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  1. Thanks Nikolay, at the end i've removed that effect. Apparently the aircraft during ww2 was washed with water every time before it was parked, so it wouldn't have been realistic to me
  2. Adding the last details, it should be finished by the end of next week
  3. Trying to replicate the Waterline stains on the fuselage, Attempt number 3. Any opinions? I'm not sure of this result
  4. Hi Mate, for the wing tanks you have multiple choices: SkyModel set, which is for the Mb 339 (the tanks are the same) Use the tanks of the Frems MB339 kit, but they are mm longer so you have to correct them buy the Oz Moulds set I've translated what the Admin of an Italian forum said while building that same kit, in case you want to take a look here's the link, click Here, the model is a masterpiece. The droptanks are at page 17 No idea on what happened to the company tho No way Mate managed to avoid the tail sitter issue, there's also no room for other weight on the nose
  5. Hi everyone, decals and clear are finally on the plane, next weekend i'll do the weathering
  6. Thanks, i should have changed them before starting the painting process, but i forgot about that detail Thanks a lot, it's my favorite part of the paint scheme
  7. Working on the Yagi Radar Antenna, changed the plastic wires with some copper wire
  8. Decided also to remove the original handles and change them with a brass rod. Any opinions? Before and After
  9. the 13 Rudder stripes are painted, there are still some areas that must be corrected with the blue paint but most of the work is done
  10. Just wanted to share with you guys what arrived today at my place
  11. Painted the propellers, but I'm not sure of the end result. I like the chipping but doesn't it look a bit off being completely black?
  12. Wing finally painted, still have to do some corrections on the leading edge tho
  13. already looks fantastic, can't wait to see some updates on this big boy
  14. Lovely job on the Marauder, not many people build this fantastic bird. I've always wanted to build the 1/48 one from revell/monogram but i'm not sure on how many issues the kit have
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