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  1. I think that looks rather exceptional! Bravo! -Gregpry
  2. Kilroy1988

    Good seated pilots in 1/48 or 1/72?

    Thanks for the recommendations, folks. I think I will probably be able to cover my interest in 1/72 figures fairly easily using the boxed sets, but 1/48 still seems hard except for the joyful fact that such detailed figures are available from some makers. As for my current project, I ended up going with a BF 109 pilot from Aires that I found on Ebay and will try to pose him less casually with a bit of modifications. Cheers! -Gregory
  3. Kilroy1988

    Good seated pilots in 1/48 or 1/72?

    Hello, It seems my previous topic was deleted because I am in need of something specific. However, I can't post in the "wanted" area and am mostly just looking for suggestions which I believe can serve as reference for other users as well. So to make the topic more broad and relatable, I am interested in knowing if there are any good options for seated WWII pilots in 1/48 or 1/72 scale that seem intent on the act of flying? Luftwaffe, Soviet, British, American... Whatever. I see so many figurines that are in rather casual positions, even if they're meant to be in a cockpit! Thanks! -Gregory
  4. Kilroy1988


    Deleted - not the wanted area.
  5. Incredible! You should really make a "ready for inspection" thread because some folks are obviously missing this... It's art and craft and engineering all in one! -Gregory
  6. Good morning! Thanks so much for the nice feedback, fellas. I hope everyone is expecting a fine week ahead! -Gregory
  7. Wonderful! That's very inspiring detail painting. I'd have a hard time believing it could be 1/72 scale if you hadn't said so!
  8. Kilroy1988

    PZL P.24b - AZUR 1/72

    It's too easy just to "like" the posts, but this little PZL deserves some more appreciation! A job well done with an obscure subject. Thanks for sharing! -Gregory
  9. Thanks so much, guys! It was a fun little project. I actually did up an Armstrong Whitworth Whitley as well, but that was last year before I decided to get serious about modeling again. The paint job looks rushed compared to this, and I stupidly sprayed a clear coat right over the clear parts, fogging them all up... So I decided not to share that one! Cheers! -Gregory
  10. Hello folks, I built this Lancaster when I was 10 or 11 years old, and found it last year in a box with a few other old models. Thanks to fellow members for identifying it as a Revell kit! Anyway, it was mostly still in one piece and I decided that it deserved a proper little paint job, since it hadn't one already! I put some putty in the gaps between the fuselage and wings, and sanded some (but not all) of the little flash burs off. One of the props had fallen off so it's glued on in a stationary position, but the other three spin freely. I also cut off and re-glued the rear landing gear into a more correct position than I originally had it. Otherwise, I just painted it... It was all done freehand with acrylics and a brush. There are no decals, as one can rather easily tell! I decided to use the letter G for the squadron ID because that's my first initial and I found some decent photos of the original online. The ED932 is also correct for that aircraft. In any case, there were lots of little mistakes with the build, but it wasn't too bad considering that I was ten or so... And I did not take all the care in the world with the paint for just that reason. It's sentimental and I tried to keep with the spirit of things! Cheers! -Gregory (p.s. I just realized there's still a bit of dust from all those years in storage, under the flaps!)
  11. Kilroy1988

    1/32 Revell :Me 110

    The difference between 1/32 and 1/35 scale would be about 9% of the height of the little figures... If you can tell the difference, that's amazing! Just pretend the ones that came with this kit are a couple of shorter fellows. Lovely build. I'm in the middle of a series of winter camouflage Nazi aircraft, and this is inspiring! -Gregory
  12. Kilroy1988

    Building the old Super Model 1/72 kits

    Thanks again for the feedback, guys, and especially Giorgio! I bought all three kits very inexpensive on Ebay, waiting around for decent prices, and see that they are selling on a semi-regular basis for at least what I paid. I'll lose some percent of the shipping money at most. I'm debating about the Z.1007 now, and may leave it in the pile for the time being. Cheers! -Gregory
  13. Kilroy1988

    Lavochkin La-9 - KOREA 1953 - Mikromir 1/48

    Incredible work on a lovely subject! Perfect timing, too, as the next kit I'm doing is a 1/72 LA-5. This is inspiring! ^.^ -Gregory
  14. Kilroy1988

    Building the old Super Model 1/72 kits

    Thanks so much for the feedback so far, folks. Based on what I'm reading here, I think I'll probably try to re-sell all of these kits and wait until I have some more experience before attempting them, or else purchase the upgraded versions. I have only built half a dozen kits since getting back into modeling recently (absent since childhood), and do not want to spoil anything! Cheers! -Gregory
  15. Kilroy1988

    Building the old Super Model 1/72 kits

    Hello folks, I'm interested in opinions about the difficulty level and overall quality of the old Super Model kits. I have three in my stash now, including the Cant Z.1007, Savoia Marchetti SM.81, and Fiat CR.32. I notice that most of the decals are rather yellowed, which is something I believe I can work around, but I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with them not holding up to removal from the backing for application, etc? It seems like it would be quite an effort to come across modern decals to match these bombers! Honestly, I'm enthusiastic about building these particular planes, but am rather wary of the age of the materials at hand. I'm busy with a series of Eastern Front kits just now and would rather quickly put these back on the market if it seems apparent that I might run into trouble. Penny for your thoughts! Thanks! -Gregory