the Italeri kit to a true HH-60H. CONSTRUCTION Black dog interior set was assembled and painted the interior kit although detailed suffers from mould creep and is in need of retooling the fit was very warped and I had to bash it to get it to fit properly into the model shell so much fitting cutting, fitting cutting. Anti slip protection strips were custom added to the floor pan. Interior upgrade set assembled prior to inserting into model shell. lastly for the interior was the door details I added some build up that was missing from the kit door to photo references I tried to find an upgrade set for the rotor head but so far does not exist in 1:48 so it was onto doing some scratch building from the best photos I could find. I used jewellery plastic cord which is very loose and flexible .5mm . There were a few PE parts for the rotor head in the Eduards exterior kit what was lacking is the detail for the coupling and shackles when the blades are in the folded back position. I spent two weeks applying the extensive Eduards exterior detail set in conjunction with the skunkmodels upgrade set and the Wolfpack folding tail. These are the best rivets in a decal sheet just cut and apply like any decal they are raised so when painted over get that ultra realistic look. Painting and weathering Here is the homework on the proper colors and camouflage pattern I found on the web. I did up some swatches to check the accuracy. The blue is FS 15044 MR hobby colour originally listed that I found on a 1/144 scale HH-60 kit instructions is cross referenced to Vallejo FS 35450 faded blue. First coat over pre shaded primer black. I decided to forgo the AK masking putty that I used on my previous F-18D project I was not happy with the performance. I moved onto Royal Le-page Blue Tack its cheap easy to cut doesn't move over time and provides a smooth curved line with no residue. Once removed I wash it in a bath of 50/50 water and Windex then let it dry remould and reuse its awsome. The next hurdle in this project was the custom tail markings as no decals exist for the matching color markings so I photo copied the decal sheet to get the right scale then used masking film to hand cut a mask. I could have made a custom decal but matching the colour would have been a nightmare I did this in about an hour and I think it turned out for the best. Applying the folding tail Should be finished in a about a week final paint touch ups, weathering, decals and matt varnish. The decals by Authentic from the few I used were a nightmare they disintegrated when wet so I had to put a coat of Microsol decal film to rescue the rest. I had to reorder the set to get the ones that got destroyed back that are key like the " danger air intake". Worked on the folding blade restraints today from some good ref photos another item that is not out on the market. It takes many tries and patients to dry fit the parts to get the right lengths but the work is worth the effort. After fit is done I tacked everything together with glue let set then removed, airbrushed and reset into place.
  12. Wow love the scheme....patient's decals are a modelers attribute to the craft well done.
  13. Its not often I stop and am taken by a model but yours has a blend of attention to proper weathering, subtle paint techniques and its obviously...and it doesnt appear too often that you see real craftsmanship, care and attention to details. Look forward to seeing your next build.
  14. Just an message touch base I took your comment to heart and did alot of photo reference research on the Mig-29 engine bay. So nose to the work bench fitting, building, checking. Hope you like the result tonight I'll prime it out then paint all the pipes and wiring.





    Take care be safe



    1. exdraken



      Incredible work!

  15. Did some work this weekend on the engine bay as I want to have one out inn the maintenance cart and one in with the cover off. I did my best from photos using styrene, spare PE parts and various gauged wire.
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