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  1. Hi Tom You're right on the money with how relaxing this hobby really is. Yeah sure it is frustrating at times but most art worth doing is. I just really admire the delicacy required to make such small items as you made and I'm wowed by your skill. My Dambuster is complete now sans the aerial lines. I'm waiting to change my mandolin strings as I think the E strings will be perfect for the cables haha. I'm also planning an airfield diorama for it, so I need to get a display case made and I'm currently working on some select vehicles from the RAF Bomber Supply set. And I also have another Lancaster to make! I've been asked to make one for a family friend whose father flew one in the war. I've been given copies of the reports and debriefs, so this is going to be quite an exciting project. And I can learn from all the mistakes I made with the Dambuster! Weathering is a tricky thing. How much is too much etc. I'm into this hobby for the history and the relaxation it provides me, otherwise I really don't know much about planes. I didn't weather the Dambuster too much compared to the Spitfires I did last year. I always feel there's a fine line, but as with most things, open to interpretation.
  2. Hi Grzegorz, yes I am indeed interested in ocarinas - as a matter of fact, I make them! I've been making ceramic ocarinas since 2010 and I make models when it's too cold over winter to make ocarinas in my workshop. Thanks for the video, I hadn't seen this chap before and this is absolutely wonderful! Do you know the player personally? Does he ever attend the Ocarina Festival in Budrio, Italy?
  3. Hey Stever, sorry for the late reply I completely missed replies to this post as I've been busy away from the forum. St Margaret's is a beautiful village and I cycle there often or walk along the Saxon Shoreway on the cliffs to the War Memorial. I am currently living in a village just a short way along from there but will hopefully be moving to Dover. I'm curious as to when you worked for Customs and Excise as my dad was an officer there for about thirty years. I myself am an officer in Border Force now, following in my father's and my brother's footsteps. The war tunnel tour at the castle has changed a lot over the years. Every time someone comes to visit me I make sure to take them to the castle as it's always such a wonder to behold. The overhead narration of a pilot being rushed to the underground hospital was taken out for a time and replaced by a quite awful actor duo (nurse and pilot) which was far too comedic for my tastes and detracted from the seriousness of it all. Thankfully the next time I took a friend there they reverted back to the old audio, and as far as I'm aware they're still using it. I find it very atmospheric and a fantastic experience.
  4. Late to your updates again but wow, this is the best Dambuster Lancaster model I have ever clapped eyes on (and I've been researching a lot for my own build). You've really made something special here, a wonderful tribute. Thankyou again for posting your progress and particularly introducing me to the filtering technique. Being so new to modelling I hadn't heard of it before. I tried it out on my own but suffice to say I don't think I got as good an effect as yours. I also had particular problems with chalk weathering on the black undersides where once a finish is applied it disappears. I had this problem with a Spitfire I did last year and just re-did the chalk again without adding a finish over it. Anyway, I can't say enough how helpful you have been to a new(ish) modeller and I applaud your attention to detail. All the extras in the interior really make your model unique and extremely special. I especially love all the radio gear, map holders and the ammunition you created to really bring it to life. How you managed to create such objects at such small scale is beyond me! Well done indeed sir.
  5. Hi Tom, I'm a newly registered member and new to modelling but I've been watching this build with great interest for a while now. I pre-ordered this kit last year and made a start on it in Autumn. I've been absolutely fascinated by the huge attention to detail you've put into this model (especially the interior). It really has been inspiring and I've appreciated your comments on the kit parts along the way. I'm more or less at the same stage as you, I've just done the panel lines on the top of the Lancaster with the undersides and weathering yet to do. Oh and to attach the gun turrets and final finish. I've slowed down a little now that everything has more or less come together and I haven't got a million tiny pieces floating loose around the place. Your build is absolutely stunning and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Keep up the fantastic work! And thankyou for sharing your process on here and unknowingly giving guidance to a new modeller Regards, Jade
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the warm welcome. I've lurked here for too long - I should have joined ages ago! I find myself lucky to be based where I am due to the proximity of the Hornby Visitor's Centre in Thanet. I've made a few trips over there on the motorbike for supplies. I do feel a bit of an oddity sometimes as I guess not many women get into this sort of thing? @ Jenko: Thanks for the info, I'll have a look into both clubs, shiftwork permitting. I'm over Folkestone way a lot for work, but then Manston isn't far for me either. It would be nice to get to know some folks and learn more. @Corsairfoxforuncle: Thankyou for your kindness, I am still very new to this and have been absolutely blown away by the detail put into models on this forum. Some very talented people here and it's good to know the community is a supportive one. @Baldy: Ah Eastry is a nice place, River too for that matter. I have a lot of fond childhood memories at Kearsney Abbey. As always though, the best thing about Dover is the castle, so magnificent on the cliffs. I'm a big history nut so I'm enamoured with the history there.
  7. Hi there, thanks for the add. My name is Jade and I've been browsing this very helpful site since last year when I quite unexpectedly took up building some Airfix Spitfires. Got a bit addictive so I've decided to continue making models. I'm a law enforcement officer by day/night and make ceramic musical instruments in my spare time. I decided last year that winter is too cold for making instruments in the workshop, but I can sit in the warmth of my own home making models instead. Currently working on my third model build, a Dambuster Lancaster. I love seeing the models posted on here by all you talented folk, and I look forward to seeing more. All the best, Jade
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