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  1. Yellow, yellow, YELLOW! Great collection
  2. Great painting & weathering! Congratulations!
  3. Thank you Colleagues for your kind words It motivates me to build next gliders
  4. Taking advantage of the "opportunity" (COVID isolation) I completed the model of the DFS Rhönbussard glider. The base was CMR resin. Attention! The set hull is too short by 4 mm. Apparently not much, but in this scale and with the size of the model it's VISIBLE. Fortunately, I was able to add the missing part This glider (reg. SP-125) was taken over and reconstucted in Poland after II World War and served 3 years. I tried to show as many moving wing elements as possible and the structure of the airfoil. I hope you will like the model
  5. Today I want to present you genuine carrier-based aircraft - Grumman Wildcat. (Un)fortunately as usually it's a "cat" without uniform Based on few photos from the Internet (easy to find - use registration number) I added some details & decals to Arma Hobby 70033 kit and tanks copied from T-33A kit. As a result agricultural plane appeared (the original was used by Butler Aviation, Redmond, Oregon in 1957-1960). I hope that you'll like the efect
  6. Great surfaces! Probably cost you a lot of work. Congrats.
  7. Looking for inspiration for a new project I found photo of Texan used as a crop duster. Searching for next photos resulted info, that this same airframe was used as... air tanker. For me it was obvious that I have a topic for a new project I bought a HobbyBoss Easy Assembly kit (sorry - only this was available), planned "some" changes and after few days (easy kit ) I can present to you my try to build Tanker #8 And at the end
  8. Colleagues, answering your questions: This particular set has some signs where ribs are BUT due to quite old forms not on every surface they're visible. For gliders produced by PZW (Sęp, Bocian, Gil, etc...) it is characteristic that spaces between ribs are... raised. I've decided to do not fight with that, not fill all surfaces but "underline" this structure by double color painting. For some other gliders (especially resin kits) I have no even this kind of support so yes, I'm using plans from books. Main are: - for gliders developed in Poland: "Konstrukcje lotnicze P
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