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  1. Very nice. The scratch built building is impressive
  2. Brilliant love the details like the record sleeves.
  3. Just about finished this Gaz Tiger-M from Zvezda. I have temporarily fitted the kit wheels & tyres but these will be replaced with the new DEF Model flat tyre set when it becomes available. It will also feature a few of the new Masterbox Ukrainian infantry figures, again when these are available. The vehicle will be displayed on a diorama as a destroyed/abandoned Russian Tiger near Kyiv. I struggled to find a green that looked right, but ended up using Hataka dark green from their MIG29 set, which seemed as close as I could get to archive pictures of vehicles knocked out near Kyiv this month. Windows were tinted using Tamiya clear green paint, and could probably have done with another coat to make them darker, but it is what it is now
  4. Superb figures . Well done and can't wait to see the finished diorama in the dio section.
  5. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your feedback. I must admit I was at a bit of loss as to what to fill the space behind the wall with, and didn't want to leave it empty as I like to be able to have dioramas viewed from different angles .I also wanted to have something more interesting than filling it with rubble etc, hence the Tempo parked in the yard(plus I really liked the unusual vehicle). The soldier on the tank was repositioned a number of times but just didn't sit right anywhere else (he was originally on the turret), so ended up where he is looking a bit lost in thought on his own :). I think if I did this one again I would make a different and more bespoke shaped base rather than rely on the rectangualr Hobbycraft frame I had to make everything fit onto. Another learning experience
  6. I have put most pictures in the diorama section of the site, but thought I would add a couple here of the tank itself. Excellent kit all round and very impressed with it. Slightly strange to get a fully detailed gun but no other internal parts for the turret, but hey ho . Other than that heartily recommended. Paint is mostly Lifecolor and Tamiya. Figures are from Stalingrad and Bronco. Also included the new 3 wheel Tempo E400 from Miniart, which again is highly recommended but a bit fiddly for big fingers!
  7. Here is my latest and most ambitious diorama to date . This scene is supposed to represent the days immediately following the end of WW2 in a town under British occupation. Local kids have of course found an abandoned tank to play on amongst the ruins, and a group of photographers from the British Army Film and Photographic Unit have come across the scene and decided to cover it (well one has anyway!). While one takes pictures, another avails himself of some refreshment and the third member of the team tries to 'liberate' an abandoned 3 wheeled Tempo goods truck found in the factory yard. King Tiger is Hobbyboss, Kids figures are from Stalingrad Figures, Tempo is a new Miniart item and the British troops are from Bronco. The factory wall an gate are from Diodump in Holland. The rest is scratch built or found in the spares box (Flak trailer/bits of Tamiya wall etc). The pond/crater is filled with clear two part resin and the ground work is made from filler and sieved garden soil. Paint is Life Color, Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. Hope you like it and welcome any comments good or bad. Photos take with smart phone as it is too big to get into my photo booth thingy!
  8. Very nice diorama, although you have miss-spelled ARNHEM on the outside of the box
  9. Thank you. :). We had plain green winter parka type coats that went over the DPM jackets (and numerous other layers!), although most had their own winter warmers as well. I used to like the US issue poncho/cape when it rained as they were huge!
  10. We were still wearing that old stuff into the mid seventies when I joined! Even up to 81 we still had 1936 pattern webbing
  11. Just about to start on the Hobbyboss 1/35 King Tiger with early Krupp/Porsche turret. Looking at a variety of period photos it seems that not all had zimmerit applied, although they may just be poor photos of course. Does anyone know if it was always applied to early Tiger II's or was there a big variation just like the camouflage colours? Ta
  12. Just a couple more pictures to show the finishing touches
  13. Thank you. I visited that cemetery back in the late 1970's when we did the Arnhem march. The history of Market Garden has always fascinated me.
  14. Likewise. It seems that just about everywhere I served has now shut down with the exception of RAF Wittering. Swinderby (closed), St Athan (Closed) Laarbuch (closed) Gatow (closed) Scampton (soon to close) Bruggen (closed) Upavon (closed)...........Must have been something I said
  15. Sadly closed down and now abandoned I believe, although I think they will probably end up building houses on it. The dog training school area is completely gone
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