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  1. Tank1812

    Revell AT-ACT

  2. Tank1812

    1/48 Wookie

    Found sometime to try parts of the idea out. Cousins hanging out. The arms are rotated a little more. Any thoughts, especially on color choices would be most welcomed.
  3. This is Revell snap tite AT-ACT with shapeways detailing bundle from Conceptual Visions. The big add is the front chest intake missing from the kit. I used the following: Xf9 hull red Hairspray X-6 cargo XF-19 Sky grey everything else XF19 plus XF66 light grey panel highlights The green is XF-67 NATO green mixed with XF-57 buff. For dumbass modeler of the year (me), I had issues with the orange chipping with little bit of water. So I set the model in cold/Luke water for 30 sec and it stripped all paint. Doh! New plan, the land is super corrosive, the Empire is trying a new anti corrosive paint to slow down the effect. It's not great 1'-2' type but it is a finished model and met it's goal as a demo project that it was planned as,
  4. More great schemes. While I probably won't get that may walkers, the basic elements of the schemes can be applied to different 'vehicles'.
  5. Tank1812

    1/48 Wookie

    Well I tried to remove parts of the wrist and bend the paw down to change the pose but that did end well. So my next idea is separate the arm at the elbow and add bent wire for cross arms. A cap/cloak can hide most of the work so I don't need to sculpt the hair, which would probably turn out poorly.
  6. Tank1812

    Resistance Walker

    A rope ladder off the rear engine and a few hand holds on the rear of the head would be my thought.
  7. Tank1812

    Resistance Walker

    Liking your plan. I would move the machine gun further out in the mount so it doesn't interfere with the hatch movement. The mount is in a good spot. Maybe create a U cradle (similar to the Sherman .50 cal) for the gun and then attach that to the mount. You talked about a ladder or similar in the hatch. I have thought about @AndyRm101 "roll bar" but not that good, I have planned for a simple post with foot pegs that would rise and lower with the hatch movement. One of the other things I have thought about with mine builds, if the mission changes like here the side weapons, would probably change. You can even go a step further, true recon would have probably dropped the main blasters in the nose. So the light would go in that spot and not be a candle light but an "infrared spotting light". There is still the small "spotting guns" that could be used for anti personal action. Wouldn't need the grenade launcher, but maybe a second blaster cannon on the side or something similar. Anyway that was my thoughts, you tell the story how you choose.
  8. Tank1812

    Resistance Walker

    I would add the searchlight under the nose guns. Off to the side has a better chance of being knocked off and you limit the light to the other side. With under the front guns you have maximum light area plus the guns are already pointed to where you are looking. My $0.02 anyway.
  9. Having started working on two Bandai AT-ST's, one might have left over Cheewies. I have decide to mess with one of them after a game of Dejarik in which I lost so I tore his arms off. My intent is to post with his arms pointed down and not out. I want to add a camo cloak wrapped around him. The other Wookie will be normal. I am thinking as if at bazaar haggling over the price of maybe a captured AT or some other items.
  10. Tank1812

    Resistance Walker

    I agree they are addictive, picked up two before Christmas. I personally like scheme 10, though I think it would be difficult to paint, IMHO. I plan on scheme 23 and shedder myself. Look forward to seeing your changes.