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  1. Thank you. Well I'm living in UK so it was M&S Belgian milk chocolate (really nice and not very expensive). Unfortunately - and I'm not anti-british - when Cadbury bought Wedel they changed recepture and it's not as good as it was and Wedel used to be my favourite.
  2. I'm in the middle of putting together 1/48 Me-410, but that nearly finished Los annoyed me a little bit so I decided to finish it. Of course during the process it turned out that there is a lot more to do than I thought so I rushed a little bit - bottom is not weathered, no antennas and few things could be better. I'll fix that later, but Los is in the cabinet now, not occupying my working space and thats big difference ;). Very nice model. Straight from the box. Painted with Hataka paints. Wasn't sure about the right shade of Polish Khaki, but I've read it was dark, almost chocola
  3. Top painted as well. Contrast might be too low, but - I hope - wash will help with that a little bit.
  4. Almost everything is glued together. Everything fits quite well, sometimes a lot of force is required though. Cockpit is leaning to one side a little bit. Too late to fix that, not sure how visible it would be. Not sure as well when and where I've made something wrong. I hope Meng will do Me-210 - I'll buy it and try to do cockpit right ;). Montex mask are hit and miss. Exterior one are ok, interior one have the same size as exterior ones and without trimming they are way too big. Yesterday it looked like this: Today I've managed to roughly prime it with white acrylic
  5. Small update. I've closed fuselage. I was slightly afraid tbh - lots of elements there, but everything fits very well, although I had to use a little bit of force, things are very tight in few places. The only issue is with cockpit - it's too high on one side. Everything is going to be covered by clear elements, so I'm not going to correct that. Noticed on few pictures I found online similar problem, so maybe it's not my fault ;). Overall I'm very impressed so far, it's my first Meng model, hope they will do something nice in 1/48 in the future.
  6. Got it because online shop hasn't updated stock availability and I had to swap my original purchase. I think it's my favourite german plane, tbh, one of the 3 planes in front of I always spent most of my time in Cosford . Goal is to glue everything clean and neat and paint it with more vibrant colors than usual (and with more contrast). Might not be 100% historically accurate because of that. First thing I've done after opening the box: was glueing together few interior pieces and painting everything else in sprues: I've notice tha
  7. Little car I've painted recently. It's wargames model depicts improvised armored car Kubus constructed during Warsaw Uprising in August/September 1944. 1/56 scale (or 28mm). Really easy to glue together - only one big piece for hull, 4 wheels, armoured plate for MG, PIAT and few details (hull MG, hooks, posts). Model made by Infamous JT. I've decided to paint it in grey shades, no-one is exactly sure what colours were used in 1944 (although it survived II War and can be seen in Warsaw) - could be grey+grey, blue+grey or rusty brown + grey. Painted with Mig Ammo, Vallejo, Kimera, Tamiya an
  8. Wow. Great model, very nice camo.
  9. I meant first big one painted with airbrush - models I've finished in 90s were painted with brush, but I'm using airbrush to paint small miniatures (1/100, 1/144) for years :).
  10. I've painted hundreds of minis in 1/100 scale - I wasn't very good at the beginning . But small miniatures are good for practice, to learn your airbrush and paints to try different styles - with less or more contrast, with different kinds of modulation, etc. Bad painting it's not going to ruin 100GBP model and hundreds of hours spent on building so you can be a little bit more brave :). I'm sure yours will be great.
  11. I've finished that model few months ago - it was first big (not 1/144) aircraft model I've finished since mid 90s (and first one painted with airbrush). It is weekend edition and I was slightly disappointed with it. It's old Eduard's Fw190, it supposed to have open engine and few other hatches. I prefer to do my models closed and it turned out that it's impossible to close engine without cutting off half of it - not a nice thing after spending a lot of time painting and weathering it. Other open hatches don't fit well as well. I've expected more from Eduard tbh. I've heard new Fw190 from Eduar
  12. Great model. But, I think, that checkerboard with fist smashing german airplane on engine cover should be red and white - polish pilot is flying that plane.
  13. I've spent last few years painting models for wargames. They are 1/100 scale, some of them resin+metal, some full plastic. Sometimes they are lacking details, obviously no fancy etched brass parts, etc. They have to be durable and quite easy to assemble (lots are needed for games). Few of them works as mission objectives - that's the reason for bigger bases and some scenics. Hope you like them. I had lots of fun painting them. Most of them are painted with MiG Ammo paints. Details with Vallejo, GW, Reaper, Kimera, Revell Acrylics, Tamiya, Gunze. Sealed with Revell Matt Varnish. The
  14. I don't like that plane - too big and bulky for my taste, but I've noticed that huge white-red checkerboard painted on engine cover and did a little bit of research. Looks like pilot might be my very distant family. I'm not sure about that, but it's great reason to buy a new model, right? :). Even my wife approved that ;). It's my first Tamiya kit after many, many years and I immediately fall in love with that company again. Finishing Bf109G-6 atm and will buy A6M3 soon. It's my second attempt with big, serious aircraft models (but I've painted a lot of smaller things last few years, so it's n
  15. Just finished it. 1/72 P11c from Arma Hobby. Had some problems with making pictures - that's the reason behind different backgrounds. Still lots of things to improve (it's my 3rd serious aircraft model, I've painted a lot of wargames miniatures in 1/100 - mostly tanks and infantry; will post 1st and 2nd attempt later on with tine tanks as well) - it's not as clean (construction wise) as I wanted it to be, have to be more patient and use more fillers, etc., but I'm quite happy with painting though. Painted with Orange Hataka's (details with Vallejo and Kimera). Lovely model BTW. I'm surprised t
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