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  1. Came here to post this. I’ve been watching that channel for a year and a half now. If you love data and physics, that’s a good way to spend some time. Mark, great work on the kit, and fascinating history of the unit. Amazing they sent pilots with so little experience... Thanks for sharing!
  2. Considering the age of the decals, I’d say that was about as good of an outcome as your Dad could have expected! Also, phenomenal work with the airbrush! I just finished up the mottle on a FW 190 and it looks purely amateur compared to that result!
  3. I’ve got this kit in the stash, but unfortunately not that boxing. Will be following along with interest, both in your build and the added history. Cheers!
  4. Nice start to both these kits! How do you like the AK paints? I went pretty much all-in on Mission Models, and while I have liked them, they do leave a bit to be desired. Also, that circle cutter is a marvel, isn’t it? I bought one and waited a few months for its arrival, and it was worth it! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hi 

    I built a diorama some month ago. So these scene are after war photographs. I was so impressed that I had to rebuild it. There are some other after war scenes or dioramas in one of my posts. I don’t want to go on your nerves, hope you don’t mind this Information. These after war wreckage scenes are very interesting I think. Not everyone’s taste, but it makes a lot of fun 

    keep healthy

    all the best 


    1. RadMax8


      Hey Andy, that’s too cool. Thanks for sharing! There’s certainly enough photos to reference for building these types of scenes. 


  6. You’ve really flexed your airbrushing muscle here. Amazing job!
  7. I was just reading through my copy of Detail and Scale for the Hellcat and saw a couple pictures of this very plane. Nicely done, it’s great to see one fairly factory fresh! Looks like the canopy is a bit narrow and sits proud when in the open position. Too risky to try to do anything about it, at least in my eyes. My luck, it’d crack down the center just thinking about it. Well done build on a very cool aircraft!
  8. @mathy I was going to be “that guy” and say that you really built a beautiful kit but I wasn’t sure the He 162 was around long enough to ever see the type of weathering you’d portrayed. But then you posted a photo, and I really must say BRAVO! I’m very impressed you were able to replicate the photo so faithfully. Truly an outstanding job, and honestly your last photo of the model could easily be confused for the real thing. Sorry for doubting you!
  9. After not visiting Britmodeler for awhile I’ve recently started scrolling around and viewing threads again. Upon my return, I’ve noticed that the page isn’t taking up the full window, so when I scroll the page can move left to right as well. Best I can tell this is due to the banner at the top being truncated, so that 2 of the colored squares are (mostly) missing. The user “dashboard” is still the full width, but the page defaults to the truncated width of the banner. If I zoom out, it snaps to the width of the dashboard. I’m using Chrome on an iPad. Granted, I’ve not restarted my
  10. Very well done, Reini! Those decals could have been a nightmare, but your dad turned them into a much easier task.
  11. It’s a great film, and it’s gotten my creative juices flowing with respect to making a PR XI in 944’s markings. I’ve got a thread from a few years ago bookmarked on how to make one with the Airfix PR XIX kit and another one. Probably go the Eduard route since there’s an extra nose in it, as outlined in the thread, which can be found here: Also, there’s some nice high quality pictures of 944 (and others) on the American Air Museum in Britain’s site, found here: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/18764
  12. The cockpit looks the trick. Well done!
  13. Any decal setting solution will not penetrate the top layer, unfortunately. It looks as though your clear coat reacted negatively with the decals, which has been know to happen from time to time, especially with “hot” clear coats such as lacquer. I think you’ve got three options: Try adding additional flat coat and ignore it when displaying Try to remove the decal, and replace it with another. This might be tricky given it’s already been sealed, but not impossible. Sand the area down, repaint, and then replace the decal. Did these decals come with the kit? Someone m
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