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  1. Sorry kev1n hope i got this right. airliners will only have the flaps deployed on the ramp if there was a check needed. it does happen but not that often. as for Leading edge flaps these bleed out when pressure drops same with ailerons. a 777-300 with doors open just for you kev i do not have a larger picture of the location of the GPU connection but i will post one later. and again a A380 with the doors open and a bonus of a Houchin power unit close by. i will add some more soon
  2. Standard GPU connection. this is a Boeing 777-300
  3. Now that's better this is an AKE it is a standard cargo and baggage container. here it is seen on an A380. slightly better picture same container same aircraft.
  4. I was going to post some photos on here, but for some reason the way I use to do by posting a link don't work now. what am I doing wrong?
  5. Kevin is right in what he says. when an airliner is on stand and no activity around it then all doors are closed. the only thing that would be attached to an idle airliner would be a ground power unit. If you did make a model as Kevin does with the doors and holds open then you need some equipment around it. how do I know this! well I work at an airport on the ramp. keep banging on Kev im on your side.
  6. Finally I have got round to putting some of my photographs from this years show. I hope you like them. A400M Meteor MBB 339 Italian Typhoon Jordanian Falcons British Airways A380 A380 and Red Arrows
  7. Thanks for the comments I really appreciate them there was not mush alteration to the ship to create Richmond. obviously the numbers and names change, but the WEM set gives you the names for all of the type 23's.
  8. This is my latest ship build. HMS Richmond a type 23 frigate, The Trumpeter kit was intended to be built from the box. but unfortunately the photo-etched disintegrated when you looked to closely at it. this had to be replaced by the excellent WEM set for this model. never build a ship with out help from WEM. all the decals were home made to turn this into HMS Richmond. hope you like.
  9. Chris I have put a photo of your model on the other modelling forum we both visit.
  10. very nice Chris. it even looks better than the photos. great way of combining three kits!!!!
  11. It would be interesting to see how this goes together, and weather there is scope to add additional detail. no doubt that in the next few months the after market brigade will be selling their conversions/improvements. good luck with the build and then where to keep it once finished.
  12. the photo from airliners.net is a tri-star 100 and not a 500. the two variants are slightly different, mainly the length of the fuselage and the tail fillet underneath the centre engine intake. the vents under the tailplane are located where there is a avionics compartment and it is very close to APU as well. the conversion of the tri-star from civil to military was very significant and a lot of this work is and around the HDU units for re-fuelling. hope this helps.
  13. Nice work Al been checking the post on facebook you made, and i have compared your Anson with my Howe. for a 1942 just commissioned ship it looks spot on. hope to see this at the club next monday!!!
  14. here is my latest build, it has taken severn months of work to finish. it is a conversion of a tamiya KGV to HMS Howe. i used WEM detail sets and wooden deck from Pontos Models, also master barrels were used on all armament. there was some scratch building involved in certain areas to get the right configuration for Howe. Trumpeter supplied the two walrus aircraft and one was converted to get it into the hanger. the model shows Howe at the Sicily landing 1943 i make no excuse for this being picture heavy HMS Howe head on over head front port quarter rear over head main bridg
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