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  1. One would say Sky Neil. Research many years ago seemed dictate that .
  2. And if one may make so bold,a brutally accurate fuselage from Aeroclub,as,if one remembers correctly,are all their Spitfire fuselage conversions. It could also be used in conjunction with an Airfix Vb wing suitably rescribed too one would imagine. In the above picture,one trusts that that are the exit holes of the rounds? Dave.
  3. How do you do Sir. You sound like oneself,tentatively dipping one's toes into the vastly improved pool than the old one that one was in before. Verging on retirement too,the son and daughter appear to be garnering one with odd kits here and there("it'll give the old boy something to do"), so welcome indeed. Dave.
  4. Ahhh,a Bucc as one remembers them back in the Halcyon days of British naval aviation,a deck park resplendent in Extra Dark Sea Grey and White adorning the Buccaneers and Sea Vixens with their colourful unit emblems. Delightful Sir,most delightful. One must go and search out the other gentleman named above.
  5. Sirs,might one ask,if this aeroplane is actually a Spitfire Vc? If that is indeed the case,how did the aircraft stop once having landed back on the Wasp's deck? If one remembers correctly,the Spitfires were loaded aboard the ship at Glasgow docks. EDIT: Please belay your answers gentlemen,having read the attached article,one sees that young Smith was a very competent and lucky aviator.
  6. An excellent read through Sir,.and a jolly worthwhile venture one might add. Like one's self,modelling took a back seat many years ago,of late though,one's wife and now grown up daughter seem rather hell bent on garnering the aging self with kits(of flying machines naturally)to give "the old boy something to do"in the impending retirement. So far in one's meagre stash is the lovely Airfix Spitfire XIVe in 1/48th plus the starter set Hurricane,Spitfire,Kittyhawk and the rather natty but tiny Jeep kits. The Boxart den reference material is indeed excellent(remembered in print all those may moons back). Pray continue Sir,the Hurricane will be watched with interest.
  7. Quite delightful Sir,quite delightful. One has long harboured ideas of finding the Matchbox kit and doing a 6FTS machine from Ternhill,one can remember being taken to one of their open days as a child(every RAF Station had an open day years ago)and seeing a 6 FTS Provost parked up plus a Vampire T.11 from Shawbury amongst others. One also vaguely remembers four yellow Folland Gnats displaying formation aerobatics and trailing smoke, whatever became of them one wonders?
  8. Delightful Sir,every inch a "service"jet. If one remembers correctly,the resin model one refers to,was out in the early nineties and made by a company called "Resitech". It was (allegedly)very accurate and had etched brass cockpits and undercarriage details,plus main undercarriage components done as white metal castings with white metal ejection seats. One believes that all the etched brass work was done by Tim Perry of the then highly regarded "P.P Aeroparts"range of etched accessories. Having seen the kit built up at a show some years back,it certainly made a very impressive looking model. Whether the kit is still available is a question to be asked,as to it's price,one would imagine it to be quite expensive nowadays.
  9. Wasn't the Attacker originally to be named the "Jet Spiteful"?
  10. Sir,these British military training films of one's model subject in action may well be of great interest. Part 2 also demonstrates the uses of American recovery tractors and trailers in addition to the Scammell. Part 1,a Pioneer in action Part 2 Recovery of a Sherman derivative and the procedure to uncouple the trailer and use of the tractor unit to recover a tank. Please note the "lightweight" tractor and trailer at 21.05. Part 3 Recovery and track repair of a Churchill by a Pioneer and crew. Also of interest is the very full explanation of the various cable/pulley/winching block layouts required to haul the various loads.
  11. Sir,looking at current photographs of MK356 in the present colour scheme worn,the "e" wings are indeed still fitted. When at Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association Day,the aircraft was flown on an excellent solo display by the retiring Squadron Leader Clive Rowley(it was his last BBMF flight at an Association Day). After landing and parking MK356,he came over and spoke the the assembly of Association members,thanking them for their support during his time on the Flight. One was fortunate enough to have him autograph a photograph in one's Association magazine of him flying MK356.
  12. One also believes,going on information given at a Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association Day at Coningsby some years ago, that although MK356 was originally built as a IXc,she is or was ten years ago,re-classed as a standard fuselage XVIe. Her wings were swapped with those of an XVIe when she was restored to flight in 1992,the larger chord rudder fitted because it gives the aircraft a better range of crosswind handling from(IORC)the same aircraft. She was fitted originally with a Mk.66 Merlin at the factory,though in 2007 had a "civilian"Merlin(500 series, IORC)fitted. By 2009(again IORC)a Packard 266 had been restored and fitted,hence the re-classification. Of course,this may all have changed and the aircraft is now indeed a IXc once more.
  13. Sir,what of the three PR.XIX's airworthy in UK?
  14. One thinks not quite Sir: https://www.mooney.com/aircraft And one's idea of 3D printing the various types and models of light aircraft would,one is sure,turn a real profit.
  15. Sir,one is not sure that this will be of any use? https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aircraft-Profiles/Germany/World-War-Two/Focke-Wulf-Fw190D-Ta152-94
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