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  1. Might just be me, but I'm finding it more and more challenging to distinguish between reference photos and model! Chapeau!
  2. Fantastic! This is a really fun build to watch. I really like your weathering.
  3. Hello all, Long time lurker, infrequent poster. (Copied from Wikipedia) The Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, known as Wales Air Ambulance Charity (WAAC), is a charity air ambulance service providing a free, life-saving helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) for the critically ill and injured in Wales. It is not funded by NHS Wales, but only by charitable donations. It also provides the Children's Wales Air Ambulance (CWAA) emergency transfer service. The charity aims to save lives and reduce or prevent disability or suffering from critical illness and injury, by delivering a pre-hospital emergency medical service. photo from airplane-pictures.net My father, who had moved to rural North West Wales a long time ago, always advocated the incredibly important and brave work which they carry out daily without pause. He spent the last couple of years of his life needing a lot of hospital treatment from the fantastic team at Bangor hospital which eventually changed to palliative care sadly. Every time I saw him he'd always champion the helicopter crew who were constantly flying to and from the helipad at the hospital. He himself, fortunately, never needed to be rescued by the helicopter team: but he, like most, could easily see their value and would make sure everyone saw it too. I think perhaps it struck a chord with him as I think he'd have loved to do the job himself if music hadn't picked him up and made itself his vocation. In his words it was hearing the Beatles at the age of 6 which hooked him and never let him go and seeing The Sound Of Music inspired him to take any opportunity to see the world and learn as many languages as possible - becoming eventually fluent in Welsh (French, German, Italian and small bits of Greek and Spanish!) But I digress. The reason for choosing this subject is because I know that he'd have loved it and also, if it's good enough then I'll give it to the charity where they can either display it or auction it to raise funds. No pressure then! Just for full disclosure, this is probably going to drag on for a long time as I don't spend as much time as I'd like to on modelling sadly. The model(s) For this build I am using 3 kits: Revell's EC145 Medstar helicopter Their H145 Deutsch Polizei chopper And Renaissance's detail kit too The reason being that I needed the medical interior plus the fenestration tail for the Wales Air Ambulance - plus it won't hurt that I can turn the leftovers into an alpine rescue/Gendarmerie with a few decals. I'm aware that there is a medical interior from DE heilo but this way I can bolster my stash! The instructions from both kits are largely the same - in Revell's illustrative style. There are some really nice, crisply moulded exterior parts to this with lots of rivets in all the right places. The interior parts are OK, but they're a little sparse on the details and look a bit too "perfect" but it won't take much to make these parts a little better. But that's the fun part, and what rotary tools are for! I'm going to put some seams on these next to make it pop a little more but not off to an awful start. I saw the walk around photos of the OH-72 on this forum which shares a lot of similarities with the H145 so I'll be using that for reference as well as photos from the social media pages of the charity too. Only scratched the surface so far but hopefully I can keep momentum up. Thank you for having a read and letting me have a little write about dad too! Cheers, Jered
  4. These arrived today for a couple of upcoming builds Also this "barn find" at mum's house which I had started (badly) many years ago but seeing as how much the Tamiya 787B goes for on eBay it'd be a shame not to right it. And also it's my favourite car (I actually found two of these, but one is completely untouched!) Might need to get some new decals for it though as they've yellowed quite a bit. Saving up for a largeish order for all sorts of misc detailing parts to try and do this and the 911 gt1 as best as I possibly can.
  5. Finally started the last bit of inlay work for a guitar which I'm making. Green bits are abalone, red bits will be bloodwood dipped in hot sand to create a traditional colour gradient
  6. Why in earth does he sit like this?
  7. Christmas just keeps getting earlier and earlier every year
  8. My partner and I moved house recently from a flat without a garden to a house at the same time a friend of ours moved to London. She couldn't take her cat with her and we were suddenly in a position where we could have one so we're fostering him for a year. I doubt we'll end up parting with him though! His name is Raekwon, a hefty 4.9kg and loves a cuddle.
  9. You may find a jeweller's bench might be something to look at, not necessarily buying one but the height of them is more ergonomic on the neck and back. (Not my bench, just an example I pulled off the interwebs) Cheers, Jered
  10. Little bit off topic... I received these in the post today for an acoustic guitar which I'm currently making. The engraving is my own design and they have been made by Rodgers tuning machines - widely regarded as the best in the business. The price was eye-watering: not quite as much as an MFH 1:12 scale car but not far off! And the guitar they're for: Jered
  11. Congratulations, that's wonderful news! The steelwork for a desk I'm making for myself and my partner is almost finished, now got to get onto making the top and drawer carcase. (Copy of a design by Marcel Breuer from the Bauhaus movement)
  12. CNC machine programming woes! Adjusting tolerances by 0.01mm making enormous changes to the tool-paths. (Part is ~600mm long) Would honestly just be quicker to do it by hand sometimes. Very buggy software as it's a relatively new piece of software but even so!
  13. As a professional bespoke cabinet maker, I'd be tempted to look at shop display cases (one can usually find good deals on Facebook marketplace) Look for something with a tonk-strip fitting for shelves or a piece which can have it retrofitted as the shelves can be spaced very close together and more can be made from ply or thick acrylic The other thing which is possible in solid wood or panel materials is to drill 5mmx12mm shelf pin holes in an evenly spaced array. This can be challenging without a template from a drill press and I wouldn't recommend doing it in IKEA style honeycomb or ultra-light panels I'd love to make myself a nice glazed Krenov style cabinet (chest height cabinet on legs) with thick, bevelled glass sides and shelves in a brown oak or spalted maple frame, dovetailed drawers with french lined with baize, however, I don't think I'd be able to afford to! One day perhaps.
  14. Hello all, I am struggling to think of a neat solution to storing the small packets of aftermarket parts - i.e. micro turned metal parts, detailing wires, microscopic 3D printed or cast things. My current stash is in their original bags in laid flat in a tin, but I don't really like this as it means needing to dig through several things before finding (or not finding) the part I'm after. I want to avoid having everything on a peg-board: as nice as this would be, my modelling space is in mine and my partner's home office room and we're both conscious of not cluttering the other's space. My best find yet is cigarette card/coin collector's protective sleeves which are punched to go in ring binders as everything can be nearly put away on the bookcase plus it means not needing to take off the technical drawings which are attached to the packets. Which would be a drawback to using a small parts organiser tray in my opinion. I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas before ordering some of these sleeves? Cheers, Jered
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