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  1. Yes overall LAG. Found a nice colour photo the other day of the same aircraft wearing the same grey scheme but also full 85 Sqn markings - can feel another project coming on.
  2. Hello mate Do you kind me asking about access. Can you just turn up and have a look?
  3. Couple of images still wet on the bench of my latest project. This is the lovely Airfix 1/48 kit done as Brawdy based WH291 of 79 Res Squadron (TWU). Extras used included Eduards cockpit and masking sets and a replacement pitot tube from Master. Decals were cobbled together from the spares box and kit. Weathering was a mixture of a light Flory panel/pin wash and Tamiya weathering pastels. Not my best effort I’ll admit but happy for any comments good or bad - hope it’s of interest.
  4. Hello mate The antenna and tail wheel mods have already been covered but the attached might be of interest detailing some of the black box mods incorporated into the drones. Another Britmodeller member very kindly forwarded this last time I made a similar enquiry.
  5. Slightly off topic but a second vote for the book 'Looking Down the Corridors'. The British chapter detailing Chipmunk, Pembroke and Andover ops in Berlin is fascinating. Never knew half of what went on including Chipmunks occasionally coming under fire. Theres a photograph in their taken from a Chippy of a group of Russian soldiers one of which is taking pot shots at the aircraft.
  6. Hello mate Have you looked at the Air Graphics website. They do a 1/72 AC130 pod and there’s a few photos and drawings of it on their site.
  7. A definite buy - please do an Erickson machine
  8. Can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Really do hope I’m not disappointed. Also hope they do plenty of Westland variants. I’ve waited for an announcement like this for a longtime.
  9. Lovely build. The Sycamore was one of those aircraft that just didn’t look right sat on the ground - or even in the air for that matter.
  10. Another 1/48 Airfix Sabre F.4 finished. This time it’s XB931 / G in 4 Squadron colours circa 1954 RAF Jever c/o Xtradecal sheet 48107. Left the ammo door dropped on the port side with this one as it was often down when on the ground for use as a crew step. Extras used include a couple of the new Eduard detailing sets. I also relocated the tanks to their correct position. Paints were airbrushed Humbrol enamels, all three colours lightened slightly to hopefully give a better scale effect, weathering was dry brushing along with a Flory 50/50 dark/black wash and Tamiya weathering pastels - may have gone a tad to far but don’t care. Loved every minute of it. Might think about doing that yellow and blue Yugoslav Sabre next. Happy for any comments good or bad. Hope it’s of interest.
  11. Dennis you’re a star. I managed to find a shot which gave the impression the underside dayglo panels were missing. I guess it may have been like that at some point but your shot confirms they are there. Time to crack on with it. Thanks again Pete
  12. Hi Thanks yes I was aware - I just hoped to find a underside shot for reference Cheers mate - yes I've already got that sheet
  13. They were. The Javelin came out but for whatever reason the Sea Vixens re-release was cancelled.
  14. My vote would be for the 1/48 Airfix (appreciate its not 1/72). Takes a bit of work but builds up into a nice replica. Was due for a relaunch but that seemed to get pulled for whatever reason. Wouldn't be surprised to see it out again in the not too distant future.
  15. Has anyone ever seen an underside shot of this Meteor F.8 (WH291 79 Squadron). It did take part in a few airshows wearing the dayglo during the dim and distant past so I'm assuming there might be shots out there. Just trying to clarify a few details. Thanks very much in advance. (The shot below is from 'The Good Old Days Vol 3 The Royal Air Force 1962-1980- superb book!)
  16. Thanks again Chris - just the job. Pete
  17. Impressive aeroplane and a lovely build. Superb finish.
  18. That’s a cracker - love it. Always been fascinated by the Firebrand
  19. Cheers mate Pm on the way Thanks again
  20. Superb - my all time favourite as well but I don’t know how you manage it in that scale- I struggle to see properly in 1/48!
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