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  1. Compelling footage. Thanks for posting this!
  2. May not be the most detailed kit out there, but it looks like you had a nice go of it. How owe did you produce the nav lights? They look really clean and nice. Thanks for sharing!
  3. RadMax8

    Eduard P40N Warhawk 1/48

    Top job, everything is very subtle as you say. The most striking thing to me is the chipping. Well done! I’d never heard about Banshee either, but a quick search turned this up:Burma Banshees
  4. RadMax8

    Eduard 1/48th Hawker Tempest mk V

    Nicely done! I’ve had this kit in my stash for awhile. Might need to move it up in the queue. Your paint in work is fantastic, considering that’s all freehand camo. Very crisp. I like it t a lot. Thanks for sharing!
  5. RadMax8

    F4u 1d corsair interior colours

    Sometimes it’s fun to get absorbed in the minutiae of figuring out what color underwear the pilot was wearing for a particular mission and modeling that (trust me, I can get a little crazy myself), but sometimes it’s reasonable to build just for the fun of it. Good for you! Have fun building! I should also say there’s some great detail photos that have been posted here! Love it.
  6. Wow that cockpit is a thing of beauty! Reminds me of the A6M5 I’m working on, every little detail is there. Looks like you’re off to a strong start. Can’t wait to see more as you go along. Thanks for sharing!
  7. RadMax8

    Greetings from Cleveland, OH USA

    Thanks for the encouragement, Dennis! I actually took some time to fire up the airbrushing station and do some work I’ve been meaning to do for a couple months. Unfortunately they don’t make baby respirators! Luckily my girl did seem to enjoy the decaling sessions and other work, so when I get back to that stuff I can include her. Hello Steve! I don’t know how you guys handle that 1/72 stuff. Maybe hanging around here I’ll get the courage to try it. I just really like all my planes to be in the same scale for display. I’ve got a 1/48 B-1, if that tells you how deep my affliction is. My wife got me a season pass to the local-ish road course for Christmas, and this year they’ve got Rallycross, Sports cars/Touring cars, vintage cars and bikes, Indycar, even NASCAR! Safe to say I’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors this summer! Thanks for the welcome!
  8. RadMax8

    The Redemption Spitfire

    Considering your short time in the hobby, I’d say you’ve improved immensely! You’re doing techniques I’ve only started using this year, and I’ve been “seriously” (can we really use this word?) modeling for over 10 years. One to be proud of for sure. Nice work on adapting with the issues, too!
  9. RadMax8

    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Tamiya 1/24

    I saw in your last photo, quite the lineup there! Maybe I need to be a little less picky and just deal with the belt! Hopefully no one will know!
  10. RadMax8

    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Tamiya 1/24

    Excellent build of a fantastic subject. Certainly looks fast just setting still. Sadly, I was too young to enjoy the great Group C cars in person, but the 956 is one of my all-time favorite cars because of the Tamiya kit. I’ve got a question for you regarding the Eduard seatbelts. I’ve got a set in blue for a car I’m working on, but the front and back of the etch are two totally different textures, and more importantly, colors. Did you have this issue, and if so, how did you address it? Thanks for sharing, and for any advice you have on the seatbelts!
  11. Hello, all! My name’s Max, and I’m new to this lovely site. I used to be a very active modeler in High School and College, but after getting into the workforce I’ve been a little on and off. Bench time doesn’t look to be getting much more frequent however, as I’ve got a 6 month old at home. But I can live vicariously through you, right? My main interests are 1/48 scale (I know, stupid Yank) WWII aircraft from both sides and 1/20-1/25 scale cars, with a heavy emphasis on racing machines. My favorite aircraft is probably the early P-51s with Allison engines, followed closely by the P-47 Razorback. My favorite race car is the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, with the Porsche 956/962 as a very near 2nd. I’d be interested in trying my hand at some 1/48 armor some day, if I ever get some free time. In the real world, I deal with Automated Laser Systems sales, but enough about boring things. My true interests include watching and attending motorsporting events such as Indycar, IMSA, and the WEC (Ok, the 24 Hours of Le Mans) and watching and playing (poorly) ice hockey. I also dabble in aquariums, only freshwater tropical fish though. Well, I suppose that’s plenty of info about me. Thanks for letting me join the community!