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  1. Very well done, Reini! Those decals could have been a nightmare, but your dad turned them into a much easier task.
  2. It’s a great film, and it’s gotten my creative juices flowing with respect to making a PR XI in 944’s markings. I’ve got a thread from a few years ago bookmarked on how to make one with the Airfix PR XIX kit and another one. Probably go the Eduard route since there’s an extra nose in it, as outlined in the thread, which can be found here: Also, there’s some nice high quality pictures of 944 (and others) on the American Air Museum in Britain’s site, found here: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/18764
  3. The cockpit looks the trick. Well done!
  4. Any decal setting solution will not penetrate the top layer, unfortunately. It looks as though your clear coat reacted negatively with the decals, which has been know to happen from time to time, especially with “hot” clear coats such as lacquer. I think you’ve got three options: Try adding additional flat coat and ignore it when displaying Try to remove the decal, and replace it with another. This might be tricky given it’s already been sealed, but not impossible. Sand the area down, repaint, and then replace the decal. Did these decals come with the kit? Someone may have an extra sheet due to using another option, or some aftermarket decals. It’s worth a shot! Good luck!
  5. Very nice job on the primer, looks perfectly smooth. Seems that your effort was worth it! Also, nice work on making your own PE components! Very nice tutorial, and the engine looks amazing. Keep up the great work!
  6. After watching the WIP thread, I can safely say that the time and effort put into this one was well worth it. Excellent paint, masking is clean, and your dad handled the canopy fit issues perfectly. Many thanks for sharing this unique build!
  7. Fantastic job! I’ve got this kit on my wishlist, seeing your work may bump it up a bit! Thank you for sharing this build, as well as the F-15. Both look phenomenal.
  8. Well done. I think the weathering looks nice. The great thing about model kits is, if you aren’t happy there’s opportunity to try again! It looks like there is something on the starboard nacelle that’s out of place. Is that light blue supposed to be there, just above the polished surface? Nice build, and thank you for sharing!
  9. Calum, great work. If you were going for something unique and out of the ordinary you nailed it! It’ll certainly be peerless in your display cabinet. I’ve got the Dragon/Promodeller version in the stash, I’ve seen you and a couple others building these big beasts. I’m getting itchy to build mine now for some reason Thanks for sharing this build, you really did a great job on the finish.
  10. Very nicely done in colors not often seen. Your paintwork looks great, as does the landing gear. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Very well build model, and the finish on it is great! Tells the story of an aircraft that has been used quite a bit, but always maintained. Thanks for sharing this one!
  12. The tissue paper used for the gun ports looks amazing, as do the photo etched gunsights. It really ratchets up the realism! How is the tissue attached, and how was it painted to avoid saturating the tissue with paint?
  13. I know I’m very late to the party on this, but the pilot of this plane owned a public airport in my hometown. The last photo in the link of the derelict plane was taken at that airstrip. The airstrip is long gone, but the hanger is still standing... I actually got to see it while I picked up lunch today! Regarding the build, looks pretty nice so far! Welcome to the world of Tamiya. Two comments: 1) These radial engined beasts can be spruced up with some spark plug wires. Engines are really visible and just a bit of wire really makes a big difference. Give it a shot on your next one 2) That step cutout on the flap wasn’t around until later models. I don’t know if it’s too late to fix, but it should be filled. I made the same mistake on my first Corsair, too! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I’ve got this kit in the Pro Modeler boxing, so I’ll be watching with great interest! Mine came as a night fighter, so it’s got all those radar antenna. Looking forward to seeing how the cockpit comes together!
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