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  1. Thanks for the info, i've already downloaded the picture from the largescaleplanes forum, i only need someone who can convert the photo in the correct dimensions for 1/48 scale and convert the file to a "vector-based graphics" (i have no clue on how to do it, i'm not expert on using this kind of softwares). If i decide to continue this project, it will probably happen next year since i've some projects on the bench right now Hi Jordi, i'm not that scared of the dimensions, the main issue is: where do i put this thing once finished? my shelf is already occupied by my beloved 1/48 PBY-5A and 1/72 H8K2 Thanks Chris Looks massive on floats, i saw the 1/144 kit but i'm not really into that scale You are right, i think that it will be far easier to vac-form the floats but i don't have any tools to create those with wood and i don't have a machine to vac-form the floats; i'll see on the web if there's someone who can do this kind of custom job for a relatively low price
  2. Hi everyone, i discovered a couple of days ago that there was an amphibious version of the C-47 called XC-47C, there are some conversion for the 1/144 and 1/72 which are very rare (and not so accurate) Since there aren't "official" conversion for the 1/48 scale i was wondering if someone in some way made the floats and the struts or have a file that can be laser-cutted or 3d printed Please let me know, thanks Credits
  3. You are completely right Joachim, i positioned the decal in the wrong position, when i realized that the decal was already fixed on the surface and i couldn't move it anymore
  4. Hi everyone, this is my latest build, it's missing some wirings but i was so tired after re-doing 5 times the camouflage that i left it like this. Hope that someone will like it as it is
  5. Next project are the exams at the university, i'll be out from modeling for a while
  6. Finally the cat is finished, hope that you guys like it as much as i do, cheers from Italy
  7. Just needs the landing lights on the wing and it's finished
  8. Thanks Nikolay, at the end i've removed that effect. Apparently the aircraft during ww2 was washed with water every time before it was parked, so it wouldn't have been realistic to me
  9. Adding the last details, it should be finished by the end of next week
  10. Trying to replicate the Waterline stains on the fuselage, Attempt number 3. Any opinions? I'm not sure of this result
  11. Hi Mate, for the wing tanks you have multiple choices: SkyModel set, which is for the Mb 339 (the tanks are the same) Use the tanks of the Frems MB339 kit, but they are mm longer so you have to correct them buy the Oz Moulds set I've translated what the Admin of an Italian forum said while building that same kit, in case you want to take a look here's the link, click Here, the model is a masterpiece. The droptanks are at page 17 No idea on what happened to the company tho No way Mate managed to avoid the tail sitter issue, there's also no room for other weight on the nose
  12. Hi everyone, decals and clear are finally on the plane, next weekend i'll do the weathering
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