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  1. Great job, really convincing build and diorama. I didn’t think I was into armour or vehicles, but this is giving me food for thought.
  2. This is looking really great, and like a lot of the builds here, very useful for beginners like myself. What an interesting class of submarine, both in looks and history in service. Looking forward to seeing more
  3. Hello everyone, I've been admiring a lot of the model builds here for some time, pondering a return to model making - something I've not done since my early teen years back in the late 1970s. My particular interest is in maritime models of all nations, especially (but not exclusively) the pre-Dreadnought to WWII era. I also really like merchant naval vessels from this period. For a while I was lucky enough to work in Portsmouth Dockyard, arguably the most famous naval port in the world and where the famous Dreadnought was constructed. Coming from the city, with a great-grandfather who went down with HMS Queen Mary in WWI and two great uncles who served on HMS Isis and HMS Ark Royal in WWII, the Royal Navy blood runs strong in my veins! As an aside I do have my first question - given my interests, what would be a good starter kit for me. I'm considering the Revel Type VII U-Boat in 1/350 scale (although I really don't like the over scale elements like the conning tower railings), or a 1/350 Trumpeter Dreadnought (maybe with the Eduard after market photo-etch hand-railings). Are these reasonable choices for a beginner, and are there much better alternatives? Any advice gratefully accepted, if not guaranteed acted on! Simon
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