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  1. Before you do any trimming, make sure the canopy piece will fit in with the coaming pushed all the way forward. That should at least give you a clue as to what needs to be done. I’d hate to see you file that piece, only to need it to be in the rearward position with more to fill. Plane is looking mint, though! Good work so far.
  2. No problem! Us Maxwells got to stick together! I think it’s gotten everyone in the hobby at one point or another, so don’t feel too bad. Also, your nozzles look awesome!
  3. The Tamiya flat base works if you mix it with their clear coat to knock the sheen down. I think you need to apply it in a 10:1 (gloss to flat) ratio to get it to work. Hope this helps. You'll fit in just fine here, a broken ankle is a plus to get more bench time!
  4. I would add the control surfaces to that list as well. Aaron, you did a very nice job on this build. Other than the areas outlined above, I think your weathering doesn’t look over done or out of line with what may have been seen in combat. It’s nice to see a Wildcat done in a different scheme. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Nicely done. I like the weathering on the bottom of the plane, looks worn without being abused!
  6. I don’t have the slightest idea why, but ever since I saw this plane, I’ve had a secret love for it. It wasn’t really remarkable that I can tell, but it just ticks some serious boxes in the aesthetics department. Is that odd? Cracking work on the cockpit. You’ve done a good job of making it look lived in, but not war weary. The seatbelts really help to set it off. Can’t wait to see more!
  7. Great paintwork. Interesting about the second hand aircraft, and also about “special” 109s... do you have a link or anything about that? I’d like to learn more. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Your dad is a pretty prolific builder! Those Tamiya kits are pretty easy to get together quickly, cheers for building unconventional schemes!
  9. Nice work in the paint shop. Looking forward to seeing you finish this one up!
  10. Great work to tackle the engineering challenges with the Eduard kit! I feel like this takes a lot of the apprehension of working with these early kits away. Also, seeing the challenges with the Hasegawa kit is interesting, especially considering that I’ve got a couple of those in my stash! Thanks for sharing!
  11. I’d say you’re going to have one happy customer, although he may be looking for a way to shrink down and hop in it himself! Just go fo a quick ride for old time’s sake. Subperb finish, and having it on the base really sets it off. Should be a great conversation piece.
  12. Seems to me you’re beating this Tiffy into submission! I always appreciated the look of this plane, the radiator is so unique compared to every other WWII crate. Doesn’t hurt that these planes could haul. I’ve got a car door and a bubble top in the stash, good to see someone build it with some AM, and all the trials and tribulations associated with that!
  13. Hello, friends! I’ve started one of my favorite subjects, the Early P-51 family before they put the Merlin in it. I present for your approval, the photo recon version of the P-51A, the F-6B. Behold! Not much progress other than glueing the nose on, and some cockpit paint prep, but at least I’ve done SOMETHING! The plan for this one is to add a seat, exhaust, wheels, and propeller from Ultracast, and then I need to dig through my stash to find a set of decals for this plane. It’ll likely have some invasion stripes though. Pull up up a stool, order a beer, and join me in this built, if you’d like! Plenty of space at the bar!
  14. Plane is looking good so far. P-38s are one of my all-time favorite fighters. I’ve got a little PSA regarding the fit of the booms: for some reason, the gear bay interferes with the top of the boom when assembled. The trick to remove the step you’ve had to deal with is to file down the top of the gear bay. This worked the trick on the Hasegawa P-38J I built years ago. That joint still requires attention, but much less than it normally would.
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