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  1. Following along, if you don’t mind. I recently added the earlier model to my stash, and I’m curious to see how you crack on! I “cheated” and bought the AK paints for the Soviet VVS colors. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you for the answer, I may be ordering soon. Much appreciated!
  3. Phenomenal work on everything so far! Sorry for not commenting sooner, my jaw has been on the floor! Thank you for sharing, this has been very educational.
  4. Wow, great build and presentation. I can’t find any of the issues you mentioned, it should look nice in your display! I too remember watching that season on F1, those were remarkable cars! I have an F2000 to build, do you mind me asking where you sourced the Marlboro decals?
  5. Following along if I may. I’ve always admired the Gullwing, if from afar. Watching you add to this kit is enjoyable. Congratulations on your retirement, I’m glad you’ve found enough to keep you busy and out of trouble (or maybe in just enough).
  6. Just recently picked up a Hasegawa George myself to add more Japanese planes to my stash. Very impressive builds, these will look nice together on display. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I’m going to enjoy seeing this come together, I yearn for one (or five!) of these kits. Plus, quite a noble mission. The museum is going to have quite the collection from you lot! Hope you still have some room at the bar for me & my weak American beer!
  8. It almost looks to me like they brush painted the front of the engine with yellow paint. Obviously someone at that squadron was a big fan of yellow!
  9. Pulling up a chair to see how this one goes, if you don’t mind. A Hellcat was one of my first airplane kits I ever built when I was small, so I’ve got an appreciation for the type. I’ve also got one of the Eduard kits in the stash. Looking forward to your efforts!
  10. Came here to post this. I’ve been watching that channel for a year and a half now. If you love data and physics, that’s a good way to spend some time. Mark, great work on the kit, and fascinating history of the unit. Amazing they sent pilots with so little experience... Thanks for sharing!
  11. Considering the age of the decals, I’d say that was about as good of an outcome as your Dad could have expected! Also, phenomenal work with the airbrush! I just finished up the mottle on a FW 190 and it looks purely amateur compared to that result!
  12. I’ve got this kit in the stash, but unfortunately not that boxing. Will be following along with interest, both in your build and the added history. Cheers!
  13. Nice start to both these kits! How do you like the AK paints? I went pretty much all-in on Mission Models, and while I have liked them, they do leave a bit to be desired. Also, that circle cutter is a marvel, isn’t it? I bought one and waited a few months for its arrival, and it was worth it! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi 

    I built a diorama some month ago. So these scene are after war photographs. I was so impressed that I had to rebuild it. There are some other after war scenes or dioramas in one of my posts. I don’t want to go on your nerves, hope you don’t mind this Information. These after war wreckage scenes are very interesting I think. Not everyone’s taste, but it makes a lot of fun 

    keep healthy

    all the best 


    1. RadMax8


      Hey Andy, that’s too cool. Thanks for sharing! There’s certainly enough photos to reference for building these types of scenes. 


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