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  1. Couple of shots of the latest build (still a bit wet) the Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury done as the Deutsche Luftfahrt Beratungsdeinst’s’s (DLB) sole single seat target facilities FB Mk 50 D-CACY. The aircraft was formally in service with the Dutch Navy before being sold and pressed into the target facilities role by the DLB. Fairly straight forward build which included removal of the wing armament and tail hook. Extras used include Eduard’s Cockpit Set, Barracuda’s Gearbay, a new pitot from Master and decals from Fundekal. Folded wings take up less room in the cabinet! Hope it’s of interest.
  2. Remember them well though I preferred the Alconbury birds in the SEA scheme. Alconbury was superb for photography down Owl End with nothing more than a wooden picket fence between your camera and the taxiway. Happy days
  3. Happy memories of many hours spent by the taxiway at Bentwaters. Can’t believe how many bases there were back then and just how busy they were.
  4. Hi Ken I used a circle cutter. Cut circles of masking tape the right size to give the circular curve then used thin strips from the curve to the forward engine intake. I did the same for the rounded edge where the camo meets the tail. Hope that’s makes sense.
  5. Cheers mate. By coincidence the next project is Kinetics new Harrier GR3.
  6. Couple of quick shots on the bench (paint still wet and its going dark) of the latest build - Airfix’s lovely Meteor FR.9 done as the boxed 2 Squadron option. Extras used include the Eduard cockpit and seatbelt sets and a replacement pitot from Master. I’ve wanted to do this scheme ever since the kit was first released but have hung back mainly due to a lack of references. Luckily I recently stumbled across a paragraph in Roger Lindsay’s three volume masterpiece ‘Cold War Shield’. In it (Volume 1, Meteor FR.9, 2 Sqn chapter) he makes a particular reference to WX978 whilst serving with 2 Squadr
  7. White lettering with a gold cheat line. I dropped a line to Alleycat Models a while ago suggesting the MB Meteors might make an interesting 1/48 conversion kit - you never know!
  8. Hi No tips really it was a nice kit to build. I did remove the lumps (not sure what they actually are) that can be seen on the wing roundels. I thought there’s no way any decal is going to conform over those. Easy to remove with a sharp flat side cutter and then add back on later. Unfortunately I managed to then loose them and had to make new ones from plasticard. The only other thing I didn’t like were the decal fin flash’s on the tail. I scrapped these and sprayed them instead. Loved the build but I’m not in a hurry to start another just yet.
  9. Hi standard production configuration was just the two wing mounted pitots. Quite a number of the test and evaluation aircraft had the three and if memory serves a couple of the early prototypes had just two - nose and port wing (I think). Sorry can’t get to the books at the moment
  10. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping you were going to say you printed your own and could easily upscale them to 1/48!
  11. Nice - are the decals aftermarket or home printed?
  12. Latest build off the bench is the Airfix 1/48 Javelin done as Boscombe Downs FAW.9 XH897 circa 1970 ‘ish’. Pretty rubbish weather today so for now at least its a few quick shots taken in the office. Fairly simple conversation. New nose with pitot, deletion of a few lumps and bumps on the wing leading edges, additional fairing on the port trailing edge and a mixture of kit and Alleycat decals. Seats are from the kit with some Eduard strapping. I also replaced the wing pitots with a set from Master. Toughest job was masking the scheme. Last Javelin in service albeit in a test and eva
  13. Hi all Many thanks for all the replies. Sorry for not getting involved for a while after posting the initial enquiry but I hope you’ll understand our area going into Tier 4 and then into full lockdown and the subsequent impact this has had on my business has had to take precedence over plastic modelling and Britmodeller. @neilfergylee thanks for the photo link. The meteor shots you’ve included are from the Martin Baker PDF article link that @BritJet kindly posted but many thanks anyway it is still very much appreciated. The entire PDF article is well worth reading. Absolut
  14. I wish they’d taken more notes on colours in those days. The cheat line and reg can look silver in some B&W photos. It very much depends on how the photo was processed and printed. The same photo reproduced in different books can look white in one and slightly darker suggesting silver in another. Guess back then they never imagined for one minute anyone would ever be remotely interested!
  15. Hi The original shot was taken in 1935 so was obviously B&W and then colour retouched. Either way it’s a valuable photograph especially for the modeller. The book details Jacks life so only a small part deals with his involvement with Cierva. There are however some interesting chapters concerning his involvement with Sikorsky and the British military’s first helicopters. No there aren’t any more in the les Autogires book unfortunately. Other than the colour cover, a series of colour profiles and some colour shots of preserved aircraft it’s all B&W. It is howeve
  16. Hi again As far as cheat line and lettering colours go my money’s on white. Most of the book references say the same. As far as decal lettering goes Xtradecal do a number of sheets of lettering ie X32022. The problem really is precisely matching the size and font. Unlike the military, civilian fonts didn’t tend to be standardised so whatever you do might be a bit of a compromise. Colours - I’ve used both Humbrol 104 Oxford Blue and Tamiya XF17 Sea Blue both lightened quite a bit with white in the past. I think a straight navy blue is just a little too dark. In my mind t
  17. Hi Simon Welcome aboard mate and thanks for the kind comments. Going to disappoint unfortunately as believe me I’m no expert. I just have a long fascination with gyros and the C.30 in particular. The Mini Art kit is quite superb. All of the boxing’s are basically the same though with different decals. The only exceptions are the Swedish ‘Ski’ and the late version Fw C.30 which feature the cold weather Genet modifications (plus skies) and the German Siemens engine respectively. The late Siemens version also has some modifications to the fuselage nose. My only criticism r
  18. That’s just what I was after. Thanks very much
  19. Hi thanks in advance for this. I’d quite like to get some accurate detail in the back if I can as it’s all going to be easily seen in 1/48
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