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  1. Oh. I guess that makes sense... Does she breed them, or just keep them as pets?
  2. Very well done, especially for only your 4th kit. I don5 think my 14th will turn out as nice! One tip from me: the canopy frames look to be a bit translucent. You can take care of this on future builds by painting the interior color first, then going over it with the exterior color. Will add a bit of realism overall! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Well done. A treat to watch unfold. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Always been interested in this aircraft. I built one years back, and enjoyed it so much I picked up three more over the years. I don’t think the aircraft looking so clean is out of place, they really didn’t have a chance to get very dirty! I won’t hammer on the paint fading, but I do want to touch on a comment you made about marbling and blending. I think you’re exactly right, random areas of different shades can really make a huge difference when blended in properly. It also depends on how weathered the plane is, obviously for a fresher craft you’d want to tone it down, but there’s still some value in a little randomness. Thanks for sharing!
  5. 1000%! Is it a setting in photobucket or did you host them elsewhere? Thanks for making the change, and sharing your build with us!
  6. Looks like you’re on the right track! Even though they didn’t include alignment pins, looks like you handled the fuselage halves. Shame about the photobucket “watermark” though, it covers up your fine work!
  7. Fantastic finish on this one, your scratch-built details have made a world of difference. Your photos show just how crisp and tidy your work is. My photos show all my mistakes. Thanks for sharing this lovely build.
  8. I really like this concept. Well done!
  9. Going over the chipping with another coat also tones the shine down, which I think really helps blend it all together and make it believable! Excellent work all around. It almost seems as if you could hop right in and fire it up. One suggestion, if I may... the exhaust looks like you painted the whole thing a rust color. It sticks out a bit, I’ve found painting the exhaust a burnt iron color, then dry brushing with rust yields excellent results. In your hands I have no doubt it would look 10x better. Thanks for sharing your build!
  10. It’s amazing to me that the manufacturer can get the instructions so wrong. A good example of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. Looks like you’ve recovered nicely. If it really bugs you, I know Quickboost makes some resin ammo cans.
  11. Top job, and in such short order, too! And I suppose the model turned out rather well... Seriously, you got this kit built so quick, and it doesn’t look to have affected the quality, which is always the challenge. Camo looks great, I’d say you should be chuffed! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Turned out nicely, Sturmovik! It’s simply fascinating to look at those two planes that are so technologically different, yet they fought in the same war. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Ah you were in that mess yesterday too? My flights were delayed into ORD and then out of. Was supposed to land at 8:30, instead it was 11:30. So much for sleep.
  14. Ah yes, the classic technique of bringing up the distant past to create an argument. One that I’ve thankfully not had to endure much of in my marriage luckily. My issues are mainly the result of me not doing the right thing for a long time... But yes, like you I am glad there is a consensus about the level of “fun” associated with your monster mother-in-law.
  15. Hmmm, last week my 19 month old said the Eff dash dash dash word. I suppose the wife and I finally need to clean up our act. Conveniently, we live a mere 30 mins from the Christmas Story house, so should we need to we can grab a bar of LifeBouy soap to wash our mouths... unfortunately blindness may be a side effect! Congrats on selling your house, and the crippling debt that comes with buying a new one! It sounds like your family keeps you on your toes. We’re going through a bit of family drama (wife’s family playing favorites for 30 years) and of course our dear friend the biological clock. You make multiple spawn seems so worth it! Please send help... HA! Oh, and I suppose the Lysander is looking good, too. It amazes me how you are able to see the details to add them in that scale. I wear glasses, but I can’t complain that I’ve got horrible vision, and 1/48 is plenty small for me. I enjoy your threads for the build, the comic relief, and the pure honesty. Thanks for sharing!
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