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  1. Good to see you’re back in the saddle with this one Alistair Mike
  2. I agree from what we can see here. Interesting that they have made the cowling bulges separate to accommodate the engine cylinder heads, might be a fiddle to fit though... The fuselage roof without the turret opens up a host of options and pleased to see they have included it here and not left it for a second release. Mike
  3. Cider and black obviously for those who remember such things Mike
  4. I think my brother fell for it too The proposed Gecko kit appears to have very similar decal options, is there any collaboration going on here with regards the kit itself? Apologies if this is general knowledge amongst those in the know on here. Mike
  5. At least we know it will be deeply engraved as it’s Airfix Mike
  6. They could at least have found a glass that is shaped like the Carlsberg one in the film, a cheap gimmick to attract sales... at least the Eduard glasses have a bit of effort put into them Mike
  7. Excellent result Rob, well worth the effort. Mike
  8. Just caught up with this Ray, great work so far, very neat, for such an old kit it will look stunning on completion. I’ve often thought about building the Discovery but hard to find at a fair price and surprised Airfix haven’t re-released it. Mike
  9. BZ Mark, very neat and love the subtle weathering. Mike
  10. Excellent result Roger, I intend to do a 461 version too as was based at Hamworthy some years back and now reside in Poole Hope mine comes out as well as yours Mike
  11. A knee jerk reaction to the Falklands; both were dry docked for refit but as they conflict went on and ship losses increased the powers that be realised they would be poorly equipped for air defence amongst other things and the refits ceased. Mike
  12. Lovely work Tom, Eduard are setting the standard nowadays IMO for the overall high quality package that they provide. Mike
  13. Well despite the two week extension I still failed to get this one completed in time. However I am determined to finish it as when I do get to work on it, it proves to be an enjoyable experience. The bodywork has now had two coats of Humbrol Mediterranean Blue hand brushed on and as it was an ancient tin of the old formula it went on very nicely despite its age. The various sub assemblies just need gluing on in due course after I have finished the detail painting on the main body. Wheels have been Matt varnished to calm the chrome and I have glued some foil back onto the radiator to create the polished look of the original, in hindsight I should be just left this chromed. The bonnet straps and various details painted on the lower chassis still need tidying up but getting there. Mike
  14. Superb Steve, can’t wait for the Vidette build ! Mike
  15. Beautiful on both counts; Nimrod and Comet. Didn’t realise they were in such a smart scheme before the hemp. Mike
  16. This is a modelling masterclass! Superb interior and the engines look stunning considering the limited effort Hobby Boss have made to create them in 3D! Mike
  17. Stonking effort Chris, like you I will probably miss the deadline but then I’m only making a poxy Bugatti so no excuses. Look forward to seeing this completed. Mike
  18. Apologies if I missed it but what brand of paints have you used. I’m close to tackling the paintwork on a CC Liberator and bought some Vallejo Off Whites to try and tone it down a bit but I think the washes may be enough to reduce the brightness. Mike
  19. Gutted to see this happen Alistair but hopefully you can recover it. Do you think the transparencies will be ok? Mike
  20. Excellent work Roger, she is looking suitably shabby. Mike
  21. Saw it yesterday with my son and it is good escapism and the cockpit shots certainly provide a sense of speed and the forces involved in modern day combat. As to the plot, well the script writers must’ve watched the Dambusters for the first time..... Mike
  22. Thanks Rob, very informative, how is your wallet recovering after this outlay? I bought some resin figures from L’Arsenal way back but don’t think they were RN specifically. Mike
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