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  1. You may have to heat the copper up just a little so that it will maintain the curve of the drum.
  2. You continue to amaze me with your expertise, will be following with anticipation of another great learning experience.
  3. Hello Rich, Have you thought of using Scaledecks (https://www.scaledecks.eu/shop339226f0/Wood-Deck-for-1-350-HMS-King-George-V-fits-Tamiya-kit-p163982072) instead of the Pontos? This is from a European shop that does not charge VAT, according to their site. I can say Scaledecks products are very good.
  4. Fantastic detail work !! An exceptional model.
  5. First, I really like your build. Second, I am happy that you are recovering, even thou you seem to have injured yourself in the process, don't do it again. Third enjoy your up coming holidays.
  6. I see that the combat load is a multi-national crew!. Great work so far.
  7. Dmitriy, Great work so far, really like the photo of the 'ship' outside the house! Have any of your friends come by to see it? Looking forward to your progress.
  8. Not to cause any problems, you might like to watch this, start at approximately 6:17. He discusses two methods that he tried.
  9. Make it easy on you, joint thread, looking forward to the photos of the TAIHO.
  10. Hello, and welcome. The ship yard workers here are a great bunch and extremely helpful. Looking forward to your build.
  11. As I have this in the stash I will be following with much interest, thanks for the info on the Eduard PE. Hopefully we can find the Mk1 on sale somewhere. Looking forward to the other part of this build.
  12. Welcome aboard, your work looks very nice. Looking forward to seeing your next build, hopefully it will be a builders log.
  13. Gis, apparently you have read my mind. I am going to start the MIKASA when I finished building the Zvedas' Oriol, Suvorov, and Borodino, yup building all three at the same time. Bad move on my part! Back to the MIKASA I will be using the Eduard set, 1905. when it arrives. The only difference between the two is the addition of the masts. However, with that said I am sure some one will correct a very naive modeler. Enjoy the weekend and the build.
  14. John, thanks, it is a very interesting concept. I'll give it a try on the next build.
  15. Good Morning Jon, the best I can do for you right now is to direct you to: Red Oak Victory The first three (3) photos show where the name board is located on that type of ship. If my memory is correct, I have seen O'brien's name board in the same locations. The name board was oblong not with the corners cut out. The name boards were located on the uppermost deck attached to the railing on the port, starboard, aft, and forward.
  16. Jon, well you pick the one thing that I do not have a photo of, however, I know what you are 'talking' about. Let me check a few things out and get back to you.
  17. Jon, you are welcome, I have other photos not yet posted, let me know if there is a particular item you are looking for. Have an enjoyable weekend.
  18. If you are looking for more photos I hope these help. OBRIEN Drawing up the chair and will be following.
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