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  1. Nice! I hope, decal will include variant for Operation Firedog. Valom, if you read this! I wait for 1/72 P4M-1Q Mercator and AJ-1P Savage from you! And maybe AVRO Lincoln?
  2. I watched it too, and interior seemed green to me. So i used Interior Green to paint cockpit of my YB-49. Anyway, almost nothing will be seen on ready model. YB-49 may be seen in 1953 movie The War of the Worlds: https://ok.ru/video/37985979049
  3. I'm going to build this kit too, so i will look carefully
  4. Posted images are not displayed in any threads. Only thin grey lines at place of images.
  5. Look here, it may be useful for you: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-101/f-101_profile02.shtml
  6. Hi, Quang I use Tamiya acryl paints XF series. They are easy to use and result is good enough even if your skill level is not very high. But some colors are not available in this series, so you have to mix them. Also AS sprays are good enough. For SEA camouflage you may use AS13, AS14, AS15 and AS16. Filters and pigments will help to imitate fading - i use Wilder's Light Gray filter and Desert Sand pigment.
  7. MPM RAAF Meteor F. Mk.8 will be built later, after Hobbyboss F9F-2, Italeri YB-49 and Trumpeter Lightning. And RAAF F-51D will be too.
  8. Patricia Lynn deployment from April 1963 Project Field Goal from April 1961 First RF-101 deployment to South Vietnam (Pipe Stem) - October 1961
  9. One of the first US reconaissance planes in SEA was Project Field Goal RT-33. I bought Sword kit to build it as Field Goal. Obviously, decal depicts this plane: I'm not sure, that this is realy Field Goal one. As far as i know, Field Goal RT-33 was initially based at Clark, then after crew training and plane modernization were completed, moved to Udorn. Combat missions were flown from Udorn, later from Don Muang. But at the background are clearly visible tales of 16 FIS F-102's, that were based in Naha. I also heard, that Field Goal RT-33 flew with fake RTAF insignia. May anybody specify? Another question is about early RF-101C in SEA. Were they Grey, Aluminium or unpainted natural metal?
  10. Italeri F4U-4B, VMA-332 Polkadots, USS Point Cruz (CVE-119), 1953. Better photos will be tomorrow. WIP here: Rockets will be added later (or won't be, don't now yet). Brothers in arms
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