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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the pricing going to order one today. Much appreciated
  2. Hi all, is there such an airbrush out there with the same feature. Maybe a little less money Thanks in advance for any information
  3. rkp111

    Which F-16 in 1/48

    Thanks I will definitely be checking that out
  4. rkp111

    Which F-16 in 1/48

    Thanks,, I kind of figured that, just wasn't sure if one of the other ones mentioned were better.
  5. rkp111

    Which F-16 in 1/48

    Greetings, I have been building mostly WW-2 and WW-1 planes for the last forty years or so. I'm thinking of trying my first jet fighter the F-16 looks like a good starter. I am not sure which brand would be the best as far as fit, details and out of the box with maybe some photo etch cockpit from Eduard. Cost is not a factor in the quest for the kit. I have been looking at Kinetic, Tamiya Sukei-mura and AFV Club, I am pretty familiar with Tamiya the others not so sure. I would very much appreciate in input on the subject. Cheers, Robert
  6. I already had the Tamiya dark green, and I'm thinking the mmp dark earth is more authentic than what Tamiya has to offer, just going to have to do some experimenting to get it right. Thank you for your time and help
  7. Thank you for that information,, very much appreciated
  8. Greetings to all, I just ordered the kit and included Mission model dark earth and Tamiya dark green for the camo. I was wondering if anyone has used this combination and had good results as far as the compatibility between the two of them. Also is there an alternative for Mission model thinner? Thanks for any help
  9. Thank you so much for all that information. Really looking forward to starting this kit.
  10. Greetings, I am getting prepared for Eduard's 1/48 xvi bubble top. Does anyone know if any of the tropic camo paint scheme spitfires participated in the Normandy invasion. Thanks for any input
  11. Thank you for your input, do you think there's a better alternative to Alclad I have only been building WW 1 planes for the last couple of years, many years since my last p-51
  12. Hi, planning on building a P-51 using Alclad polished aluminum. Can I get by without clear coating it for the decals, I have seen clear coat over the polished aluminum takes away from the reflectivity of the finish Thanks
  13. Very nice, I have Eduard's bf 110f on the way, seeing yours has me rethinking which paint scheme I'm going to do.
  14. rkp111

    Future/klear help!

    Thanks to everyone for the comments, I believe I'll use it just for dipping canopies.
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