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  1. Hi Nick! Thanks for your reply. If you visit my facebook page, I have posted a photo there.
  2. Hi Nick, Nice building, it will be a great Diorama! What is the story? I have built the Resicast SBG bridge and half of the AVRE Churchill. It is nice kit both of them. I have nearly all Afv Clubs Churchill's and I hope for inclusion of interior in the coming bridge layer kit.
  3. Hi Nick! And thanks for your response. Your Churchill looks very nice, I like that you have an interior in the turret, something I will do on my AVRE w/SBG bridge (Resicast). Any chance for a diorama? Cheers Göran
  4. Hi, Very nice and inspiring build! Please tell who makes that tank crew figure standing beside the tank? Thanks in advance Goran/Sweden
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