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  1. This arrived in the post to work yesterday I thought about making one myself at work, however, the amount of time it'd have taken plus materials it was much cheaper to work overtime and buy one.
  2. Uuuuurrrrgh that sounds like an absolute nightmare! How did you end up fixing it? Fig. 17 Coat of Alclad black primer which revealed that I need more careful sanding. I ended up double sided taping a small piece of paper onto a piece of cork sheet which did a nice job of faring in the sides. Fig. 18 "zenith" painted the engine details hopefully to give it a bit more depth come the paint job. I wish I had painted each component individually now! Ah well, learning curve and all that Fig. 19 Undercarriage and hatches/covers don
  3. Ah that's excellent, thank you. I did have a look at what was involved with home etching but the cost of setting up, learning what looks like quite a complex skill and as you say - the chemicals - I'd rather play to my strengths, ie. drafting and just do the design work then sub it out to someone who's already proficient at etching.
  4. Cheers guys. As long as you don't mind waiting a little while for it to start. I'm actually contemplating designing my own fret of PE for the model as I've found the ship's manual and scale drawings. Railings, ladders, chimney cowling and crane detail could then all be possibilities
  5. Hi guys, Sitting on on the shelf is a Revell 1:300 scale research vessel Meteor. The railings all look really chunky from the kit parts. I can't seem to find any 1:300 photoetch detail parts or railings. Would 1:350 look silly? I've seen a few 1:350 general ship detailing parts around but would they look odd at the difference in scales? TIA Jered.
  6. Thanks! I'm enjoying your Marchetti build. I will probably re do the control surfaces assembies as I'm not happy with the gaps. I work as a bespoke fine furniture maker so it feels more like all my woodworking skills are transferable! Still a learning curve getting back into it.
  7. Only a micro update as I've been away all weekend. Fig. 16 Picked up some fresh milliput from a petrol station (of all places) on my way home from North Wales back to Oxfordshire which enabled me to fair in the canopy. I found this quite challenging to try and get a decent shape to minimise sanding later on. Repositioned the ailerons and still have a couple of antennas to go on as they're fragile I was going to do them after rescribing some panel lines
  8. Evening all. Culebra. Solid bike that. Cheers, I'm a bespoke furniture maker by trade so a lot of the skills are transferable plus an eye for detail helps! I mostly do road and circuit racing at 2nd cat level with a wee bit of time trialling too. Got my first UCI stage race in April which I'm looking forward to. Fig. 10 Got the resin tail plane assy on. The moulding is really crisp, however a LOT of sanding is needed to get the rest of the fuselage flowing nicely. Also, there are a few panel lines missing on the surfaces. Undecided whether to scribe them
  9. I thought the first picture was a reference photo! Superb!
  10. Hello from the other side of Oxford!
  11. Right. I'm new here, hi. This is the first scale model I've done in what feels like forever - probably since 2011 or even longer? Who knows My significant other gave me this kit at Christmas... Which was a lovely surprise and being completely honest not without a little dread. She knew I used to do scale modelling long before we met, little did she know she catalysed my interest in modelling and reignited my dormant O̶b̶s̶e̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ passion. So on boxing day I ordered the CMK and Quickboost interior, exterior, control surfaces and wheels... And paints... And a few tools
  12. I'm after any info on the Research vessel Meteor as I've got Revell's 1:300 scale kit. The kit railings and ladders are pretty stout, ideally I want to replace them with PE parts. I'm aware of a general 1:350 PE set but would that work very well? Also, any images or info regarding the ship's cranes would be super! Cheers Jered.
  13. Here's mine so far. Only just getting back into scale modelling, I need to re-acquire paints and tools. I keep paints in the cupboard above the desk just to keep the smell down in the room mostly. Got a wishlist for things I need to get - main ones are a spray booth and a decent toolbox so I'm going to get a nice wooden machinists chest which is neat because of its portability so I can stow it under the surface when it's not in use. This is also a space for general arts and crafts too as I like making all sorts.
  14. I couldn't see an existing thread for this! What do you do for work? Are you retired? In education? Do you enjoy work? What's your dream job? I'm a bespoke furniture maker... I make bespoke furniture, mostly one-off free standing pieces from European hardwoods with a few painted pieces too. Lots of hand work, traditional machines as well as a big 3 1/2 axis cnc. I thoroughly enjoy the work and the other makers in the workshop are a great bunch. Dream job? I already have it! Do you find modelling helps you with your work?
  15. Thanks for the tips. So modest ;) Who would you say was a master of PE? someone to aspire to have the skills of?
  16. Looking fantastic! I'm really enjoying this build. What tools are you using for the photoetch? Good luck with exams, sounds very wise to take a break for now.
  17. After seeing what wonderful work everyone produces here I thought I'd sign up and say hi to everyone. I'm getting back into model making after a break of several years from it, inspired by a Christmas present of a 1:72 Tucano from my girlfriend. (To which I immediately ordered resin parts for!) I dug out all of my tools and array of unfinished kits and set about organising them all and my workspace. I originally made planes first, then moved onto cars but I can't put my finger on what it was that made me give up on modelling. (Teenage socialising perhaps?) Another reason is t
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