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  1. Certainly a good start! Thanks! Regards Magnus
  2. This one has been pushed aside due to other commitments but I will hopefully be able to continue work shortly! Until then, I would be very happy if I could get some help: The Mach 2 parts that were kindly lent to me by a friend proved to be quite useless. It might be the same engines inside the nacelles but the outside is quite different. I will probably make CAD-models of the Garrett-engines for this model since scratching them is quite time consuming and possibly also beyond my capabilities! I am looking for reference photos of the engine nacelles. My main source for photos is Airliners.n
  3. Glad you like them! Thanks! Magnus
  4. Some really spectacular models! Exciting and exotic subjects and first class results! Regards Magnus
  5. This is what I have managed this year, the links lead to my build blogs over at Aeroscale. I will start blogging here as well during 2011. I aimed for six finished but that will not be the case considering today's date Airfix Spitfire XIX... ...and Airfix Spitfire IX, both can be found in this blog! Two tiny ones, Eduard... ...Me-262 A-1a... ...and Me-262 B-1a in 1/144. Blog is here! Regards Magnus
  6. Garrett copies: It depends on how troublesome they are to produce, and if I ever get the masters - nothing in the post yet! Regards Magnus
  7. Good to have found a fan club! I'll do my best to keep you entertained ! Regards Magnus
  8. This is not my usual hangout but I do pass by occasionally. This does however seem to be an appropriate place to post this build and maybe also get a bit of help! This build started a few weeks ago with a challenge for the 2011 IPMS Sweden Open: build a Matchbox model! It doesn't have to be a "real" one, any re-issue with a Matchbox origin is OK. I was told at the yearly buy-sell-swap meeting of IPMS Stockholm and quickly found a HS.125 that cost next to nothing. It felt ideal: being more or less a bizjet it is quite clean with very little detail on the outside (admittedly not one of the Mat
  9. Rögle - Modo 6-2. kanske kan Rögle slippa kvalet?

  10. Hi there! No, I don't think this is a poor kit. It is not a mainstream kit but it is very good for being a short run. Mine ended up as winner in its category at the recent IPMS Sweden Open and while I am probably a better than average modeller, I am certainly not the best so the kit can't be that poor On the other hand, I readily admit that it has its issues and that I wasn't that happy all the time during the build either! The push marks in the wheel wells are fixable with some care, a scalpel and some plasticard: Regards Magnus
  11. Jaså, du hittade hit också!

  12. Giorgio! Hang in there, there is nothing that beats a finished Ventura Spitfire! I like them a lot but have only finished one until now, the PR XI in Norwegian markings! But I have several more in the stash to build in the future. A link to my finished Ventura PR XI Regards Magnus
  13. Your'e not the only one with the fuselage size problem! Mine as well had different diameter fuselage halves. I added small plastic tabs to force them to fit but that produced other unwanted effects like a slightly wobbly spine! I hope it disappears under a matte coat... This is how I did it: Wings were fitted using a wing spar from brass tubing, I didn't trust the combined wheel wells / wing spars! While we are on the subject of 1/72 Canberras: Does anyone know for sure if the Airfix ones (especially the B(I).8) will be completely new mouldings? I have toyed with the idea of getting
  14. I'm not a Draken expert but I am Swedish-speaking, meaning I remembered the numbers issue from here: IPMS Stockholm Draken thread There is a photo of the aircraft as well in that thread! 1) Overwing numbers should read "50". 05 was another machine that was never repainted grey. 2) The 5,0 is possibly a joke, referring to the highest possible grade in the Swedish school system by the time, which might have been appropriate since it was the display aircraft of the very talented Ingemar Axelsson, twice winner of the Sir Douglas Bader Trophy at RIAT! 3) For the colours, check here, near the b
  15. Thanks for the responses! I am halfway through now, time to turn it upside down and continue with the bare metal foil! Regards Magnus
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