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  1. Hello all! I plan to build 1/72 L2D-3 Tabby and Ki-21 Sally for my French Indochina collection. Now i collect information about their service with GTF and Armee de l'Air and i have some questions. According to Avions magazine No 078, one L2D-3 served with GT I/34 and it was one of ex-GTF planes (№27 - Fanny's Frolic). In Aero Journal No 14 was good article about final of it's career, and this photo was added: It corresponds to this source - http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2013/05/the-gremlin-task-force-part-1.html According to this blog, Fanny's Frolic was painted white over natural metal and had SEAC markings over green surrender crosses, later Armee de l'Air roundels were added. Osprey's book Wings of the Rising Sun says that "No fewer than seven L2D2s were also flown by the Armee de l'Air's Groupe de transport I/34... ". In book "Japanese aircraft in foreign service vol. 1" we may see this photo: This Tabby wears french roundels and also number 27 on vertical tail. Looks like two different planes served in Armee de l'Air and had same number. Could it be so?
  2. Thanks, great photo! I will scratch build waist gun blisters for this kit. And i will make a copy of a tail gun position from Italeri PBJ-1D - it's correct for D2 Mitchells.
  3. According to overpainted lower front windows - it seems like they are in deep shadow but kept clear. Other photos of Mitch the Witch confirm this. Interesting that Mitch the Witch had white or OD cowling forward part during different time periods.
  4. Thanks to all, who responded to my question! I found nearly all info i need! The only question left is squadron insignia on the right board - was it there or not.
  5. Yes, B-25D-25 were not built with additional gun installations in side windows, but many Mitchells at Pacific had different field modifications. In B-25 in Detail ad Scale (№60) at p. 32 is the photo and side profile of B-25 with waist gun position behind the wing. But that window is smaller and square shaped. Probably some C's and D's might have larger windows. But did Mitch the Witch have them? I also have no questions for SS decal, but would like to see any photo of Mitch the Witch from the starboard side.
  6. Hello all! Now i'm going to build Eastern Express (ex-FROG) B-25 1/72. EE provided kit with decal for two VVS variants and USAF one. I decided to make more colorful USAF plane and began to collect info about it. I found that this B-25D-25 had early type gun packages on the sides of fuselage, rear gun installation with the single gun and tall canopy, and two fixed machine guns on the right side of the plexiglass nose. On this photo from B-25 In action (Squadron/signal 1221) is Mitch the Witch nose art and another B-25 behind. Second plane has large windows in fuselage behind the wing trailing end with gun installation. Did Mitch the Witch had these gun installations too? Also at this photo lower part of fuselage on both planes looks like painted black. Might it be so? Another question is about nose art. Superscale in their decal sheet 48-680 added squadron insignia on the right side of the nose. Did Mitch the Witch had in in reality?
  7. Another one is ready. I had Revell kit without decal and part of Italeri decal without kit. Maybe kit is undersized, maybe decal oversized, maybe both things together... With Hasegawa "brother in arms" And with Starfix F-5C Skoshi Tiger
  8. It means "from scrap and crap" i.e. from pieces of plastic, wire, syringe needles and other stuff, that missed the bin It took near 15 minutes to make new gear strup from pieces of trash that i found on my working table
  9. As far as i know, Alclad metallics are not easy, so i never ever thought to use them. Now i use Tamiya aerosoles to paint models in Aluminium, than different shades of Aluminium and Chrome Silver to accent panels. I also saw B-29 painted by AK Interactive True Metal and going to try them. About hard assembling of Valom RF-101 - once upon a time i built YuMTK Yak-28 and FROG/NOVO P-39 from late moulds of Baku Plant, so i'm not afraid of Valom
  10. Well done! I'm going to build two Valom RF-101C, and your one is a good motivation to do it finally
  11. Thanx! I will built two more RF-101C later - this time Valom kits. I want to build one of them in SEA camo and another in NMF as an Able Mable plane, so I will order custom decal for 'Mary Ann Burns' or 'Georgia Peach'
  12. Yes, twenty year ago i used this kit as a teaching material in re-scribing, so panel lines are deep and wide
  13. Looks great! I build "Mitch the Witch" from Eastern Express (ex-FROG) kit now.
  14. Another built kits. This September i caught COVID and spent more than month at home with my family. Surely, i built some kits with my son. I had not all needed paints, so some of kits now are waiting to be painted. I didn't try to build perfect models, just to make "minus one box - plus one model on the shelf". First, Hasegawa RF-101C. My friend built it nearly twenty years ago and painted it by brush. He didn't use the primer, so paint soon peeled off. I repainted it in silver and applied new decal. Forward undercarriage leg was lost, so i used S&C method to make new one. Next, Airfix A-1J Skyraider. I began to biuld it in 1997, but then i got new Hasegawa Skyraider, so this one was abandoned for a long time. Some details like pylons were lost, so i had to make new ones. Together with old Monogram A-1E. And more to come soon:
  15. If crack is not very big and parts of windscreen are not apart, you may try to dip it in the Future. It may help, i did it once and result was very good. Crack was seen only from one angle and was invisible from others. But changing cracked windscreen will be more effective remedy.
  16. expositor, 72modeler, i think so too. During Korean war even resque SB-17G were retrofitted with guns. So when my kit will arrive, i will order custom decal and build it OOB.
  17. Thank you, very interesting and useful thread. Strange, but i missed it then. So, i believe, externally PB4Y-1P were identical to standart PB4Y-1, so if i want to built photo bird i don't need to cut any additional windows. I'm going to build PP8 from VJ-61, that flew in French Indochina in support of french forces. It looks like this plane had full pack of guns - nose, upper and tail turrets and guns in side windows. But what about belly ball turret? Sad, but serails of these planes are unknown.
  18. May anybody help with info about number and locations of camera windows on PB4Y-1P, that flew in fifties?
  19. Thanks for your photos, they are great! I'm going to built 273 Sq MK.VIII and FR.14 and need any info about them. 273 Squadron is very obscure one, so i couldn't find much about it. All i know is that their VIII's surely were in DE/DG, some of their serials may be found here: http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/_prodn list.txt I also think that after their transferring to Armee de'l Air they retained their colors while delivered later XI's were in Ocean Gray/DG camouflage. About FR.14's. Most known one, of course, RN218/ MS-F. It looks like DE/DG. But at your photos of SM890/MS-V and NH909/MS-W clearly seen overpainted areas on fuselage. It looks like european-type cocardes were overpainted, but camouflage colors retained. So might they be in OG/DG?
  20. According to Joe Baugher's database, 44-76330 was built as TC-47B, but there's no info about it's modification into SC-47. Also, first four Farm Gate aircraft, modified into SC-47, left Hurlburt for Bien Hoa on November 5, 1961, and arrived on November 16, so none of them could be shot on March 23. In Midland's book about Vietnam war losses we may find this info: During the increasingly tense situation in Laos in 1960 the USAF had detached a small number of aircraft from the 315th AD to monitor the Soviet airlift and locate airfields that were being constructed with Soviet and North Vietnamese assistance. On 23 March 1961 a C-47 took off from Vientiane for a flight to Saigon via the Plain of Jars region where it was intended to gather radio intelligence from several Soviet-built airstrips in the Xieng Khouangville area. So we may be sure that this plane was not SC-47 but C(TC)-47B with some equipment for SIGINT and maybe ELINT.
  21. Thanx, i will read this while i stay home with COVID. C-47, shot down 23 march 1961, wasn't SC-47, it was ELINT plane from 315 AD on TDY from Osan.
  22. Early and mid-sixties were time of experiments. Then in SEA flew different exotic platforms, like Hilo Hattie RC-54 and Brave Bull RC-97. Probably, this naval C-47 was one of those experimental planes, used to test new equipment. But i can't find any info about it. According Il-14. For example, this one was caught over Plain of Jars while providing Patet Lao forces. Can't remember source, ACIG maybe. And here's soviet Li-2, crashed in Laos
  23. Also, if we're talking about C-47 in NAM, does anybody know anything about this strange plane? Photo from C-47 in action.
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