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  1. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    I distracted a little from Corsair to begin another 1/43 MAZ (it will be MAZ-200M tractor), which may be seen at the background of photos. While aftermarket for MAZ didn't arrived yet, i returned to Corsair. Canopy was masked by Tamiya masking tape and mounted on place. Sad, but Italeri canopy is far from perfect. If you want to make it closed, big gap will appear between two parts, and it's impossible to make it opened, because canopy is very thick. I tried to use Print Scale decal sheet "US WWII /Korea bomb and rocket markings", but decal is very thick and fragile. Result was so unsatisfactory, so i masked it with rust and dust Now i ask for a little help. What Tamiya color may be used for Korean War US naval planes - Corsairs, Skyraiders, Guardians, Avengers? I bought XF-17 Sea Blue, but it seems too grey and too dark. AS-8 Navy Blue looks better, but available only as spray.
  2. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    Yes, that's my mistake. My English is not very well, so i may write anything wrong sometimes.
  3. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    Well, New Year week left behind, all now it's time to continue the build. Canopy parts were covered with "Pledge Floor Care" to improve transparency. Kit cannon barrels were cut off from their fairings ang changed to metal pipes. After cannons were mounted, i suddenly found, that i forgot about landing light! It was added, but it appears smaller, than must be.
  4. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    After visit to dentist had no mood to build models, so today only mounted tailplane and added some details on engine. On next Corsairs will use aftermarket engines. Engine before... ... and after.
  5. Egi vandor

    Hello everybody

    Hi, Antoine! Not very soon, but will see. Now i try to restore my skills, because i didn't build models more than ten years.
  6. Egi vandor

    1/43 MAZ-200 family

  7. Egi vandor

    1/43 MAZ-200 family

  8. Built from AVD kits MAZ-200
  9. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    On this restored F4U-4 rivets are clearly visible (sorry, cant remember suorce of photo) Probably when i will build next Corsair (F4U-7 for French Indochina war) i won't show all rivets, but will try to imitate "stressed skin". It depends on results of this build. As far as i know, postwar Corsairs were primed by Zink Chromate, so chips and scuffs must be imitated by this color, not silver?
  10. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    Some photos Wheel wells Air intakes Cockpit. Yet without seat. Canopy fitting Fuselage is assembled with wing
  11. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    Thanks for comment, Mike. I read about this, but at some photos rivets are visible, both after restoration and on archive ones. So i decided to add all rivet lines according to drawing and watch the result. It seems to me, after primer, sanding, painting, weathering ang lacquer most part of rivets will be rather marked than seen. This Corsair is a "trainer", i want to understand, how to build good looking F4U with minimal usage of aftermarket and minimal time consuming. Now i see, that no reason to make detailed air intakes and cockpit - you will see almost nothing after adding conopy and painting canopy frames. Some photos will be at evening. I plan to built a series of Corsairs - Korean war F4U-4, -4B, -4P, -5, -5N, -5P, AU-1 - French Indochina AU-1 and F4U-7 - British Corsair IV in colors of 1851 squadron as it appeared in 1945 in Hong Kong Plans are great, but i don't want to waste too much time to avoid another "emotional burnout".
  12. Egi vandor

    Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B

    More photos. Wheel wells Identification lights: Air intakes: Navigation lights:
  13. So, Italeri F4U-4B Corsair. The model is well known with all its advantages and shortcomings, however, i'll briefly list them. Pros: - availability and low price; - the only model that allows you to build"honest" cannon-armed F4U-4B; - acceptable accuracy; - Decal for three "Korean" options. Cons: - detailing to date poor; - the wing of the model is unified with other Italeri Corsairs and depicts the all-metal wing of the F4U-5 and other late versions; - thick cockpit glazing; - panel lines in some places inaccurate; - too shallow chassis niches; - The decal has inaccuracies. When building this model, the goal was not to build an absolute copy, true to the last rivet, so the comparison with the drawings was more of an optional character, the main emphasis was placed on improving the appearance. In addition, when building the model with rare exceptions, the aftermarket was not used. Fuselage. The fuselage contours generally correspond well with the drawing, so no large-scale modifications were made. Absent panel lines on vertical tail were added, the incorrect ones of the forward and, to a lesser extent, the tail section were corrected. After that rivets were added. Horizontal stabilizers The missing panel lines and rivets were added. Wing This part required the most labor. The following works were made: - incorrect panel lines were corrected and missing ones were added; - rivet lines were added; - the sagging of the fabric coverof the wing panels was imitated; - redesigned (deepened) wheel wells; - corrected the position of holes for ejection of spent cartridges.
  14. Egi vandor

    Hello everybody

    My name is Dmitriy. I read this forum for a few years and now i decided to join. I began modelling 30 years ago when i was a schoolboy. My first models were NOVO and Plasticart kits, that were only available in USSR. Later i interested in Vietnam war and began to collect models of planes, that were used at that war. I tried very hard to achieve perfection in building models, so once upon a time i felt tired and didn't want to go on with modelism. So i took all my models to friends and began to collect 1/43 diecast models of soviet cars. But last year i felt interest to began modelling again, so now i'm here. My interest is local wars of 50's and early 60's - Korea, French Indochina, Operation Firedog, early days of Vietnam war. Now i build Italeri 1/72 F4U-4B.