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  1. I like the idea of sharp lines but I fear it will be difficult for me to get it to look good with my current skill level. I think I will make a slight blur together to hide it, but not too much, to try and keep the look. Thanks for the tip of a mixed colour in the middle. Any tips on stopping the clumpy paint? Ryan
  2. Right, so it is starting to come together! I have put the base coat of matt black on the main aircraft and let it dry for a few days. It came out okay, but there were some glue marks which were noticable. I sanded and filed it off before I started the painting. You can see that in some of the later pictures. I started to apply the main paint of the plane, following the instructions. I have only had time to paint the bottom, but im happy with it. The blue/grey painted really well, but always have issues with the white paint being almost lumpy.
  3. Damn, I thought it was a bit small for a 1:32! Sorry about that. Your photos are still useful as guidance though!
  4. Welcome! Love seeing dioramas so looking forward to your posts! Ryan
  5. So I almost have a plane looking type thing. Happy with how it is going so far. Has fitted together fairly well. I cut a hole in the floor as mentioned before. First try was at the wrong end, so I need to fill that, but the second attempt has gone much better than expected! Lined up surprisingly well. Now I have put the thing together, ready to put the base black coat on. I filled in the stuff I have already painted, hopefully I put in enough. I need to think about the actual colour scheme I should go with. I may just stick with the on
  6. So the green is definitely too dark, but im happy with it for the moment. I think my first attempt doesn't look too bad. I need to get a macro lense so I can get some better images, and maybe a bit more light too! Hoping to get it looking more like a plane next! Ryan
  7. That is a scary looking cockpit! I am not going aftermarket with this model, but now I have seen these images I may cut a hole in the floor. I do think I went a bit dark with the green though, I will have to improve on a future build.
  8. So To get back into a long break from modelling, I picked up a set that was lying on my self for some time. Box was not in great condition but everything inside was fine. I found a good version on the image on the front though. It is a Revell Vought F4U-1D Corsair. One of the simpler kits I believe, It came with a couple of paints and some glue which is helpful, luckily I have the whites and greys needed from another project so I have almost everything. I have started with some of the basic base coating, then I can get some colours in tomorrow.
  9. I think a 1/300th scale may be a bit much for me at the moment, i'm basically trying to find out a bit more of the layout mainly for interest. I will probably try and find a small section to make into a diorama to start with. That is an awesome diorama though! that must have taken a very long time. I did not know these even existed, I will have to look into whether the museum has any information like I am looking for. I also think I will join the Airfield Research Group, because I will definitely be wanting more information on other airfields. Definitely! that lo
  10. Yes I did see that there isn't a huge amount left, but there is always parts of the landscape that can be seen. I have been looking into RAF Harwell recently as part of a personal project. It has since been the site for major nuclear science for the past 50 years. Even so there are still areas that have been slightly changed or converted, things like runways are now roads or car parks. Its great to just see what is left of these famous places, and try and imagine what it once was! Thanks for the leads on Harrington and Bardney being the best starts. I always start with Google maps.
  11. That really is my type of Diorama! I have wanted to do something like this for a while, given me a bit of inspiration. I never even thought of doing a Thor missile launch site, I wasn't aware they had models of them. It gives me an excuse to go looking round old RAF airfields. Ryan
  12. For me I tend to Love things that I have seen in films. For a long time I was obsessed with Bell Huey helicopters becasue I had watched lots of Vietnam war films. I tried to build them a few times, before I actually took photos of everything, with little success. I am tempted to make one again! My current obsession is the Bell X-1 and its variants. After reading 'the right stuff' I spent too much time looking into the crazy world of X-planes. It is arguably the reason I now work in the industry I do.
  13. Thanks for the help Ian, I did find that site a while ago but the images on there seem to be a bit late. That being said I may email the admin to see if they have anything earlier! Thanks for reminding me of the site. Ryan
  14. Thanks Paul, I belive it was concreted in 1943, and you are correct, almost all the photos I have found are on the concrete runways, and lots with the glider tugs. I am going to get into contact with that society, didn't even know it existed!
  15. Greetings from Oxfordshire! I am an electronic engineer so not too different of professions. Ryan
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