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  1. I do find it somewhat strange that they decided to use the Shuttle sprues instead of the usual Lanc ones.... Can't help but think they are trying to mislead us onto something as it seems too obvious. There are no anniversaries relating to the Space Shuttle in 2020 are there?
  2. Wow that brings back memories, built two of them when I was exceptionally young (one being my first finished kit ever), a very basic kit but it certainly suited my 9 year old requirements! A very good build of this kit considering you had to use only the bare necessities
  3. Thank you very much, hopefully I can get the hang of it fairly quick, doesn't matter too much here as it isn't too visible from the outside thankfully. And yes I'm back, certainly doesn't feel like my last post was over a week ago... wow Anyways, progress is as follows: You'll notice that I've attempted to preshade the aircraft, which didn't go too badly for a first attempt I think, also managed to attach most parts: You'll also note that Mr. Jim's (just a random name I'll give the pilot) seat position has been corrected, which means the cockpit can be closed now
  4. Ouch that sounds painful, makes my Iwata look like childs play . Thank you very much, hopefully I can get grips on it soon, got lots of trash models to practice on which is always nice in a way Oooh she's a stunner! Held up quite nicely over the years too by the looks of it (not sure how long they usually last before they cripple themselves to death, if at all) And update time... Oh I've been spending this last bit of holiday as wisely as possible: First off, the cockpit got painted as opposed to a decal due to the decal being quite a bit of effort on these
  5. Thank you very much, I have already cleaned off the black from the cockpit (it looks agricultural but it seems fine when I put the light grey on, assuming the oils from moulding?) And yeah I might take a trip down and get some grey to improve that, however given hobbycraft's policy for under 18's and solvents I can't see that happening soon! (Presuming I can't get tamiya because it's laquer based, haven't tried it as yet but I'm sure the warning labels will give them enough excuses ) Thankyou, slowly but surely this is coming together, not expecting this one to be wonderful howev
  6. Thank you very much, I shall keep note of that! Ah static dischargers, sounds familiar now , Cheers Oh no don't worry about it, your point is very much valid, in fact I'm very much of the mindset of "every mistake you make can help you improve", even if I do want this to look the part it isn't the end of the world if it doesn't, but thanks In fact that brings me onto my latest progress update... Got the main gear bay and wings attached to the main fuselage, however that damned extra thin decided to flow under my finger... And well: Nothing a b
  7. And for my first post I give you something you've all probably seen a million times over A bit of background, I got the modelling bug when I was about 8, received my first kits, an F-5 and an ME262, both Airfix, back then I produced some pretty nasty pieces of work, although it's to be expected at that age. I then stopped for a bit after the age of 11, dabbled with certain kits at certain times as and when I felt like it, and the bug came back to me when I was 16, just over a year ago. The particular kit I am about to show you is one which I have had for most of this time, and I'm
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