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  1. Triple Force Friday - the badly named - merch release date for Ep9 is Oct 4th so I imagine the Bandai kits will be announced then. I forget if they've done that in the past. I'd guess the 1/12 figure is probably the red sith trooper that's already been revealed. Hopefully we'll get a new tool Kylo Ren TIE fighter finally. I imagine we'll get a rebox 1/144 Falcon with the new dish and probably a rebox x-wing to pad it out. Still hoping for a resistance a-wing!
  2. I bought and returned this last week. Pretty poor quality casting, seemed like a short shot. The points on the back were pretty warped and there seemed to be a few other points where the flow didn't reach the full extent of the mould. I should have taken pictures. 40GBP for a 1/144 scale kit is a tough ask to me with how much work would be required to get the basic shape correct. Really disappointed as it's one of my favourite aircraft!
  3. The machine translation on the copy is hysterical - "Please make this beautiful variable wings big bird B-1 B Lancer by all means."
  4. Certainly not what was expecting but pretty exciting! Seeing more capital ships is always good. I'm sure the first complaint will be the size but I think 32cm will be ideal with Bandai's level of detailing. Hopefully the lighting kit won't inflate the price too much. 1/5000 would be perfect for a vehicle model Nebulon B at around 5cm.
  5. I would have never expected the 1/12 Grevious figure so stranger things have happened! It has honestly been a tremendous line looking back on what Bandai have produced in entirety that as much as I don't like the slowdown I can't really fault them for it. At the very least I hope they continue the VM line which I've found unexpectedly delightful and hopefully more realistic than the demands for 60cm long star destroyers or 1/48 AT-ATs. The Blockade Runner hopefully is selling enough to indicate there's a demand for more! I've bought two so I'm doing my part.
  6. I think if anything Rogue One would have been more of a signal to Bandai than TLJ on a merchandising level. Five new tool kits for RO and TLJ only got a box scale AT-M6 and the rest were minor variants based on existing kits. I would have loved to see a Praetorian Guard (which they did produce in the figuarts line) as a kit. It makes more sense that Bandai were looking at sales of TIE Strikers and Shore Troopers when making decisions to kit Praetorian Guards and resistance A-wings. Although you could also make the argument that the 1/72 Falcon was taking up a lot of R&D space at the time s
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